gurl you look good in blue

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That was your first smut?! Holy macaroni gurl, that was good! Like real good. If you do BTS could you do 12 with Yoongi then, please?

(I would like to start off by saying that the second I saw his new hair I was dead rip to me like there’s nothing better on this earth right now than Min Yoongi’s hair praise)

Yoongi (Suga) + Face Riding

It was surreal to look down between your legs and see a head of magical mint green blue hair. With all the preparation, the training, press for the next comeback, he shouldn’t have had enough time to call you or even breath in your direction, let alone be laying in your bed on his back eating you out, the comeback the farthest thing from his mind. Electric shocks running through you straight from your core, up your thighs where his fingertips were grazing gingerly up your skin. His tongue massaging your clit, purely enjoying the feel of it against his tongue, the feel of you. You were white knuckle gripping the headboard, straining your whole body tense and sweaty with the effort not to buck against his mouth, not to get sloppy.

He pulled away for a moment, and you whined loudly.

“Come on, princess.” He mumbled out just barely loud enough for you to hear. “Ride my face.”

Then your fingers were tangled deep in that amazing new hair and his tongue was thrusting deep inside you, your hips moving with abandon.

(and yeah this one has been in the inbox since the beginning of the whole blurb thing oopps sorry it took so long -Tanisha<3)

Sneezes are love

Beca figures out Chloe’s gay, a makeout session ensues, and Beca sneezes. 

Originally titled on ao3: “Darlin’ You Are A Delight” 

“It’s cute.”

But it isn’t.

“Oh you look pretty hot toda–I mean nice! But not like horny nice I mean like really sexy bUT I actually meant like drop dead gorgeous –…fUCking just…pretty. You’re pretty. Pretty and nice and fiiine and god daMN it! I –Chloe your clothing looks like it was well arranged together and I hope you have a wonderful day you beautiful angel from heaven fUCK!”

M-m. Nope. Most definitely not cute. At all. Zero percent.

(In which Beca’s an awkwardly adorable idiot and Chloe’s pretty much in love with this dork)

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