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I agree Viv is the best wingman ever

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This is Glitter Glissade! I got really inspired by swallows for this ship trade with @ask-the-french-olive

GiGi here is a small pegasus who does dance shows in the air. They’re incredibly over the top, but fun to watch!

(And thanks to Viv for helping me figure out colors, and Meow for the name~!) 

Taehyung As Your Boyfriend

Originally posted by jeonthegreat

  • if u get to date this beautiful creature then i think you saved planet earth in your past life because honestly he is the good in the whole world compressed into a human bean being
  • yo i think he could fall in love at first sight but it wouldn’t really be love because it happens to me too and i believe that taehyung just sees the good in people and believes that everyone does only positive things
  • this isn’t a bad thing and i’m not saying he’s very naive or anything, just that he is very open in front of people in general and believes in everyone and thrusts everyone
  • i love him for that
  • so yeah i see him seeing you as a nice person the first time he sees you but in my opinion he would also fall in love with his best friend
  • i dunno why, maybe it’s just me, who knows, but i don’t really see him attaching so very deeply to someone he just met 
  • but he would be worse than kook
  • he would also be like “hyung aren’t they amazing” but in addition to that he would also say “i wanna date them”. like. not just one time. like 50 times. every day. the members are going crazy
  • also, there’s another problem
  • taehyung loves skinship
  • not as much as hobi but tae l o v e s being around you and touching you
  • it comes natural, so he doesn’t even realize it, but when the boys start to point out that he is very close to you he starts to realize that he is, in fact, kinda dating you but without the honorifics and the kisses and other good stuff
  • so guess what
  • he thinks that
  • say it with me
  • he is in the friendzone
  • it’s a harsh place that i’ve been to but like
  • he doesn’t know you like him back
  • so you kinda have to confess bc he isn’t going to he doesn’t want to ruin your friendship
  • or the boys have to tell you to confess because they don’t want to hear tae whining about how you aren’t his every day
  • so you do confess and tae is very very happy because he doesn’t have to hold on anymore
  • and he just picks you up and spins you around while hugging you and when he puts you down he kinda pecks your lips but he acts like nothing happened but his ears are red and his cheeks feel warm and he has that cheeky cute big boxy grin on his face and his eyes twinkle and he looks so happy cuz now he can call you his
  • so yeah, now that you guys are now a couple nothing really changes
  • the cuddles are still there but they are cuter now with lil kisses and giggles and puns and everything is cute with taehyung
  • he says that he wants to have a family with you and he says he is already prepared and he gets a tiny puppy out of thin air and just
  • taehyung u dork
  • unless u are allergic to them (he will whine a little bit but will totally get a kitty or some rabbit or a fish or something he really loves animals)
  • when he does something very well and is proud of himself (like get the choreography perfect or write a full verse for a song or even doing a very hard puzzle) he will yell your name and start running to where you are to show you sO CUTE MY HEART
  • whenever you enter the room he gets all flashy eye-smiled eyes and a big big smile gets on his face and his heart just does the thing and this will forever happen, no matter how long you’ve been together
  • he would also give good hugs and it doesn’t matter where you guys are, if he wants to hug you 15 minutes, he’ll hug you 15 minutes. maybe 20 because why not
  • his kisses would be the same
  • he will kiss you until he will get out of breath or you push him away because you gotta breathe and he will just be like “i’ll be your air from now on” and he thinks he’s all manly and stuff but before you can giggle at his words he just goes back in to kiss you again
  • and his kisses would be great he’s a great kisses and a playful one and he’d totally lick ur nose or cheek when you are alone before you kiss but when he’s out he wants to show the others how manly he is and he keeps one hand around your waist and the other on the back of your head or he’s holding both of your cheeks but you know he’s still a nerd so you find it kinda funny
  • until you actually find it hot
  • bc serious taehyung is my weakness and it’s yours too don’t lie
  • anyway, your dates would be cute and simple and he wouldn’t be one to try and impress you with fancy dates because he wants to be transparent and it just isn’t him and you are probably okay with it
  • he would take you to parks just to walk and talk and he is vv good with deep talk because he is also very intelligent??? am i the only one seeing it??????
  • he would also take you to dog cafes and you would probably drink ur drink and pet a doggo and then you see taehyung with like 20 puppies over him being the happiest man alive honestly what is he even
  • he isn’t weird tho and people think he is but you realize after spending some time that he just has such an open-minded mind and he thinks such complex thoughts that when he speaks everything seems weird but when he explains why he said that it all actually makes sense someonE PLEASE MAKE THIS CANON
  • k i think i’m ready for da smutty smut
  • so this fucker will have no problem with initiating sex
  • but he’d be s o awkward the first time
  • he doesn’t know where to put his hands the first times
  • i mean he is a sucker for the booty but he’s too afraid to touch it in this situation
  • he’d be pretty playful though, no matter how many times it happens
  • i mean, the only time he won’t be playful is when he’d be gone for long
  • wow ok so we’re not doing the smut because i’ve been stuck on it for idk three months? rose kind of started the list and i continued it but i just stopped here but don’t worry i’ll make a separate post later i promise
  • no more smutty smut for tae i just can’t imagine him in a sexual environment i’m sorry
  • ok 
  • wow he’s not jealous?? he loves everyone and anyone and every stanger is his friend but strangers aren’t strangers for tae it seems like everyone knows him and he knows everyone
  • and when someone flirts with you he trusts you enough and he knows that you will send that person off
  • he isn’t possessive either, just very clingy and protective
  • he’ll walk on the outer side of the sidewalk
  • he’ll hold your hand tightly when you are in a crowd
  • he’ll give you his jacket if you’re cold
  • if you have to check something on your phone or in your purse or outfit and you’re outside, he’ll protect you from the wind
  • he’d totally braid your hair
  • “i want to already know everything i have to know when we have our first babygirl”
  • and then silence but he has this content smile while he smoothly combs your hair
  • he’s so sweet and ethereal wtf
  • sometimes he’ll drop everything, go to you, stop whatever you are doing and hold you and gaze into your eyes
  • because woah he just thought about how you are his and he got all emotional and soft and he can’t believe you’re real and actually his so he has to treasure you until you both can’t see without glasses and have white hair and he doesn’t want to shave anymore and his grandchildren call him santa claus and your hands look old and your face is full of wrinkles
  • so that, even when you two are old and grumpy, he can still call you his before you go to bed
  • someone hold me i just got emotional just
  • bruh
  • get yourself a taehyung
  • and if you have one fucking treasure him with all your might because he’s a keeper do not hurt him just don’t
  • he deserves love and i’m sure you do too


