gurpreet singh sarin


As many of you know I tend to focus on my blog on body positivity and my experience as a South Asian Plus Sized female, however something really bugged me on twitter today:

I usually don’t watch American Idol, but after my Facebook was bombarded with images of a Sikh auditioning I couldn’t resist. 

Gurpreet is a fully Turban young Sikh man around my age, who has a beautiful soft voice and amazing personality. Something really did bug me though… the entire focus was on him being a turbaned Sikh. At point Nicki Minaj called him Turb as she told him he is going to Hollywood. 

When I went and searched his name on twitter I was applaud at the blatant racism and ignorance from some people. Growing up in Canada I’ve never met super ignorant people (Don’t get me wrong it exists here too), but it just made me think as to much racism there is in the world and how we still have so far to go. 

I hope Gurpreet makes it to the Top ten though, hopefully this will teach some Americans that turbans don’t equal terrorist


he went to my school!!!! he was in my sister’s boyfriends grade