gurren teas

Gurren Teas Project: Update

All the characters except Kittan have now been taken!  Thank you all, I can’t believe how quickly they were claimed!!  Now if I can only find someone for poor Kittan…  XD

And I figure I should clarify some things that I forgot to mention in the first post:

  • The labels should be 700x300 pixels.
  • There is no deadline for when you should complete the labels.  As long as it’s not like half a year or something, you can take your time until you’re happy with it!
  • When finished, you can post it on Tumblr with the tag “gurren teas.”  And sometimes I don’t have time to check Tumblr, so if you could also send me an ask telling me you finished, I would really appreciate it!
  • I would prefer you add the backgrounds/fonts yourself.  As I mentioned, I am not artistically gifted and the only program I currently own and know how to use is MS Paint.  D:

Once again, thank you to everyone who claimed a character and please have fun!!  :)