i’ll rewrite it in the future, i’m sure about it. but not right now.

so, uh, enjoy this piece of shit?? please????

~admin alexa

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Hi! Thank you for your great writtings. May I make a request for headcannons about the first official date of RFA, V, Saeran and MC? You don't have to write this if you think that it's too boring. Thank you!

It’s not boring at all! ^^

Just a little disclaimer about Saeran one: originally I wrote them going to a soccer/football stadium because it’s a very popular sport on my country, but I figured it may not be that popular in Korea,so I changed to baseball, and since I understand nothing about baseball,there may be lacking some specific terms… Anyway, I hope you like it!

RFA + Saeran and V on a first date with MC


  • You were practically living together, how could this feel like a first date? Well, he was an actor, he would act as it was something new…
  • And he wants to impress you, show you how cool and sensitive he can be
  • So he took you to ice skate, knowing you didn’t know how to ice skate. “Maybe you’re taking this ‘pretend it’s a first date’ too serious, Zen…” ‘Relax, babe, it’ll be fun!”
  • But it was kinda pathetic, he was so elegant on his moves, and you were there sliding like one of those animals that get stuck on ice and can barely stand
  • But to his eyes, you looked so cute trying that hard, oh… look at you going fast… wait, too fast! MC, stop!
  • You two ended up on the hospital and you got a cast on your leg, the good news is that it came with an exclusive autograph from a famous actor that happens to be your boyfriend.
  • He was feeling so guilty, what was he thinking? Worst idea for a first date! He made sure to apologize and pamper you all the time, it was impossible to keep pretending this was a first date. You reassured him you were fine and kissed him to prove it. None of you had nothing to complain about that.
  • You two went back to your place and you teased: “Guess we’re back to where we started, huh? Should I send you away at night because I’m worried about unleashing the beast? “Oh, come on, babe! I was just being a gentleman!”
  • He pouted, but inside he was relieved you weren’t mad and was still managing to keep it bright and fun.
  • And you didn’t want to end it. So to make it up to you, he made you hot cocoa and you cuddled on the couch binge watching “Yuri on Ice”.
  • Yes, he was messing with you! And you would get your revenge, let’s say you weren’t totally kidding about releasing your own beast…


