Women in Gaming

Stop talking about Anita Sarkeesian. Stop talking about Zoe Quinn. Let’s talk about some actual women in the gaming community that bridge the gap without being controversial. This list includes players, developers, and any woman related to the gaming community.

Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn - Competitive Gaming (Starcraft II)

Sasha Hostyn (Scarlett) is a competitive gamer on the Starcraft II seen. She’s well known for managing to best high-tier Korean players in competition. She was deemed champion of the Red Bull Battle Grounds tournament in the North America region in the 2014 Summer championship. Sasha is also one of the few well known transgender female players in the competitive community.

Kellee Santiago - Developer

Kellee Santiago is a video game developer, a cofounder of Thatgamecompany, and has worked on several well known console games such as FlowerBraid, and Journey. Kellee was a primary developer of the game Flower which was ranked one of the top 10 Playstation games for two years running. 

iHasCupquake Let’s Player

iHasCupquake is a female Let’s Player with a focus on Minecraft and assorted indie games. She also implements baking into her videos. She is one of the first female Let’s Players to break 1,000,000 followers. 

Carol Shaw - Developer

Credited as one of the first female game developers, Carol Shaw worked on several Activision titles and later Intellivision. She worked on such titles as Polo and River Raid. She’s considered a pioneer for women in gaming.

Mary Demarle Writer

Mary Demarle was one of the co-writers of the acclaimed Deux Ex as well as Myst. Demarle also worked in design and story development, and has conducted interviews on the complex ethical questions in the Deus Ex

Barabra Dunkelman and Lindsay Jones - Entertainers

(Pictured from left to right: Lindsay Jones, Michael Jones, Gavin Free, Barabra Dunkelman). Employees of the highly popular video game themed entertainment channel Rooster Teeth, Barabra Dunkelman and Lindsay Jones are among the most present women on the team. Dunkelman is present in many of RT’s podcasts and skits, and Lindsay Jones Tuggey was the first woman to be considered a member of the Achievement Hunters. They also are both voices in Rooster Teeth’s short series RWBY. 

Kiki Wolfkill - Producer

Kiki Wolfkill, aside from winning the award for “Most Metal Name of Any Game Producer Ever” is a executive producer behind the wildly popular Halo 4. Wolfkill has also worked on other famous titles such as FableGears of War, and Mass Effect.

Rieko Kodama - Designer (submitted by lumforjustice)

This wonderful lady has worked on multiple games with SEGA. Most notably is a game she made herself; Phantasy Star. She also continues to work on the PS series.

Rinmaru - Developer (submitted by lumforjustice)

As a hobbyist, Rinmaru does not directly work within the gaming industry, but she does make her own dress up games on her website. Other than dress up games (and this is the important part!), she has made a visual novel called “Ascension”, which you can play the first chapter here. Right now, she is making a sequel to Ascension called “Ascension: Echoes in the Dark,” and RPG-style game. Unlike the first Ascension, you’ll have to pay for this one. So, I suggest you buy Ascension ETD when it comes out!

Tsunako - Character Designer (submitted by lumforjustice)

Tsunako is best known for her character designs for Date a Live, as well as the character designs and illustrations in Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Christie Golden - Writer (submitted by cyadine)

Writer of many Starcraft and World of Warcraft books - Her books cover so much of the story that is left out of the games and gives so much rich history! Also a writer for few Star Trek and Star Wars books.

Kayo “Kayo Police” Satoh - Competitive Gaming (submitted by she-who-defied-fate)

Kayo Satoh is a transgender model, TV personality and competitive Street Fighter player. She wrote a book about her experiences as a transgender youth called Re-Born. She’s become well known for defeating some of the best SF players in Japan.

Soyo Oka - Composer (submitted by thatspazinthehoodie)

Soyo Oka worked as a musical composer for Nintendo from 1987-95 on games like Ice Hockey, Pilotwings, Super Mario Kart and Wario’s Woods.

Kim Swift - Designer (submitted by thatspazinthehoodie)

As a graduate of Gigipen, Kim Swift and her team developed Narbacular Drop, the portal based game which would lead to her being hired by Valve and creating Portal. Swift was the leader of the Portal team, and a level designer for it. She was also involved in both Left 4 Dead games on the development team. She left Valve in 2009 to join Airtight Games where she would lead a team and develop the game Quantum Conundrum.

