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Su Ji & Sang Gu

I don’t think Sang Gu is a bad guy. I don’t even think the show wants us to think he is a bad guy but I’m very uncomfortable with how he tried to justify meeting Su Ji’s mom without her consent. Meeting the parents of your significant other is no small matter and considering that they just started dating it’s too big of a step to take at this point in their relationship, especially when both parties aren’t ready. 

Usually, I can trust Su Ji to put him in his place, but I was disappointed to see that he had worn her down with his “reasoning” by the end of the episode. I hope I’m wrong though and she hasn’t actually let him off the hook yet and makes it clear in the next ep that he needs to respect her boundaries.

The impression I get from Su Ji is that she would be more open to the idea of marriage if she could actually find a husband who is okay with her financially supporting and living with her mom. So she probably needs someone who will give her the occasional push to open up more, to trust more. Sang Gu could be that guy, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of crossing boundaries. Hopefully, he will learn this by the end of the show.

Ho Rang & Won Seok

Their break-up this time looks to be for good. And it’s probably also for the best. They clearly want different things in life at this point. I don’t blame either of them really. I do blame the society though, for making Ho Rang feel like she should already be married at 30 and get started on making babies.

Ji Ho & Se Hee

The OTP has their sh*t together for now. Nothing to add here. 

Except for…don’t have kitty in the room while you two are in bed together guys! Those innocent beautiful blue eyes don’t deserve to witness whatever it is you guys are doing. lol

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For the (ships) fandom thing: Shameless, Suits & Friends?

Thank you @moirabartons !!! <3


otp: Ian & Mickey, obvs.
favourite canon pairing: Still Ian & Mickey <3
worst pairing ever: on the show or like the worst pairing I can come up with on the spot? I’m gonna do on the show b/c that makes more sense so it’ll be Frank & Monica, tbh.
guilty pleasure pairing: Fiona & Gus. Like I know that crashed and burned hard but Gus was cute and I was rooting for him.
a pairing you want to see more: Ian & Mickey. But umm… Lip & Sierra, maybe? They were nice together.
that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: Fiona & Jimmy/Steve. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice for a while there, but like… if he ever comes back, I hope they fucking shoot him.
favorite non-romantic pair: Ian & Mandy!!


otp: Harvey & Donna!!! <3
favourite canon pairing: Harvey & Donna. Mike & Rachel.
worst pairing ever: Jessica and that horrible, horrible, horrible boyfriend of hers that she went to Chicago with. I hate his fucking guts. He was such a terrible, stupid, abusive loser and then she went and ended up with him and I have feelings about this guy, so don’t get me fucking started.
guilty pleasure pairing: Do Harvey & Donna count as a guilty pleasure pairing?? I think they should… Wait!!! My crackship from hell: Louis & Dule Hill’s character! I think they should get cats together <3
a pairing you want to see more: Harvey & Donna, duh.
that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: .Mike & Harvey. They have such a family dynamic, like long-suffering older brother and little shit younger brother that it kinda creeps me out when I think of them romantically.
favorite non-romantic pair: Louis & Donna. Maybe Mike & Harvey but… yeah, Louis and Donna.


otp: not gonna lie to you… Ross & Rachel.
favourite canon pairing: Monica & Chandler (#goals)
worst pairing ever: Rachel & Russ? Chandler & Janice? There are so many bad pairings on this show, guys… 
guilty pleasure pairing: Chandler & Kathy. They were cute. I was rooting so hard for that to work out.
a pairing you want to see more: Phoebe & Mike!!
that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”: Joey & Rachel? I’ve seen people going hard on this lately and I’m like… that didn’t work out for a reason, guys…
favorite non-romantic pair: Phoebe & Joey.