  • He’s so nervous, oh god, this poor guy couldn’t even sleep the night before
  • What if he misunderstood and it wasn’t a real date, it was just two friends hanging out? And he would go for a kiss and you would awkwardly hug him and pat his back? Ohhh god, it would be so embarrassing! He would never be able to face you again!
  • He was panicking! “I can’t go! I’ll look like a fool! She’s gonna laugh at me, oh, but her laugh is so adorable… but I can’t go!” he struggled like that all night.
  • So when it was time for the date, he had dark circles under his eyes and he was so tired…
  • “Yoosung, are you okay?” you asked, worried. “Sure, MC! I’m great, even greater now that you’re here!” you blushed, and he was shrieking inside “She’s so cuuuute! And I’m pretty cool!”
  • You went to the movies, and then walked on the park a little, you knew he was tired, so you sat on the bench and he, of course, followed you.
  • You kept talking about the movie, and he felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier till… he leaned his head on your shoulder and slept. You were shocked, this was super bold of him and… oh, nevermind, he’s just sleeping, but it’s so adorable tho
  • He woke up a few minutes later. “Rise and shine!” you smilled playfully, which made him get extremely flustered.
  • He walked you home and kept apologizing the entire time. “I’m so sorry, MC! I didn’t sleep well last night and I was so tired, but it’s nothing about you, ok? You’re amazing, and interesting and so… warm… Wait! Nevermind! Forget I even said that! I’ll… just…” you leaned to him and gave him a peck on his lips, he stood still and gave you the biggest smile you’ve ever seen right after, his cheeks were so pink.
  • “It’s fine, Yoosung. You’re pretty warm yourself too. So, hum… are you too tired to… I don’t know, some Netflix and chill?” “Oh! Of course not! I managed to stay awake in the movie because it was so good, I can do it again now!” Oh my god, so adorable! He thinks Netflix and chill really means Netflix and chill!


  • She wants something classy and romantic for your first date, so reservations at a fancy restaurant it is!
  • It was pretty crowded, which already made her feel a little anxious. But you took the receptionist’s suggestion of waiting in the bar, some drinks would loosen up both of you.
  • But “some drinks” quickly became “a lot of drinks”, and you never got to the restaurant, you two were blushing and giggling at the silliest things. “MC, I love how bold and adventurousoeis (she couldn’t say such a long word) you are, seriously… I feel like I could dare you to do anything and you’d do it!” “Oh yeah? Try me!” “Hmmm… call Jumin for a prank!”
  • And you kept daring each other to make prank calls to all RFA members, you were both laughing so hard.
  • She was a lightweight, you weren’t. So when she started leaning her back on the bar’s counter, you gathered what was left of your sobering and called a cab.
  • “Hey, MC?” “Yes, Baehee?” you two were still giggling inside the cab “Can you… can I… can you dare me to kiss you?” “Oh… I think you won’t like it if you remember this tomorrow morning…” “Let me be the judge of that.” And she kissed you, you were so thrilled and excited, it would be a shame if neither of you could remember this night.
  • In the morning, you got your voice mails, and your hangover immediately faded away when you heard her sober voice. “Hey, MC. How about I dare you to go on a second date with me? Let’s have dinner for real this time! Oh, and you were wrong, I remember and I really liked it…”


