ok so i have seen so many posts of girls complaining about how they are treated in dota2 and even though i know there are jerks out there who will treat you like shit or blame losses on you just because you are a girl, i am very fortunate because i haven’t met a single one like that

most of the ones i meet are like this dude, they call me “beautiful”, “cute”, “sweetie” and this particular guy called me “princess” so i told him to stop calling me that and he was like “what should i call you then??” and i almost said WHAT ABOUT MY NAME but then decided Empress was better

he always calls me empress now and i can’t stop laughing at it
 (also notice at his disbelief that a female can’t cook, although he’s right, i should know how to cook by now…)

there was also a dude i used to play with that was exceedingly sweet to me (he didn’t blame me for anything even when it really was my fault) and then i found out he was only playing with me because he wanted nudes of me, and like, i can’t stop laughing at that either because i am overweight and i only shave three months of the year ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT MY NUDES 

Kari Mini Rebuttals: "Most girl gamers DO suck."

Just a mini rebuttal to a few points. I’ll do a full in depth rebuttal later.

Now, I was on deviantArt, and I saw somebody write up a post that said the above: “most girl gamers do suck” then added this:

I myself am a girl, but its sad to see how many ‘girl gamers’ cant play real video games.
Playing 'Hello Kitty Roller Coaster Rescue’ DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GAMER.
Playing 'Kitten Rescue Shelter’ DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GAMER.
Playing 'Harvest Moon : Magical Melody/A Wonderful Life’ DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GAMER.
Playing 'Animal Crossing’ DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GAMER.
Playing 'Angry Birds’ DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GAMER.
Alright? Do you GET IT?!
'Oh man… how do you shoot?’
'How do you look up?’
'How are you jumping?’
'What does that white pack with the red X do?’

So, a few things to consider:

1) Even while acknowledging that you do not make an absolute statement with “All”, you still cannot conclusively say “most.” Not unless you have some hard statistics to back that up. You know what would make this stronger? BEING MORE FUCKING SPECIFIC. For example, “Most girls who play claim to be gamers, but play casually, are not gamers.” See how much more specific that is compared to the more general umbrella statement (that’s not supported by the way) of “Most girl gamers DO suck.” You can’t think that the female gamer group, the one who actively play games, are suddenly the minority out of nowhere, because I really doubt that girls who game are, and thinking that we’re the minority within the female gaming community is like saying “Look at me, I’m a girl and I play games seriously like a speshul snowflake!” THAT’S EXACTLY LIKE WHAT THE “GURL GAMERS!!1” WHO SAY THEY GAME FOR ATTENTION ARE DOING.

2) Those are all video games. All of the titles listed there. Are. Video Games. They fit the definition of video games. Now, what can I easily see reading that paragraph? They don’t fit YOUR definition of video games. And sure, you can argue their validity, but it’s ultimately YOUR IDEA OF WHAT VIDEO GAMES SHOULD BE. You don’t think a game like The Sims is a game because it doesn’t involve something like shooting a gun, or getting from point X to point Z in a narrative because The Sims doesn’t have those kind of gameplay mechanics. But it still has GAMEPLAY MECHANICS. Same with Hello Kitty. And Animal Crossing. And Angry Birds. Players can interact with them, and get feedback in the game. Just because they don’t involve narratives, and seem “childish”, doesn’t automatically disqualifies it as a video game. Going by that kind of logic, strategy games like Age of Empires or Starcraft, or MMORPGS or MOBAs like WoW and League of Legends wouldn’t count as games.

Then there is the question of is it a good game? That depends on the type of game, but you know what best fits these games? THE LABEL CASUAL. Being a gamer is just playing a game and enjoying it, but being a serious gamer (as the writer insinuates with her writing) is much closer to what the writer is saying. The problem is that she is trying to take that and place it onto the rest of the gaming market, and that discredits the casual gamers who do play games.

And playing Tetris doesn’t make you a gamer? So all the people who played with the Odyssey, the Commodore 64, and Atari 2400 systems, with games that were the same level as Tetris with no narrative, no fancy graphics, and only a single objective and gameplay mechanic, they automatically are discredited as gamers because they played Tetris, Pong, and games just like it? The people who grew up with these games also went on to create the games we all enjoy today.

