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why ok i’ll do it

sequel to this (if you’re too lazy to read it, it’s basically that Warner’s across the country at the capitol)

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Why am I doing this?

Because all of you precious gems deserve nice things.

Some of you have made me laugh. Some of you have helped me through hard times. Some of you have had no interaction with me what so ever.

You all are precious, so you are getting some nice things.

Anyway, here’s the Loot

The Village Witch Starter Kit:

Whats in it?

Candles, bottles, tea, sparkly grey nail polish,feathers with bells, a card deck, crochet hook, floral stationary and green tapers.

Scarf is jingly and included.

Whats that? A box?

naw ducky,


What’s in it you ask?

Hair clips, make up, hella cute nail polish, a polk-a-dot scarf, glitter tubes, pretty tights, scented candles, and jewelry.

Look at that cute

Matte purple lipstick because you are a royal

It was too perfect to pass up

A Divination Kit:

All that you can see.

The beeswax candles are from a local  company and they burn long, lean, and clean. they smell really great.

Why Uno? Because I want some one to help my figure out how to use it as a divination system, because why not?

Med Mage

An informative book on herbal remedies, two LOCAL beeswax candles, Lavender essential oil, and 4 green glass bottles.

and finally:


Nice stuff for your bath, face masks, 2 hand creams, a calming scented candle, a pumice stone, a cupcake cup, and some purple lipstick.

because I DO REALIZE that not all of my followers are witches, though kudos for sticking with me for so long.

So that’s some great stuff yeah?

So what are the rules?

1)you have to be following me, duh.

2)you can like OR re-blog this post, but only one will count, please don’t spam

3)no giveaway blogs

How will it work?

on 2/14/2015

I will pick 5 winners at random. In the order that they are chosen, they will get to choose their kit.

So yeah follw, like or reblog, and possiably win.

Just a reminder, you are precious gems who deserve nice things! BTW I am not doing international shipping. I am not made of money sorry!

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Hello friend!! Not sure if you've already done this but if you haven't, will you do a BTS reaction to their foreign girlfriend being able to use chopsticks perfectly when they eat together for the first time??

I have not done this before but, its sounds like fun XD Hope you liked it <3

Kim Seokjin/Jin:  

Jin would not be noticing it first because, he was busy eating and you would be the same with all that delicious food around you on the table. When Jin looked at you and saw that you were eating perfectly with chopsticks he would be so pleasantly surprised and love it.

Kim Namjoon/Rapmonster: 

Mr Sexy brain over here would be very happy that you knew how to hold chopsticks and eat with them. He would be so damn happy he did not need to teach you but would also feel a little disappointed when he could not use his sexy brain to impress you.

Jung Hoseok/J-hope: 

Hoseok would be screaming of joy scaring the hell out of you and of course wondering what was he screaming about now. When you would realize he might had freaked out about the chopsticks you began to laugh with him.

Min Yoongi/Suga: 

I mean c`mon its MIN SWAG we are talking about here. He would see that you were looking for something to eat with, when he would take out a pair of chopsticks from his sleeve and hand it to you. When he saw how good you were he would just think “yeah my gurl got swag”.

Park Jimin/Jimin: 

Oh this cinnamon bun would be a blushing mess for this,  he would find it adorable how you picked up some rice without struggling and you enjoyed the food. He would compliment your skills and enjoying how his gf respected Korean culture.

Kim Taehyung/V: 

He would be so happy that you knew how to do it and would stare at you in AWE whenever you grabbed some rice or some other type of food and just ate. He would be a smiling mess and just be very happy + eating food.

Jeon Jeong Guk/Jungkook: 

He would be thinking that you were smarter than him, so he would make this a competition. Who was the fastet to eat all the rice or chicken, when you would win he would look at you and smile “damn you good”.