  • You knew it would probably be something extravagant and over the top, but for a first date you wanted something… smaller.
  • And you told him that you were down for whatever he wanted to do, if only he could… you know, keep it simple.
  • So he took you to a very fancy and discreet restaurant, which sounded perfect and very like him.
  • But apparently he and his father shared the same taste, as Mr. Chairman walked in  the same restaurant, and he had company!  A beautiful lady who was probably your age, maybe a little older.
  • And this wouldn’t be a problem, but they suggested to join you and him, oh lord… kill me already but both you and Jumin were too polite to refuse.
  • So this became the most awkward double date ever, and it got worse when you excused yourself to go to the restroom because you needed some air, and the lady made you company “But don’t get the wrong idea, gentlemen, we’re just going to gossip and… hihihi did I say it out loud?” take it easy, gurl…
  • You could see she wasn’t a bad person, she was just… a little too much? And maybe she was a little high on something, but you weren’t sure. “Oh, aren’t we the luckiest gals in this restaurant? I can’t wait to be your mother-in-law, you’re so pretty and smell so good…” what… what’s going on? “Are you down for some swing? Let’s ditch the guys and have some fun ourselves…” and let father and son… wait! Why were you even trying to understand this? “Huh, I’m flattered (no, you’re not) but no, thanks.” “Your loss, babe” she took a pill and a sip of something of a canteen. Oh, so she wasn’t high before?
  • And if you think this was better for Jumin, since they are father and son… well, let’s say Mr. Chairman was lecturing him about the importance of protection. “Do you know if she’s taking her contraceptives appropriately?”
  • He excused himself and went to find you, you bumped to him halfway through the table. “Do you mind if we leave?” you asked at the same time and smiled, it was so good you were on the same page.
  • “How did it go with your father?” “Maybe it’s better if I don’t talk about this… what about you?” “Well… if I hadn’t known before, now I know why you should never mixture roofies with booze… and I’ll just keep at that…” Silence in the car, neither of you wanted to call it a night, you didn’t enjoy each other not even a little… “Hey, are you interested in a truly commoner’s date?”you asked “What do you have in mind?”
  • I mean… commoners go to decent places, but you just wanted some Burger King right now! And Jumin didn’t know how to order, it was so cute!
  • “I’m sorry for tonight, MC, I… wanted to be special… I’m not one to create expectations, but I was really longing for you to feel like a princess tonight” You giggled and put one of those Burger King paper crowns in your head. “I feel like a princess wherever you go with me…”
  • Oh god… how could you be so adorable? He couldn’t resist kissing you… and you didn’t even mind you probably tasted like processed meat, this was so perfect in a very weird way.


  • You’ve been through so much together, would it really feel like a first date? Well, he was nervous as if it really was…
  • He was laughing of his own weird jokes, so you knew you had to be the calm one to keep it balanced.
  • But as soon as he told you what he planned for the day, you lost it! You were going to the circus!
  • And you’re terrified of clowns, but you managed to hide this so well that it probably didn’t even appear on his background check… fuck!
  • Now you were both a nervous mess, but for different reasons. You wanted to hold his hand to calm yourself down, he didn’t want to because it was all sweaty… this was going to be a long day…
  • At first it was fine, the magician number was pretty cool and all, and the acrobats were very impressive, you were already forgetting about the object of your worst nightmares…
  • And, without any warning, the clown’s number began. They should warn that they would start mingling between the audience, otherwise, you wouldn’t have freaking PUNCHED ONE OF THEM.
  • “Holy shit, MC!” Saeyoung was shocked and… impressed? You had a good left! He didn’t know if he should laugh, help the clown or you… who was freaking out! The show was over after, well, this little show.
  • “I’m so so so sorry, sir! You surprised me… with your pale make up and this weird nose, and… those freaking shoes, oh my God! Saeyoung, save me, please!” you buried your face on his chest, and he hugged you. This would be hilarious if it were someone else (cof cof Yoosung cof cof) , but since it was you, he kept serious and did his best to calm you. “There, there! Let’s get you somewhere nice… I’m really sorry,MC…” the clown didn’t say anything, he just handed a flower to you… awww… maybe they aren’t that bad.
  • “Honhonhon, MC, I think he liked you punched him, we have a kinky clown here…” Saeyoung whispered to you. Dude, you’re not helping…
  • After you left, you went to his place and you were cuddling lazily on the couch. “I’m sorry I didn’t know that you were so afraid…if I knew, I would never take you there…”he apologized again “It’s fine… I think it’s kinda nice that you don’t know everything about me after all, it will be so good trying to find out… Oh, and I’m happy the clown didn’t want to press charges for assault!”
  • “Yeah, I don’t know if I would be able to hold myself seeing you handcuffed…” “Saeyoung!” you blushed “What can I do, MC? I’m kinda of a kinky clown myself…”