3) Questions like “How do you shoot?”, “How do you jump?”, etc. are VALID QUESTIONS if you are experiencing a game for the first time, especially an entirely new game genre, or a game that has different controls to another game of the same genre. COD’s button scheme, aside from the right trigger being shoot, is different from Halo’s because each button does a different thing for a different reason in the games. Try jumping into a game without knowing the controls and you’d ask the same questions. The reasons tutorial missions that are integrated into the narrative or its own actual mission exists are to teach gamers how to play the game that they popped into their console or downloaded from their PC. There are some games who don’t do that, but it’s rare and depends (and even then, there’d be something to help you out - for example, Killing Floor has no tutorial mission or integrated tutorials into the gameplay, but there are tutorial tips for the buttons to press on the screen all the time).

Yes, there are girls who say they play games just to attract attention. They do discredit those who are female and play games. But they don’t define a group, and they definitely are not the majority of the group. I have a problem with the statement “Most girl gamers DO suck”, and I happen to be one of those girl gamers who are in the “minority” category that the writer believes she is in. Some people game casually, some people game more seriously, and we all happen to be women. So why the fuck can’t we enjoy games as gamers instead of having to generalize in a vaguely written argument that lumps a majority of female gamers into that description that really applies to a minority in a derogatory way?

“That tru gamer gurl feeling, when ur a gurl that games”
-Chiaki Nanami at some point probably

My love for Chiaki knows no limits so I did my best and tried to draw her for her birthday :’) I’m a total beginner when it comes to digital art so I appreciate constructive criticism (just please… don’t zoom in)
It’s also the first thing I post on here… oh wow

i love how everything aimed at Gamers™ comes in three designs:
-what is that a fucking transformer?
-for the gamer gurls out there here’s Barbie’s Dream Mouse

Fairy Tail guild playing Mario Kart
  • Natsu: drives the wrong way on purpose just to troll the others
  • Lucy: is actually good at it and is a cute proud bby whenever she wins, putting up with the shit of her comrades
  • Erza: gets all excited about it, screams and comments during the play
  • Gray: u suck at mario kart bruh. acts all COOL about it tho while it actually bothers him a lot
  • Wendy: rly talented mario kart gamer guRL
  • Gajeel: has way too much fun shelling his opponents & will laugh at u basically the entire time
  • Juvia: juvi gets frusTRATED LIKE EVERY TIME but ends up on one of the good positions after all
  • Laxus: tries to stay all 'tch idc about this shit' but ends up getting real frustrated and smashing the controller
  • Freed: he's the way too gleEFUL LIL SHIT who takes this game too serIOUSLY
  • Evergreen: Mario kart Queen
  • Bixlow: distracts the others during the game so he wins, 'ooOPS'
  • Cana: trickster right here and also a lil shit, will often go astray
  • Mirajane: starts of on one of the last positions and is quite reserved but will often turn the tables like the brilliant devil she is
  • Elfman: shouts about MANLINESS and hates the fact that he's not good at it...mainly bc his hands are almost to big for the controller
  • Lisanna: she'll wreck u
  • Doranbolt: quiet n concentrated. until he gets blueshelled, then he loses it and will hunt u down
  • Gildarts: lets face it, he just ends up crashing everything
  • Bisca: aye cowgirl u gO
  • Alzack: sorry bruh, this is not youre game
  • Asuka: wins a lot. bc the others let her oops.
  • Max: accepts every challenge and is all for rematches
  • Reedus: he tries rly hard. but cutie has also a rly rly hard time.
  • Kinana: the one u dont expect to attack u out of the blue

Well surprise surprise Tom Preston’s retarded. Why you may ask? Well let’s break down his comic and artist’s description. first the comic itself. 

1. He knows nothing about how and why Vivian James was created

A group called The fine Young Capitalists (TFYC) hosted a charity (for lack of a better term) where women would pitch their ideas for video games, those ideas would be drawn out by concept artists, and then voted on. The winner’s game would be made and the funds would be donated to charity with 8% going to the girl who pitched the winning idea as royalties. 

Zoe Quinn (Yeah, we have to mention her again. Just think of her as the two bullets that started WWI) attempted to vilify the charity in a fit of persecution complex saying it was oppressive to have women give ideas for free. 

