gus & stella

#86 - Kevin

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Pairing: None.
Warnings: None.
Drabble challenge: #86 “Am I scaring you?”

Happiness washed over your body just as you slipped into the shirt of your new uniform; for your new job – at the Philadelphia Zoo.

The fabric was thick and dark-green; crested with the Zoo logo and your name tag. It filled you with an odd pride as you surveyed yourself in the mirror with your full gear on. You even received your own walkie-talkie as soon as you were introduced to your first task by your supervisor.

You were assigned to the African Plains area. Your main job was to take care of Tony, the southern white rhino, the family of giraffes; Gus, Stella and Abigail and the two hippos, Cindy and Unna.

You loved working with these gentle souls, but hoped you would be transferred to the Big Cat Falls someday. You loved exotic felines; especially lions and snow leopards.

The new job was truly a blessing and you liked all your co-workers, except –

The first time you had noticed him, you were feeding Tony, the rhino. It was a sunny day and there weren’t that many guests around. He was just standing at the fence, watching you, while you were in the enclosure, handing a few treats to the huge animal.

After that you kept noticing him around. He always kept his distance, although there were times when he seemed different; outgoing and cheery, with a permanent smile on his face. Then again there were times where he just looked tired and gloomy. He made you curious and you had even considered whether to go and talk to him, but somehow something always managed to intervene before you could act on it.

Until one day, when you were sitting on a bench in your lunch break; in front of the Bird Valley building, because you loved all the noises and birdcalls coming out and surrounding it.


You jumped, slightly startled as he seemingly appeared out of nowhere. “Uh, I think we haven’t been introduced to each other yet. I’m Barry.” He wore a friendly smile on his lips as he offered his hand to you.

Your eyes snapped to his name tag which clearly read Kevin, instead of Barry. You tried to hide your confusion and covered it with a sweet smile instead. You thought about asking him why his name tag read a different name, but you didn’t.

“I’m (Y/N).”, you said as you shook his hand.

“Uh, Mrs. Vaughn?” You walked up to your supervisor as soon as you found her at the main office, the next day after meeting Kevin, or Barry. Mrs. Vaughn looked up from her clipboard and nodded as a greeting when you approached her. “How can I help you, (Y/N)?”

You hesitated for a moment, not sure how to address the issue. “Uh, I – err, it’s about –“ You stopped mid-sentence and took a deep breath, gathering your thought as your supervisor looked at you in confusion. “It’s about Kevin. I think he’s a maintenance worker, and”

“(Y/N)”, Mrs. Vaughn cut you off, her face stern. “I think we should continue talking in my office.”

You quickly found yourself in your supervisor’s office and you soon asked yourself if you had made the right decision. “So –“, she started as she sat down in the chair at her desk across from you. “Kevin is a good and valuable member of our team, and he has been for several years now.”

“And I’m not claiming anything else Mrs. Vaughn, but he introduced himself as Barry to me and I just want to know if he’s messing with me, or –“

“Yes” She let out a deep sigh. “That’s what I’m getting at. Kevin suffers from something called DID, or formerly known as split personality disorder.”

After a long talk with your supervisor, you left the main office enlightened and curious. For what Mrs. Vaughn had told you about Kevin, he was not weird nor dangerous; things that were often shown in movies and books. You didn’t feel threatened by him at all, but the first meeting with him had been, in fact, odd. At least for someone who didn’t know about his disorder.

You were minding your own business as you walked out of the building, and you were deep in your thoughts, when you suddenly bumped into someone. “Oh shoot”, you muttered under your breath just when you realized who you had bumped into.

“Am I scaring you?”, he asked cautiously. His voice was soft and full of insecurity, even though he tried to let it sound like a joke, – and to you, it sounded as if you were actually the one scaring him.

“N-no.”, you stammered and cleared your throat awkwardly. “Uh –“

“I’m Kevin.”, he quickly introduced himself. “I’ve seen you around, but I’ve never had the chance to – to introduce myself it seems.”

“Hm”, you hummed and nodded. Now you understood what Mrs. Vaughn had meant when she told you about Kevin possibly forgetting – things.

You smiled at him. “I’m (Y/N).”