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What is your gender? Sorry if you have said this before but I am a new fan and I just wanna know.

yknow i was going to say “yes i am girl” but then i realized im over 21 so that makes me a woman i guess??? a young lady??? feels weird, man. wigs me out. I dont like language. why does this matter?

i have an existential crisis every time i think about my gender so i prefer not to think about it much. i am a very “not sure about myself” kind of person lately.


Featuring these boys: Aminé; AG Cook; Barns Courtney; Brendon Urie; Bring Me The Horizon (Oli); Buddy; Cameron Dallas; Charlie Puth; Chromeo; Cobra Snake; Connor Franta; Dan Smith (Bastille); Denzel Curry; Di Casp (Youtuber); Diplo; Fai Khadra; Flume; Frank Carter; G Eazy; Jack Antonoff; Jack Guinness; Jay Park; Jay Prince; Joe Jonas; Joey Badass; Kaytranada; Khalid; Liam Fray (Courteeners); Mac DeMarco; Mark Ronson; Max Hershenow (MS MR); Mic Lowry; MNEK; One Ok Rock; Poet; Portugal, The Man; Prince & Jacob; Riz Ahmed & The Swet Shop Boys; Sage The Gemini; Shamari Maurice; Shokichi; Shaun Ross; Spector (Fred); Stormzy; THEY; The Fat Jew; The Hurts (Theo); The Libertines (Carl Barratt); The Slaves (Laurie); The Vamps (Tristan and James); Tinie Tempah; Tom Daley; Tom Grennan; Tommy Cash; Ty Dolla Sign; Vance Joy; Vampire Weekend (Ezra and Rostam);; Wiz Khalifa; Wstrn; BING WINNERS.


1am mspaint doodles of my favorite gurl… I’m practicing drawing Mae with a lovely pear shape bod, and also making her wear a gymnastic outfit (because i’m writing a lame story about it).

Also…  my voicecanon for her is totally Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor [listen here].

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Weeeell, since someone unfortunantly already stole my question´s answer and already made it as a comic before i did (Im pretty damn fucking upset about it, im debating to upload the comic or not since its no longer original or special.When Epic ask Gsans to borrow something from Frisk *Insert Lenny Face*) I wanted to ask a new question, tbh i dont know what to ask anymore..but um..What would Epic say to win EchoFrisks heart away from G? Make it good, Finally make this a comic, dont steal plz.

Epic: hey gurl!

Echo!frisk: uhm.. yes?

Epic: u must be a lightswitch

Echo!frisk: why?

Epic: cuz everytime i see u…
Echo!frisk: wha-?!? ≧ˍ≦


Epic: bruuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh


I agree Viv is the best wingman ever

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okay but consider this: karamatsu and danny sexbang, same person

say thanks to this image that I remembered this ask and decided to illustrate the image 


I tried to draw danny in the Ososan’s hansome guy and I kinda failed style can ya tell?