Not mentioning that was the extent of their contribution, ideas, not art or coding but being the ideas guy but I digress. She used her connections in gaming journalism to shame TFYC and major gaming journalists sites blindly followed her lead. 

When the Five Guys scandal started (this was before GamerGate was officially a thing), 4Chan’s /v/ caught on to this event when one of the “charity’s” prominent members wrote a comment on Reddit detailing what happened. You can read the comment here:

The result is something magical. 4Chan has defeated feminists by being better feminists and thus ultimately discrediting feminists. They funded TFYC’s project and donated enough money that they were allowed to design a character that would appear in the winning game. 

Being smart, they designed a female character that would go against the feminist’s assumptions. Rather than a ditzy bimbo, they created just about the most average girl ever but still one that was easily recognizable:

She was a girl. She was a gamer. But she wasn’t a gurl gamer. Her interests were video games. She hated video game journalists. Her shirt was green and purple representing 4chan’s color and she wore a 4 leaf clover on her headband to symbolize 4chan as well. Even her name was video game related. vivian James being a close approximation to vidya gaems, /v/’s terminology for video games. Save for the inevitable porn that was drawn of her later down the line, there was nothing inherently offensive about the character herself save for the people who made her. 

TFYC accepted the character and she became the face of GamerGate, a rebellion of the consumer against the corrupt devs, journalists, and social justice warriors corrupting the industry:

Of course feminists were still mad even though there was nothing offensive about Vivian’s design. They attempted to slam 4chan as pedophiles but that failed to catch wind. They attempted to contact and shame TFYC for accepting money from 4chan, ironic because it was feminists who attempted to destroy the “charity” in the first place. 4Chan funded a project to get women in gaming. Feminists are so hell bent on being victims that they actively attempted to oppress women from getting into gaming. Is there any finer argument that feminism is obsolete in the first world? 

2. Take a look at Dobson’s depiction of her and then take a look at what 4Chan made:

Dobson has made her shaplier, ditzier, wider eyed, and overall overly feminin. The very thing he criticizes artists hundreds of times better than he is of doing to women he did to a non-sexualized character for the purpose of making his side seem all the more valid. It was a deliberate choice on his part and he should be called out for such crude tactics. To put this in perspective, if 4chan had made a black character, Dobson would have drawn his lips bigger than the 4chan version. Apparently using stereotypical body types for women is only wrong if it’s not Dobson doing it. 

3. GamerGate isn’t sexist. 

In the very least, not in the way people are claiming it is. The members may not all live up to the standards set by First World Feminists and video game journalists but the movement is comprised of people from all walks of life. Outspoken feminists (including Christina Sommers, a Democrat labled as a conservative by journos) to Men Rights Activists. Various shades of philosophies about gender and gender identity can be found in the movement but the reason they all label it as sexist is because none of them subscribe to the extremists version that people like Tom Preston espouse. 

This is largely a problem with a lot of things. People and movements are unfairly labeled as sexist or racist because they wish to argue the point or don’t go all the way with what certain people think should happen. It’s even worse when it comes to history where the most progressive of people would still be vilified as racists or sexists for the crime of being born too early and subscribing to the views of the era. 

The point is when you hear something like a movement about video games being called sexist or misogynistic, take that with a grain of salt. Do your own research or the matter. Look at what they’re saying and maybe browse their forums and ask what it is that they’re against and why they might be called those things. Also look at who’s making the claim. How extreme are their views? dungeons and dragons was labeled as anti-Christian by radical Christians who see persecution everywhere. The film Drive was called anti-semetic…by a jewish man who sees anti semitism everywhere. 

People with extremist philosophies are going to see more persecution of their ideas than people who don’t. That’s just a fact of life so again, I encourage you to do your own research when people start throwing around accusations about these things. Especially when you wouldn’t be able to confirm it yourself upon a quick glance. 

4. Tom’s Joke was poorly worded. When I read “Occu-Lass Thrift, I immediately thought it was a pun on the Oculus Rift. A VR headset whose lead dev sold out to Facebook a few months ago. He really couldn’t figure out a better name to call her? Vivian Jame’s name works because it in of itself is a legitimate name but no one in their right mind would name their kid "Occu-Lass Thrift.” Again, Tom has no idea what Vivian James is and represents. If it weren’t for the girl’s comments, I think everyone would assume he was talking about the VR headset. Speaking of his comments. Let’s get right into that. 

