gurl where you at


“Oooh, gurl! Where’d you get that outfit?!”

There are more of these located on my tumblr page under ‘Outfit Break downs” ! XDD

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Gurl teach me your boy wrangling ways, where do you find the good ones who will look at the stars on rooftops 😭😭

Hahaha buddy there are 3 boys who I have lay out and watch the stars with me but none of them are Alfie so I’m still not living my best life. Once I wrangle one worth keeping, I’ll letcha know. I’m working on different knot tying strategies.

Honestly - follow your passions. Go in the direction of things you love. There you’ll connect with people who love it too.

Flirtatious Sister - Derek Luh Imagine (Feat. John Swift)


Hey gurl hey,can you do another Derek imagine but where Swazz is your big brother? 💖💖





I was walking around in my black under armor spandex with a oversized t-shirt, that was my older brothers. My older bother an I have a pretty good relationship, he is super over protective of me like most older brothers are. My first boyfriend cheated on me and John beat the shit out of him. He left him with a broken collar bone and one hell of a black eye. 

I was excited because my brother was having his friends over and I love to flirt with Derek. Call me a tease but it sends tingles through my spine when I can see how much of an effect I have on the boys. Ive started with just innocent flirting with Derek and he does it back. I choose Derek as prey because he thinks he can flirt with girls, sleep with them and leave them. If he thinks he can do that with me he has another thing coming. 

Since Im a natural flirt this will be easy getting revenge on Derek. And when I say revenge I mean it. He slept with one of my best friends last year then never called her back and left her wondering what she did wrong. Now I’m going to leave him like that.

I skip down the stairs invited by the smell of weed, I prance into the living room and sit down on Derek’s lap. 

“Find another seat Y/N.” John says through gritted teeth. 

“Im perfectly fine here.” I say moving around in Derek’s lap causing him to let a low groan out. 

“Yeah, she’s fine here.” Derek says gripping my waist tighter. 

“Whatever.” John says rolling his eyes probably too high out of his mind to care.

I turned around so I was facing Derek and took the blunt from his lips inhaling the smoke then pressing my lips to his exhaling the smoke into his mouth. I lean back to pull away from his lips but he grabs my face holding my face to his. He blows the smoke out the corner of his mouth when he opens it and slides his tongue into my mouth before I feel my self being pulled off of Derek. 

“I need to talk to you.” John says holding me by my waist, my feet not touching the ground. 

He drags me into the kitchen and sets me on the ground. Crossing his arms and staring at me with an angry expression. 

“What the hell are you doing kissing one of my friends?” He asks staring at my smirking expression. 

“I’m just teaching him a lesson.” I say crossing my arms as well my smirk growing bigger. 

“I dont know what game you are playing but you need to be careful. If he hurts you I’m going to beat his ass.” John says his expression becoming harder. 

“And what if I hurt him?” I shot back an evil grin growing across my face.

“Y/N. Please be careful.” John says shaking his head back and forth in a disapproving notion. 

“I always am.” I say brushing past him.

“I don’t even want to know.” John says causing me to laugh. 

I walk back into the living room swaying my hips and I sit next to Nate, this time I’m trying to get Derek to be jealous. I place my hand on Nate’s chest slow stroking up and down his torso. 

Nate leans over to me and whispers in my ear, “If you trying to get Derek jealous thats not going to do it, let me show you how its done.” 

Nate places his hand on the inside of my thigh moving it up and down ever so slowly. I make eye contact with Derek who has a tight scowl on his face. I smirk to my self but he can’t see the slight curve since we are currently sitting in a dark room clouded over by smoke. 

Derek grumbles from across the room and I turn to Nate andean my head in his shoulder playing with his long slightly curly hair. I look back to where Derek was originally sitting but I see an empty spot. 

“Im gonna go to the the bathroom.” I whisper to Nate and he just smirks. 

I shake my head and start walking down the hallway. I was about to turn into the guest bedroom when I felt an arm wrap around my waist and yank me into my own. I squeal out since I was quite surprised by the sudden action. 

