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“They were a hell of a group. They were the cream of the crop, they were the best America had to offer. I’m not sure they would have passed muster today; they didn’t have the scientific credentials and such that is part of being an astronaut these days. But you’ve got to hand it to these guys; they put their backsides on the line because it was such a new program—new everything—and they stepped up to the plate and did it.”

-Dee O’Hara on the Mercury Seven

i’ve been watching 1n2d for 3 yrs now but this past year made me so angry after yoon shi yoon/dong gu cried on stage because he found out that if you search his name on google he is immediatley associated with boring/not funny now….it’s been a year and the pd told them to read comments about them and AGAIN ppl told him he’s not funny im so angry

i can tell this man’s got anxiety and he’s trying really hard and i actually find him funny like…are the others funny all the time? they’re sometimes gross and problematic but he’s always been nice and kind and he never said anything problematic on the contrary he’s always been kinda aware not to cross some lines. he’s never been gross to female guests, never said anything homophobic if paired with male guests or with other members like wtffff is wrong with netizens who feel the need to send these comments like


My favourite project to date has been My Own Private Idaho. I miss River Phoenix so much, it was incredible working with him! To think about him not being with us anymore blows my mind. Gus Van Sant was brilliant to work with too. I loved his film Drugstore Cowboy because it was almost surreal, and that’s why I wanted to work on one of his projects. He deals with the filthy underbelly of American society.

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You have to write more of this single!parent universe. Like, you can't leave it hanging like that. I think you should turn this into a full ficlet

anon asked: bellarke!single parents swapping carts at the store - Part III pretty please?

Clarke darted from her car to Bellamy’s door with Holly on her hip, squealing joyfully at the rain.  Bellamy had the door open before she even had to knock, holding Gus on his own hip.  But in contrast to Holly, Gus was screaming inconsolably.

“What’s wrong with Gus-Gus?” Holly asked as Clarke set her down and started stripping off her raincoat.

“He’s getting a tooth and that hurts sometimes,” Bellamy explained, his hand on the back of Gus’ head.

Clarke shrugged out of her own coat and hung it up on the hook.  Recently their Saturday-morning-in-the-park ritual had expanded to include Clarke coming to Bellamy’s house if it was too cold or wet to play outside.  She knew he was craving the company of other parents and she liked the change of pace–it gave Abby a few hours off and she had Bellamy as back up for Holly’s endless questions and all-too-frequent tantrums.

Plus, Holly loved Gus unreservedly.  She’d gone so far as to tell Wells and Harper that they didn’t need to have their baby now because she already had one, a proclamation that meant Clarke had to explain to Wells just who Gus’ dad was.  That proved harder than it should be, because within just a few weeks friend had become far too paltry of a word for Bellamy.  She liked how seamlessly they worked together, helping out with each other’s kids and trading off like they had been partners for years instead of months.

Holly ran towards Bellamy’s living room to see what books he’d laid out for her today, because whenever Holly came over he made a point of pulling a couple new picture books out of his extensive collection and leaving them on the coffee table.  Gus’ wails continued as they followed.  Clarke surveyed Bellamy out of the corner of her eye, taking in the greasy hair and clear exhaustion.  “When was the last time you showered?”

Bellamy stopped shushing Gus.  “That bad, huh?”

“I remember how it was.  I think I took three minute showers the whole time I was on maternity leave with Holly in her carseat on the bathroom floor.  It’s hard.”

“The only way he doesn’t scream is if I’m holding him,” Bellamy explained.  “Kind of hard to shower that way.”

“Here,” Clarke offered and held out her hands.  Bellamy transferred Gus to her without a second thought.  “Go shower.  I can hold down the fort.”  Holly was already sitting on the couch with a book open in her lap.

Bellamy shot her a grateful look and practically sprinted up the stairs.

