gus gus!


Percival: You know a day like this makes a man reflect upon his life. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve completely wasted mine.

(Parks and Recreation: Season 2, Episode 8: Ron and Tammy) 

A mashup for every episode (14/125)

“[The first time Gus met his son, Scott] he took the baby awkwardly in strong hands that knew how to fly a jet but not yet how to hold a baby.

‘So this is Scotty.’

‘Yep, that’s him.’

‘Well, I’ll be damned.’

The baby was fretful, as are most babies who have had their ears popped open and shut in a thousand-mile airplane ride.

‘Probably can’t stand the sight of his dad’s ugly face,’ Gus said.”

-Starfall by Betty Grissom and Henry Still. Pictured is the Grissom family in 1951 shortly after Gus’ commission as a second lieutenant.