“That tru gamer gurl feeling, when ur a gurl that games”
-Chiaki Nanami at some point probably

My love for Chiaki knows no limits so I did my best and tried to draw her for her birthday :’) I’m a total beginner when it comes to digital art so I appreciate constructive criticism (just please… don’t zoom in)
It’s also the first thing I post on here… oh wow

Fairy Tail guild playing Mario Kart
  • Natsu: drives the wrong way on purpose just to troll the others
  • Lucy: is actually good at it and is a cute proud bby whenever she wins, putting up with the shit of her comrades
  • Erza: gets all excited about it, screams and comments during the play
  • Gray: u suck at mario kart bruh. acts all COOL about it tho while it actually bothers him a lot
  • Wendy: rly talented mario kart gamer guRL
  • Gajeel: has way too much fun shelling his opponents & will laugh at u basically the entire time
  • Juvia: juvi gets frusTRATED LIKE EVERY TIME but ends up on one of the good positions after all
  • Laxus: tries to stay all 'tch idc about this shit' but ends up getting real frustrated and smashing the controller
  • Freed: he's the way too gleEFUL LIL SHIT who takes this game too serIOUSLY
  • Evergreen: Mario kart Queen
  • Bixlow: distracts the others during the game so he wins, 'ooOPS'
  • Cana: trickster right here and also a lil shit, will often go astray
  • Mirajane: starts of on one of the last positions and is quite reserved but will often turn the tables like the brilliant devil she is
  • Elfman: shouts about MANLINESS and hates the fact that he's not good at it...mainly bc his hands are almost to big for the controller
  • Lisanna: she'll wreck u
  • Doranbolt: quiet n concentrated. until he gets blueshelled, then he loses it and will hunt u down
  • Gildarts: lets face it, he just ends up crashing everything
  • Bisca: aye cowgirl u gO
  • Alzack: sorry bruh, this is not youre game
  • Asuka: wins a lot. bc the others let her oops.
  • Max: accepts every challenge and is all for rematches
  • Reedus: he tries rly hard. but cutie has also a rly rly hard time.
  • Kinana: the one u dont expect to attack u out of the blue

Gurl Gamer E1