  • You’ve been trying to take him on a date for months, it was impossible!
  • Not that he didn’t want to, it was just… he was a freak and didn’t want to scare you. “You don’t get it! I’m just… I’ll get angry out of nowhere and people will think ‘what is that cute chick doing with that creepy dude?’ I don’t want to embarrass you and… I don’t want to lose you…” how can you run away from this adorable weirdo?
  • But you had an idea! “Hey, meet me tomorrow! I know a place we can go where nobody will judge you for getting angry… don’t worry, it isn’t a date! We’re just hanging out, okay?” keep lying to yourself until you believe that
  • He was so curious, and he looked puzzled when you took him to… a baseball stadium? What the fuck? Did you even like sports?
  • “MC, what the hell…?” “Don’t worry! Trust me!” and you went to your seats, he didn’t understand any of this. “Fuck… this is boring…”
  • “I know, right? How come they can’t score?” an old man talked to him. “I heard the hitter right there is negotiating to go play in America, he doesn’t give a shit about this championship anymore…” another guy joined the conversation, Saeran was intrigued: “Seriously? What a fucker!” “Yeah, you tell him, son! Hey, number six! You suck!” the man yelled.
  • “Wait, can he… do that?” Saeran asked you “I mean… cussing the guy like this?” “Well, there isn’t a rule that says you can’t…” “Really? So… hey, number six! Go fuck yourself! Have fun eating hamburgers and just get the fuck out of there, you asshole!” the guys who were talking to him before cheered him, and he was smiling, he felt like he belonged for the first time in a loooong time.
  • And he looked at you. You were really something, only you could come up with something like this for him, maybe you were the freak here…
  • “MC, what’s a kiss cam?” You were distracted with your phone, the smell of beer and testosterone was grossing you out, you only did this for him anyways… “What? Oh… it’s just a thing they do on breaks, the cameras in the stadium look for couples and put them on screen for them to kiss…” “Oh, so should we kiss?”
  • He pointed to the screen, and there were you two with that tacky heart frame all over you… “Oh… we don’t have to if you don’t want… it’s not a dat…” he pulled you for a kiss, you were shocked! But it felt so good…especially when his tongue slipped playfully inside your mouth… not so grossed out anymore, are you?


  • This guy…
  • Because he is such a gentleman, of course he let you take the lead on what you should do for your first date… oh crap!
  • Why is he so perfect? You had no idea what kind of date would make justice to such an adorable and sweet man.
  • You thought of so many things and all of them felt too pretentious, so… why not keep it simple and ask him to join you for dinner at your place? He’d bring the wine and you’d cook!
  • Since he can’t see, you wondered if his other senses were more intense now… maybe the taste of food could be such an amazing experience for him! So you decided to try exotic spices, you wanted to be magical for him!
  • And… let’s say it looked like some kind of magic trick , this handsome man was turned into a swelling red mess, his soothing voice was raspy due to his throat closing. Congratulations, MC! You gave him an allergic reaction on your first date.
  • You rushed to the hospital and you were so embarrassed, even when he looked fine and normal again, you kept quiet and distant, and he noticed. “What’s wrong, beautiful?”
  • “I’m so sorry, you have no idea how much! I completely understand if you decide to never see me again! I mean… if you never… want to hear from me again, arrrrgh! Why do I keep messing up so much with you?”
  • He just cupped your face with his hand and planted the most loving and sweet kiss, did you die and this was heaven? You could hear the angels singing…
  • “Next date, my treat, okay? But for now… let’s go back to your place, I think I want to keep tasting your flavor all night long…” when did he become so bold? Oh… who cares? Just enjoy it, you’re in for a night, girl…

