gurl seriously

“I’m not as weak as I make it seem Dan.”

“Do you want to know why?”

B E C A U S E Y O U N E V E R W E R E T H E O N E I N C O N T R O L .

“… I’m not letting it happen. Not again….”


Virus!Phan AU belongs to the lovely maddox-rider check her out!

Im so proud of this, it looks hella cool in my opinion and it’s one of the first things I’ve coloured with actual quality markers - even tho it’s mostly black lmao

I also have a Drawing Amino btw, I feel more comfortable posting things there, my username is the same as here The Awkward Codex so feel free to check out what I posted there it’s a fun app ^__^

Now Imma finally go start watching Yuri on Ice ciao you lovely trash bags~

Fave parts of Supergirl 2x13

Ok but like, the entire episode? It was so perfect? We are blessed. But in an attempt to narrow it down slightly, here are some of my favourite Karamel moments from2x13.

#1 Kara being a very happy and adorable puppy as she nuzzles into Mon el’s shoulder (gif source)

Um, excuse me? This sort of thing is not allowed Kara, tone it down gurl. Seriously tho, I had to pause the episode here just to compose myself.

#2 Thumbs. Just thumbs (gif source)

Again with the cute???? What is she doing? unacceptable Kara, stop petting your perfect adorable puppy. But look at his face he is so happy that smile just fixed climate change

#3 Sad puppy (gif source)

Ok so I know this isn’t exactly happy but just look at his face!!! He is so distraught that Kara is leaving, he’s on the brink of tears! He has never felt this way about anyone, he didn’t even know there were this many feelings to be had and the biggest thing is that he is so overwhelmed by his feelings, he can’t even see that this is totally out of character for Kara and she is clearly pulling a trick on him! He is in so deep the poor guy also Kara must truly be made of steel to be able to resist those soulful eyes

#4 the quietest “please” you have ever heard (gif source)

I mean, look!! She barely moves her mouth!!! And this is so important because sometimes I feel like Kara doesn’t make her feelings for Mon el as clear as he makes his for her, but actually her’s are just a bit more subtle probably because she struggles to open up and make herself vulnerable. But! This! Right! Here! She is so scared that her trick has worked too well and he’s leaving, she thinks she’s messed everything up and she is desperate to get him to stay. She needs him there, and although she might take a while to say it, she gets the words out, quiet as they may be. Kara often gets all whispery when she’s around Mon el and it does things to my heart

#5 The Kiss™ (gif source)

I mean all kisses are great when they involve my OTPs, but this type is possibly my favourite. All that pent up sexual tension which, let’s be real, I’m a massive slut for even though it destroys my life, is finally let out and both characters go to town. Basically this entire scene cleared my skin, watered my crops and made me happy for the entire evening!


Least Fave part of Supergirl 2x13

The fact that the focus here switched to some roses and I could no longer see my two fave puppies making out in high definition ;) (gif source)

(gifs not mine)


I know that this has been said before but DAMN this looks like an anime

“I wonder why everyone loves Marco” 🤔

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Your waist looks lonely, can I put my arm around it and see if that helps? -immediately runs away, jumps into trashcan and rolls self off cliff- (But no seriously DAYUM GURL YOU LOOKING HELLA)


Where’s fashion side of tumblr i think they know how to deal with this


i. am. so. disappointed. i was FULLY rooting for valentina in AT LEAST the top three, but this week was actually shockiNG. gurl do u SERIOUSLY think u can get away with NOT KNOWING THE WORDS TO THE LIP SYNC by wearing a fuCKING MASK???? y'all im so mad you have no idea. im not the biggest fan of nina but she TURNED IT OUT in that lip sync.

Bob’s Burgers Food feat. Bob Belcher
I don’t even know so I’m just gonna parody a bit of Katy Perry’s California Gurls:

Bob’s Burgers Food
We’re totally edible
Smeared mayo, buttered buns on top
Fire seared beef, so hot
It’ll melt your taste buds off,
Oh Oh Oh Oh

Bob’s Burgers food
We’re undeniable
Farm fresh, fierce
The fridge is padlocked
Small business represent
Don’t raise the rent up
Oh Oh Oh  Oh

Well whatever at least Gene’s line of his nipples being pointy have never been truer.


Well … if you came by because you felt bad, that’s okay. Oh, wait. I have a favor to ask you. Your wedding … leave it to me. What?