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This is the best youtube video I have ever seen.


Real Emo.

iwanakisskarlmarx-deactivated20  asked:

good people to follow?

i usually don’t like doing these because i don’t want to offend anyone but i love all of u so don’t worry
  • keely - my b'girlfriend who i love a lot :3
  • gary - my best friend in the whole world, a pretty cool guy
  • sam - the actual funniest and nicest person i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing
  • meysell - a really sweet and funny guy with a great music taste
  • colin - just like meysell except he’s not meysell and he has long hair
  • claudia - a pretty cute cutie who you can’t dislike
  • gwen - pretty much the best person ever, and she’s related to kanye west maybe
  • jackie - a really great comedian and also cutie
  • chris - chris mello is the funniest comedian that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing and also is a sweetie