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So as I see requests are open! Yaaaay! This is my first request ahah... So could you guys write about MC that smokes? (pluss Saeran + V + Vanderwood ). I smoke too, and there are people who is very bothered by this ( not like i smoke in other people houses ) but the smell, and people might be concerned. Maybe there is a reason or maybe its just an unhealthy addiction? c: ALSO I see so sooo many similar blogs, but you gurls are my favorites! May 707 bless you both~~~~

Thank you so much! So sweet:) Hope you like these~


  • At first, he was dismissive about it
  • But then, as he got to care for you more, it bothered him
  • He didn’t want it affecting your health, skin, lungs, etc.
  • So, he talked to you about quitting, but you passively say you didn’t think it was a big deal–and you pointed out that he smoked too from time to time
  • He realized you were telling the truth
  • So he put in the effort to quit himself
  • When he finally managed, he talked to you again
  • He admitted he quit because of you, and he hoped you would do the same out of your own choice


  • He talked to you normally when you were around him
  • But the second you pulled out a cigarette he got really quiet
  • He finds you a little intimidating when you smoke
  • He also starts coughing a lot
  • You ask him why he always moves away from you when you smoke–if it made him uncomfortable or something
  • And he honestly tells you that the smell bothers him
  • He can’t really stand to be around it, even though he feels bad that he leaves whenever you smoke
  • He doesn’t comment much on it, and leaves the decision to you
  • But you do start feeling convicted after a while, and you announce that you’re quitting
  • He’s so happy about it and supports you through the process


  • She didn’t like the habit, and she made that fact very clear
  • Whenever she sees you grabbing for your pack, she just says, “You know those aren’t good for you, right?”
  • She might even send you articles about the downsides to smoking
  • You were honestly getting annoyed by it, and you told her so
  • She apologized, but said, “I don’t mean to be rude about it. But I’m very concerned for your health.”
  • You realized her intentions, and after that you became more aware of your bad habit
  • You hadn’t even made an official decision to quit
  • You just found yourself needing a cigarette less and less, finding happiness with Jaehee instead


  • He would not like it
  • He saw you as an amazing, capable person with a kind heart
  • But he also saw smoking as a deep flaw
  • It wasn’t just the smell, but it was purposely putting your health at stake
  • He eventually put his foot down, and told you he didn’t want you smoking in his house or outside of it
  • It led to a pretty big argument between the two of you
  • After a few days to cool off, you two sat down to talk about it
  • He explained that he didn’t mean to come off as attacking you
  • He was just concerned about your health, and he knows what smoking does to a person
  • You couldn’t deny it was a bad habit, so you made the decision to quit
  • He helped in whatever way he could, with those patches or even with an occasional appointment with a doctor to help


  • He was used to the smell and everything, since Vanderwood also smoked
  • But he didn’t like the fact that you were doing it
  • He’s not very good at direct confrontation yet, so he just chooses to go the underhanded way
  • You find a lot of your cigarette boxes missing…
  • “Seven, where are my cigs?”
  • “Oh…I found the empty boxes and threw them out.”
  • “It was a brand new pack.”
  • “Well, they’re empty now.” 
  • You made him sit down and talk, and he admitted it made him uncomfortable
  • He would prefer if you quit, but he wouldn’t force you
  • You eventually made the initiative to do it, and he was your greatest support


  • He wouldn’t care one way or the other
  • Smoking was a habit he picked up at Mint Eye as well
  • But then he realized you were coughing a lot
  • When you went to the doctors to check it out, you found out the smoke was beginning to affect your lungs
  • Saeran shut it down from then on out
  • He wanted you to quit, and he made the first step by quitting himself


  • He doesn’t particularly mind
  • It’s your habit and your decision
  • But he doesn’t really like the smell…or the taste
  • He won’t kiss you after you’ve smoked, and you started to notice
  • One day, he slips up and says he’s concerned about the amount you’ve been smoking
  • For some reason, it struck a chord
  • So you made the initiative to quit in secret
  • He was so proud of you when he realized months later that you hadn’t touched one cigarette


  • He doesn’t care
  • He smokes too
  • In fact, he’ll light the cigarette for you
  • You guys actually have good chats while taking a smoke

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Anon Rant

Anon rant please, I know it’s lengthy and a lot of hate but honestly, I do hate her from this moment.

