only drawing Bodie <3333 

now i’m expecting y'all to draw more Bodies mwhehehe /slapped

no srsly… I can’t make a tutorial cuz i’m not the official artist LOL 

I’ve only drawn B enough times to make this up hahaha 

prolly one of my pet peeves is if someone doesn’t draw him muscular enough 

or that i’m drawing him too muscular so i’m biased /meep

also take note the doodle reqs are only if yer askin me to draw Bodie. or if he’s the major player in the req. i’m getting stray other chara reqs and even Ask Bodie Qs. i’m not an ask bodie blog LOL. i’m an asknokotodrawbodieblog :D


I was supposed to post this yesterday but i got happily sidetracked >w< lol

GurlLookitDatBodie <3 

also i am not affiliated with Dance central or HMX or anything i’m just a fangirl doing ridiculous amounts of fanart so i can’t answer your questions guys lol you’re gonna have to ask them on twitter yerselves~ sorry OTL