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The Signs + They're Future Hairstyles (girls/boys although it doesn't really matter)
  • Aries: Tips are a striking color that looks amaze//Hair is combed up and messy but it looks perfecto
  • Taurus: keeps their hair down. doesn't really fix it. OH WELL
  • Gemini: PERFECT HAIR OMG, all the signs are basically jealous of ur hair! Long and loose, mini waves run through hair, and a mini braid in the back//Hair is also combed up, but it's not messy. Hair is separated on point, and there's more volume at the top.
  • Cancer: A Pastel Ombré
  • Libra: Side-sweep bangs. That's all I have to say.
  • Scorpio: always in a ponytail, but has a cute accessory on//doesn't really fix his hair so it's messy, but v cute
  • Sagittarius: GURL U GOT SOME HAIR THAT IS SO SOFT//OMG hair is up and it's like on point, like it's not fluffy or anything and if u touch it it's like a spike. Yea..
  • Capricorn: A side braid that is totally cute//has a nice hat on
  • Aquarius: Wavy and Loose, Nice loose beach curls//
  • Pisces: highlights that are AMAZE. Might have it in a fishtail braid ;)// calm hair. Not brushed up. It's just there.

evlux  asked:

BOOOOOOO omg so i've been watching yo channel since the 7th grade and now im going into 11th (4 years!!!) and i just realized ive been watching u for soo long gurl and u still cute af. i love uuuuu!!!

GAH! That’s so long! Thank you so much for staying with me all this time! <3