Derek throws me on the bed and immediately climbs on top of me. He attaches his lips back to mine and moves quickly. 

“I want you so bad.” Derek whispers in my ear. 

“I know, but you can’t have me.” I say pushing him off of me and grabbing my shirt that some how he managed to get off of me. 

He lays on the bed dumbfounded. Then stands up abruptly and runs over to me forcing me against the wall. “Oh don’t you worry, I always get what I want and I want you.” 


Ayeeeeeee back on the imagine wagon, another one shall be up tonight!

See you later my arty people 


Do you have any idea how hard Levy worked to gather intell for this mission, an’ we get here and the fighting’s over with?! I’m breaking someone’s damn legs! FUCK!!!! *Chops down half the forest with his giant blade*

*Punches the air* I feel a bit better now, whew, glad I don’t get too worked up over cartoons ~.~

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Cotton candy, butter pecan :)

Cotton Candy: 3 places you want to travel to?

South Korea would be pretty cool, but that’s heavily influenced by my love of Kpop lmao

Germany. I’ve been before but I loved it so much omg

Somewhere tropical so I can go on the beach and in the beautiful sea because the beaches here in England are shite

I know it said 3 but Mexico so I can see ma gurl @ham001s

And America so I can see @bangtantrashwrites / @acidlungss

And also wherever @squarethreeandahalf is I know you’re studying abroad at some point so it really depends on where you are gurl

Butter Pecan; Favourite Songs for life?

Given that I still like BTS, Dead Leaves by them

Second & Sebring by Of Mice and Men

As The World Falls down by David Bowie!

Thanks for asking!

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Gurl where so you get the money to commission all these artists 😂 I wanna work where you work LOL

I work at a pet grooming shop! Just got a raise recently too. It also helps that I’m living at home rn so I’ve got some extra cash at the moment.
And there’s just so many great artists taking commissions I can’t help myself!

in case you can’t tell from my face today was a. really rough day to say the least l m a o but my coworkers and i heard a local buildabear had charmander in stock so. hey. meet alduin ✨

also i was gonna buy myself botw tonight but…. i’m still playing zestiria and i c a n n o t do two games at the same time soooo uh wait 4 me a little longer shark bf

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Hey, can I just say your captions are on fleek,, gurl! Like the one where you said "this went from hello sir to your daughter calls me daddy too" literally made me laugh out loud! Anyway, this was a question The Esparza Twins (really funny bloggers on youtube, check them out!) was asked in one of their videos: Would you rather a nipple for a nose or noses for nipples? Random question but funny! Can you ask me something? My ask box is always empty 😌

Thank you!! I’ll def check them out!! And probably a nipple for a nose… I think it would be quite frustrating trying to breathe in a shirt… :)))

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Where you've been, gurl?

I honestly have no idea. I got a text the other day from a friend saying he saw me in town but I don’t even remember going into town.

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GURL. we should watch Moana together. theres this site where you can watch videos/movies/shows with people over long distance and its called rabbit. also you can choose whether to do cam/voice or not (its kinda like skype tbh minus the download bc you use it in your browser). i usually dont do either but lately i've been doing voice and i would probs do it with you but i would bE SINGING ALONG TO LIKE EVERY SONG AND YOU DONT NEED TO BE TORTURED WITH MY SINGING............... yet ;]

is the site just called rabbit? WE SHOULD IT WILL BE LIKE A SLEEPOVER ifsadgnfndkv i’ve never been to a sleepover before (home schooled and literally have 0 friends irl) but we have to do it one day!!!!


“Hey, gurl, where you’ve been? I’ve been looking for you every single where.”

“Who are you? I don’t know you. I’m pretty sure my best friend doesn’t know you. Back off!”

“Thank you so much! You are a life-saver! I’m (Y/n).”

“I’m Clint.”

“So…Do you wanna hangout together? I don’t know, maybe we can have some fun around here.”

“Sure! Of course I’d like to have fun with a pretty lady ;)”

“Oh, my goodness, you won that for me?”

“A hawk for hawkeye?”

“It’s a parrot, (Y/n).”

“Oh, shut up.”