Amy Hennig - Designer/Writer (submitted by thatspazinthehoodie)

Hennig started work in the game industry back in the late 80’s. She assisted development of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain after moving to Crystal Dynamics in the late 90s. She would the work as directorand writer for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance. She left Crystal Dynamics to become creative director of Naughty Dog where she began her most notable work as the head writer and creative director for the Uncharted series. She has since left Naughty Dog for Visceral Games to work on Star Wars games.

Roberta Williams - Designer/Writer (submitted by jake-from-state-farm-school and like a bunch of other people)

Co-founded On-Line Systems, later Sierra On-Line/Sierra Entertainment, with her husband. Essentially created the graphical adventure game with Mystery House, later designed the King’s Quest series (all eight of the classic series), the first animated graphical adventure game and pioneer of the open world, which led to Sierra, along with Lucasarts, basically being -the- names in adventure gaming. Also wrote and designed Phantasmagoria, which is not only one of the few good FMV games from that era, but would probably cause Sarkeesian to scream misogyny. 

Jane Jensen - Designer/Writer (submitted by jake-from-state-farm-school and also a bunch of other people)

After working on other Sierra games, including co-designing King’s Quest VI, Jane Jensen her first solo outing with the Gabriel Knight series, still my favorite adventure game series and the second game, The Beast Within, also managed to buck the usual trend of FMV games. Has also worked on other fairly good adventure games recently, such as Cognition

Janett Carr - Entertainer/Producer (submitted by dmranything)

This is Janet Carr, gamer, executive producer and creator of Australia’s only gaming show, Good Game. The show has become a big hit with gamers all across Australia, and both the hosts (Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell and Stephanie “Hex” Bendixsen, another great woman in gaming) and the crew are gamers who love what they do.

Karen Traviss - Writer (submitted by sunbleached-jacket)

Karen Traviss, who wrote many Star Wars and Gears of War books, including the entire series of Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Jade Raymond - Director (submitted by failedturingtest)

Jade is an executive director for Ubisoft Toronto, working as a producer for the Assassin’s Creed series. She has also worked for EA. Currently she is on the Board of Directors for for Women in Film and Television International, an organization designed to help advance women in media and entertainment industries. 

DexterityBonus - Entertainer/Journalist (submitted by justwestofweird)

DexBonus is a Let’s Player and commentator, making several videos covering popular gaming events, and several series including Newz (which covers gaming news) and Swords and Stitches (which demonstrates gaming related crafts).

Suzy Berhow - Entertainer (submitted by justwestofweird)

Aside from being a model and animator (seen on her channel Meeperfish), Suzy is also a member of Game Grumps. She is featured in many Game Grumps videos and is a returning member of Table Flip which focused on tabletop games. She has advocated for mental health awareness, making a video about her experiences with ehr own manic depression.

Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan - Cosplayers (submitted by justwestofweird)

Both popular cosplayers at PAX and other gaming conventions. Jessica was also a community manager for Bioware.

Carmen Kennedy - Executive

Founder of Imagery Media, along with her husband Robert, Carmen was among one of the first to begin designing simple flash games for the Internet professionally, as well as educational programs for e-learning initiatives. The company has designed flash games for Cartoon Network, FedEx, and Canon.

Have anybody to add? Do so! It’s strange to me how people suddenly care about female developers when they make the news because of some controversy, typically one they themselves caused. But are quick to ignore the many women who gladly go about their position with grace and poise. 

- Mod Dawes Sr.

SJWs yesterday: “HAHA, Tim made a joke that erased the identities of women and minorities, and GarbleGrabbers are upset about it!”

SJWs today: “OMG Google is supporting GrandmaGiblets! WE NEED TO SCREAM AND MAKE THREATS TO HAVE PEOPLE FIRED OVER A HASHTAG!” *sprays salt everywhere*

So to reiterate, SJWs think mocking women and minorities is NBD, but a simple hashtag is the end of the world. Good thing they have their priorities in order, right?

“I hate female gamers that are all in your face about being female”

Yeah it’s not like female gamers are having to shoulder their way into a shitty boys club just to enjoy their favorite pastime and get basically no representation within it despite making up a good third of the community. It’s not as though they have to deal with a bunch of sexist comments about their gender constantly in any kind of online setting no matter how good they are. How dare those women be proud of being a competent female in a male-centric, sexist,unwelcoming fandom? It’s not about gender, after all.