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GURL, are you going to write a fic about your clexa social media au because you totally should!!!

i’m not a girl & yes i’m gonna write one

You Give Him a Well Deserved Thigh Ride

Mark: Is fucking loving it. He’ll lean back anbd give you a heated look and a soft moan to encourage you.

Jaebum: Fucking dies. Thigh riding is his fave and you are not helping the situation being sexy AF.

Jackson: Goes crazy on you. Grabs you by your hips and grinds against you like a mad man. 

Jinyoung: Murrs soft moans against the shell in your ear while he holds your hips gently. 

Youngjae: All of his heavy breathing, looking at you through half lidden eyes and submitting to you fully.

Kunpimook: Gurl, you better be prepaired, bc this is going to turn in a full on making out/heavy petting sesh in .4 seconds.

Yugyeom: HE LIKES. That wicked smile and those teasing hands on your ass. But inside he is going crazy.

desbearer      On one hand, she’s really not here for…

be my coworker hamu… think of the nice uniforms on /both/ of us ;,)

     s w e a t s……….

An interpretation by Molly…

Richard: “ I’m gonna stay outta this”
Eliza: “ You’re so stupid… and I hate you sm”
Lindsey: *awkward tension laughing
Henry: “ You go gurl… but jesus fkn christ Eliza, chill”
Chris: “ Oooh shiny thing” * pretends to ignore the situation
And my personal fav…
Jrat: “ Go on give me cheek you lil shiet”

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To the anon saying they only compliment blonde girls, that is not true! I'm black and Ethan told me I was pretty and Grayson said I have a beautiful smile! 😊 Just letting you know these guys don't only compliment blonde girls because I'm FAR from blonde lol 😂

Heck yeah! You go gurl! I bet you have a gorgeous smile

desbearer desbearer      On one hand, she’s really not here…

i’m also at the host club, think of all the time we can spend together if you come see me there too i’ll even wear my glasses ;’) is being trapped in this place…. rlly all that bad tbh….


mach maker whooo

shoutout to @simon-dicksosolid so being so amazingggggggg like shit props I LOVE YOU


01. ship the person who tagged you

02. answer questions

03. write down the groups you would like to get shipped with

04. tag as many blogs as you want

People I ship you with:

BTS: YOONGI 10/10 C’MON like he’s the real one and I just see you two poppin and rollin’. I see you being happy with him. He’ll take good care of you, but on top of that, he’ll be overprotective of you. He’ll make sure you’re not cold and he’ll make sure no one is giving you any attitude. He’ll do a bunch of aegyo and try to make you laugh all the time. The cute dates you two go are just ultimate #goals. like DAMN GURL TEACH ME HOW TO PULL

but i ship you with zico let’s talk about this one oh he knows you. He’s so playful. He loves your attention and feels weak whenever you touch him. He’s basically your slave and he does everything for you. He sings and makes songs for you. He’ll feed you and make sure you get home safely. He’ll introduce you to his friends after getting your consent. He listens to you patiently. He adores you. He LOVES you. ahahaha im such a loser.

but i ship you with SIMON D. but you already know him. actually you know him more than me but whatever. simon is just laughing at me right now bc he’s sneaking as fuck. he is so protective like if a guy is just looking your way, he’s gonna fight him hahahahha. simon loves your butt lol simon loves your body. he takes care of you like no other because you’re his property. He lives for you. He’ll cry when you cry and he’ll laugh when you laugh. you’re soulmates. you’re made for each other. he acts so tough its so cringy but so cute. he pretends to be sad so you’ll comfort his ass, but you know he just wants to spend more time with you.



what is your chinese zodiac/animal:

dragon homies

what is your sun sign:


what is your height:

5′2″ with the attitude yes i get it

what kind of body shape do you have:

#thickthighs my jeans are always tight on my thighs but kinda big around my waist. OMG YASSS SAME GIRL SAME. I’m a pear basically and it sucks because my jeans are literally loose around my waist like no joke there’s like four inches of emptiness. I gotta wear belts because my thighs support my jeans but my waist is just nonexistent / small… ( but i also have a belly.. lmao )

describe your fashion type:

sweater and shorts literally LITERALLY but school fashion is like layers and jeans. but sweaters and shorts is LIFE

what are your hobbies:

eating ice cream or chips lmao 
blogging and tumblring

describe your personality:

im stubborn. im sensitive. im annoying. im capable of being loud and extremely quiet. im good a roasting people. im attentive. im meticulous. i try hard. im fragile. im into rap and just the drug life lmao jk i joke around but no one gets my jokes yes im THAT friend. im a loser basically lol.

what do you like and dislike:

likes - chips, icecream, khh, taehyung, zico, hyuna, kshows, blogging, reading fiction ( for fun ), talking to myself, aomg, dean, youtube, 

dislikes - touchy people, persistent people, homework, school, tomatoes, water BC SHIT THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF WATER, onions, basically condiments lol like ketchup and mustard, gg, innocent people, fake voices, 

what kind of height do you prefer:

TALLER or the same but tall is always a ++

what kind of position do you prefer:

UMMMmmmmm I like to try new things!

do you prefer innocent or sexy spicy:

tbh i just need a spicy man bc innocent people get me so irri

what are some turn ons:

someone who can listen to me and stay with me during my darkest moments. someone who is fucking anime lol jk jkjk (now its your turn to run) 
but srsly someone who is dedicated and who shows me love through actions lol

what are some turn offs:


what kind of fear would it be okay for them to have:

i dont give a fuck about what they fear bc honestly their personality means so much more wtf. i have so many fears and disorders too…

what would be an ideal date for you:

stargazing homie

lmao ship me with aNYONE LOL I JUST WANT TO SEE IT LOL

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Admin M, you don't need to awnser this, but i wanted to say: "YOU GO GURL. I hope you have a good day, you pretty piece of happiness"- Cenoura

you are so kind 💖, im hoping to have a good day because I’m going to the cinema with my boyfriend to watch a scary movie and I haven’t been to the cinema in ages.

-Admin M


Which means it’s time to announce this week’s top followers!

First of all I wanna thank every single one of you guys for supporting this blog! It means a lot to me!

Top Fan of the Week: @hasskati you go gurl! CONGRATULATIONS!

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Bruh I hope you don't mind me just coming in here to just kinda gush about how great you look cause holy shit you look absolutely amazing! Like I really hope that eventually I can look half as good as you when I get all the piercings I'd like to get! Also I absolutely adore your hair!!! Did you dye it yourself or did you go somewhere to get it done?

ohh my gurl i lov u for this
what piercings do u want to get? I dye my hair myself since I learned how and I dont find any hair stylist in my town who can make them like I really want sighh ;;
btw thank u you r adorable ♡