Gurl Gamer E1

SJWs yesterday: “HAHA, Tim made a joke that erased the identities of women and minorities, and GarbleGrabbers are upset about it!”

SJWs today: “OMG Google is supporting GrandmaGiblets! WE NEED TO SCREAM AND MAKE THREATS TO HAVE PEOPLE FIRED OVER A HASHTAG!” *sprays salt everywhere*

So to reiterate, SJWs think mocking women and minorities is NBD, but a simple hashtag is the end of the world. Good thing they have their priorities in order, right?


Okay, look, can we

Can we just stop this shit right here?

This kind of GURL GAYMUR bullshit right here is one of the reasons no one takes the gender issue in video games seriously, especially in the realm of competitive gaming. Yes, congratulations, you’re a girl and you play League of Legends. Bra-fucking-vo. Your gender shouldn’t define who you are as a gamer, your gaming should. This is a serious problem in competitive gaming, especially in the fighting game community; those female players who are actually skilled and let their play do the talking are vastly overshadowed by those who require special attention because WE’RE GIRLS IN A BOY’S WORLD and who, quite frequently, are mediocre players at best. So often these GURL POWER gamers are the ones asking for “female-only” tournies or forming “female-only” teams and in essence sending out the message that they don’t want to compete with or work together with men. In most cases they only succeed in making a spectacle of themselves, doing absolutely nothing to further the place of women in video games.

In particular, I remember a story my boyfriend (who is quite active in the FGC) told me of a female Street Fighter player who wanted a women-only tournament because, she claimed, no woman was going to beat Daigo or Filipino Champ or the like. The solution to this issue isn’t to segregate yourself so you don’t have to play against top-tier male players: The solution is to get better than the top-tier male players. Female players have just as much chance as male players in beating these champs, and that chance is very little; they’re champs for a reason, and that reason in no way relates to their genitals.

tl;dr If you want to be taken seriously in the video game community, the first step is to stop doing shit like this.