electrasgarbagetruck  asked:

I just read that we are supposed to send you asks :0 who do you think i would be ? I'd like to be Purse, do you think that would fit ?

Well I remember you informing me on what happened to your Purse X) (poor boy) and if you were Purse you are a mixture of the calm but wary Purse and the extravagant Purse as you do have your lovely little outbursts like and I quote “GURL. HOW ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS” XD which a suppose could be seen as a little Electra like :)

So yes you’re very like (insert person’s name who I can’t fucking remember atm)’s Purse who is very polite, calm and caring and wants to know what’s going on XD You are aware of things as well about yourself and possibly about others. And you know what they say “There’s a little Electra in all of us” ;) XD