Zoe Quinn’s jilted ex-boyfriend decided to post a rant about her online, accusing her of sleeping with journalists to get good praise on her free web game (accusations that were later found to be untrue). 

The Zoe Post (what Tom’s talking about) was written by Zoe Quinn’s ex boyfriend detailing her abusive and manipulative activities. The post in question left out a lot of information that was later found out by outside research but the gist is that she slept with journalists and game devs in order to promote her game Depression Quest. One of the people she slept with was her boss and another was the judge of an indie game contest that she contended. 

At this point it doesn’t even matter if they had their dicks in her at all. It was found that she has clear undeniable connections to these people and that they have promoted her and her game. This is a prime example of corruption in the video game industry where close ties kills objectivity and these journos report false information to the consumer in order to appease their friends and get more personal benefits from those they promote. 

 The #GamerGate movement was then started with the intention of pointing out issues with “gaming journalism ethics,” but thus far has only really been good at harassing women in the games industry and forcing them (and anyone who supports them) to leave.

Apparently no one has told Tom Preston about the campaign to e-mail the sponsors of these journos and get them to back out.

Nor has anyone told Tom Preston about #NotYourShield, a Twitter campaign encouraging people from all walks of life be it religious, gender based, race based, where you’re from, etc to come out and say they do not approve of these journalists and social justice warriors speaking on their behalf. 

And who would have thought that not one single person has mentioned GamerGate’s constant state of self regulation. You reading me type Zoe Quinn is the most you’ll get with that name because people in an attempt to separate themselves from her but still be able to comment on what’s important (her connections), have begun calling her “Literally Who.” In response to this Zoe has changed her Twitter name to Dr. Literally Who so it seems she’s loving the hate. 

Actually now that I think about it, I’m sure the critics Tom hasn’t blocked have relayed this info to him. I’m willing to bet he just deliberately ignored to so he can make history fit his ideals. Go back to the Ministry of Truth, Dobson. you’re a shit artist and a worse human being. 

When people started to question #GamerGate’s seemingly dubious motives, some 4-channers decided to make a “gamer girl” mascot called Vivian James to prove they weren’t sexist. 

See: Everything I have said previous to this and do refer to the links. The first two are screen caps going over exactly how and why vivian was made. Tom Preston is dead fucking wrong. Objectively wrong. If being wrong could hurt, Tom Preston would have died before he finished that sentence. 

After all… she’s a girl! Girls can’t be sexist, right? So if you’re wondering why there are so many icons of that girl on twitter or DA or whatever… that’s why.

Tom, I took this up with some psychologists and they have all declared you as a pathological liar. Short of the long. Vivian James is the face of the movement along with /V/’s board-tan (the simplistic angry looking bald guy you may see in GG images), real people like Milo, Internet Aristocrat (using his Youtube avatar), JonTron, Christina Sommers, etc. 

Sadly I have a feeling too many people will be coming here, arguing about #GamerGate’s true intentions, bemoaning “Not ALL GamerGate harassed women!” and completely ignoring my brilliant pun for the Occupy Wall Street girl. Bah.

Just do what you always do. block them like a little bitch. It can’t be that what you said was wrong. It can’t be that you’re deliberately misrepresenting the movement. It can’t be that you’re outing yourself once again as a white knight ass who knows absolutely nothing about what he’s talking about but somehow think his farts don’t stink. 

And fuck your little pun. Obviously people are going to ignore your shitty pun because that’s not what this comic is about you shit. Your entire description was about how sexist GG and vivian James are. Your first panel is a complete strawman of the movement. If I drew a picture of pig shitting on Muhammad followed by a second panel with a drawing of a chicken crossing the street, I’d have no right to say “and people are harping on my drawing of Muhammad and completely ignoring my brilliant why did the chicken cross the road joke. Bah.”

fuck you, Dobson. You’re objectively wrong. 

PS: Your girl looks worse than the one Reddit designed for TFYC! 

EDIT: Maybe he’s just mad that this isn’t how she’s usually depicted:

I went to the EDF and found that they thought the same thing about Dobson’s girl’s name.