gus and his gang


I know there’s some confusion over who exactly coloured Gus and his Gang- I think it changed from volume to volume- but I love the way the panels in the first page, and some in the bottom are done: everything given one wash of colour with a few particular elements picked out in white or another colour. So you’ve got whole orange, green, yellow, red, pink panels, setting tone and atmosphere, focusing the eye on certain things, but remaining visually interesting.

It looks hella pretty, too.


Guy Peellaert, Pravda

It’s weird the way you come to things. I knew Christophe Blain’s work before Peellaert’s, and even discounting the homage of this he did, the influence is so apparent, particularly in the sfx and lettering, and the dynamics of that. I’d say the colouring, too- look at Gus and his Gang- but Blain doesn’t colour his own work, as far as I’m aware.