Fifteen minutes later Clarke was puttering around his kitchen, making sandwiches, when she heard his steps thundering down the stairs.  She darted to the staircase and stopped him with a hand over his mouth before she realized he was in nothing but a towel.  Droplets of water hung from the ends of his hair and his dark eyes bored into hers, his mouth soft under her palm.  She kept her eyes on him and did her best not to let her gaze drop down to his leanly muscled chest.  Clarke pulled her hand away and put a finger to his lips, tilting her head to the living room.  

Bellamy peeked around the edge of the stairs and his shoulders relaxed as he saw Gus sitting in his bumpo, giggling while Holly read to him.  (She hadn’t quite mastered reading yet, but she loved to sit with books and make up stories to go with the pictures and insisted that counted as “reading.”)

“They were so quiet I assumed something was wrong,” he whispered.

“He calmed down for now. I’m sure there’s another storm on the horizon, but he’s okay for now.  I was making lunch for us, if you want?”

Bellamy looked at her, his eyes dropping to her lips and then refocusing, his hand still holding the towel wrapped around his waist.  He tipped his chin down and kissed her so softly it took her brain a moment to catch up and kiss him back.  A screech from Gus broke them apart and Bellamy rested his forehead against hers.  “Figures,” he muttered.

“Mom!  Gus is crying!” Holly yelled unnecessarily.  

“Go get dressed.  I’ve got this,” she told Bellamy and shooed him back up the stairs.  She walked over to Gus and lifted him to her hip.  He cuddled into her automatically and she bounced him gently.  “Hey little man,” she whispered as she walked back to the kitchen.  “I think I might be around a little more often to see your daddy.  Is that okay with you?”

Gus’ cries quieted a little and Clarke decided to take that as a yes.

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uminico marathoning shitty dramas

Umi woke up because of the loud sobbing that came from the living room. She went there, and found Nico watching a movie and crying, and before Umi could say anything, Nico spoke.

“She left him for HIS BEST FRIEND!” she exclaimed, and Umi shushed her.

“Nico! You’re being too loud! You’ll wake the others up!” she scolded her, and Nico frowned.

“I don’t care about the others! I care about Tom, who’s now all alone!” she said, pointing at the screen, where a man with some flowers cried in the rain. What a cliché, Umi thought. “You’d be like me if you watched the movie!” Nico added, and after a second, she exclaimed “I’ve got an idea!”. Nico got up from the couch and searched for something in between the DVD’s they had. She got up, holding ten more or less.

“You’re gonna sit down and we’ll watch these, so you can feel me.” Nico said, and Umi gulped. “I’m going to bed.” She said, but Nico pointed at the couch.

“Umi, don’t make me force you to,” and those words made Umi sit down. To be honest, Nico looked scary in the dark. The other girl sat down at her side and the movie started.


“WHAT A BITCH!” Nico screamed, as she cried. Umi was also crying, because of embarrassment and sadness. Embarrassment because the way she kissed him was completely shameless, and sadness because, God, she was such a slut.

“I can’t believe she d-did that…” Umi commented, and Nico agreed “Right? How didn’t she notice he was too drunk to drive?! And then, SLEEPING WITH HIS FUCKING BEST FRIEND?! HE LOVED YOU, LINDA! AND NOW HE’S GOING TO DIE!” Nico yelled at the screen, and Umi’s sobs got louder.


“August… Don’t go…” Umi sobbed.

“Gus, please… Hazel loves you…” Nico sobbed as well. Since the start of that movie they were crying like there was no tomorrow.

“Why can’t they be happy?!” Umi was indignant. The movies were starting to affect her. “WHY CAN’T THEY BE HAPPY?!” She repeated, and added, in a shout “WHY CAN’T THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER?! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND NOW GUS… Gus is dying.” She cried louder.








And when the other members of muse founded Nico and Umi in front of the TV asleep, hugging each other, nearly drowning in their own tears, they couldn’t help but laugh.

I left my phone at a restaurant I had lunch at today, and I went back it to get it later and the lady behind the counter asked me what make the phone was and I happily told her. Then she asked what my background was and I froze… then she pressed the button to turn the screen on and her smiley face turned quickly to horrified.

This is my background