Honestly Taylor? FUCK you. Fuck your smol bean space prince pretender BULLSHIT about being so sensitive, much anxiety, oh noes my horrible husband cheated on me, sympathy to Taaayloooor… only to turn around and laugh at Jaclyn for SR cheating on her. How horrible of a person can you be?? Laughing at another human’s pain only because your fucking husband wants to stick his dick in her so bad? If you’d even watched her video, you’d had heard her talking about how SR would berate her for not being of appropriate weight for HIM and HIS fetish. SOUNDS FAMILIAR HMMM, TAYLOR?? Ring any bell in your empty fucking brain about how horrible it is of being a partner to someone who shits on you because of how you look, because of your weight, your face, your hair, your height..?! All because HE doesn’t like you for who YOU are?!

Gurl I pitied you every single time your garbage disposal of a husband would constantly berate you over your weight with skinny pacts and diets and other fucked up things, when he constantly shits on girls online who are remarkably alike YOU over that they’re not feeemale enough for him, how they’re sooooo masculine and hence-by ugly to HIM. I felt so sorry for you finding out your human trashcan husband would never allow you to fully live your life the way YOU want to, possibly having top surgery since you told the internet you experienced breast dysphoria and praised top surgery and people who dared complete it, that he’d never ever let you do any kind of surgery alternation on YOUR BODY because of what HE thinks of YOUR BODY.

Gurl I even defended you online because I thought Gurgamel had brainwashed you into this lifestyle, where shitting on other people’s pain is fun and something you want to do, where shitting on people in disasters may it be fucking hurricanes or holocaust or terrorist attacks or economical issues or having eating disorders or mental issues IS SOMETHING FUN AND YOU WANT TO DO. You got me there Taylor, I honestly thought you had a sense of morals not to laugh at people who’s worse off than you! You got me there gurl! But now I see that you’re literally as horrible as him. You two really belong together because you’re two peas in the same pod of garbage people. You can’t call victim card from here on because Gurgamel sure as fuck didn’t force you to LAUGH at Jaclyn over SR treating her like shit, while Gurgamel IS STILL treating you, Taylor, as shit!

Damn, anon! That’s some rant.

Ukiyo (fluff)


GENRE: fluff, lots of fluff and ahem *cough slightly mature cough*

WORD COUNT: 3,522 words (goodness gracious)

INSPIRATION(S): “In My Blood” by The Veronicas, and “Crush U” by EXO-CBX, they’re both beautiful songs

AUTHOR’S NOTE: (it pained me to change this) happy belated birthday Lizzy! I apologise for my lack of time management and for this being late, I hope you’ll still like it the same. 

but to focus on the positives, thank you for being such an amazing soul who saves my somewhat orderly sleep schedule and for listening to me ramble for hours on end. I hope you’re having a great day, and I wish you nothing but good luck for this year. 

(also you keep getting prettier each time I see you like GURL HOW)

DEDICATION: to all fluff lovers and yes, to you, Lizzy, thank you for letting me scream at you on chat 24/7 you’re a beauty <3

(i keep screwing myself over by switching between tenses good lord)

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Jongin frowns at you, watching as you down another shot glass full of some strong tequila he could not place a name to. “Stop, Y/N,” you barely catch him over the loud music and cheers, “you’ve had enough. I should get you home now, come on–”

“He didn’t even tell me in person,” you yell, allowing the alcohol to singe your throat as you pick up another glass. “Four years and he chooses to leave me over text. That fucking asshole.” You tear up, but quickly wipe your tears away before they spill. Jongin’s expression softens and he opens his mouth to speak, but you cut him off. “Don’t you dare attempt to console me right now, I don’t need that.” 

He shrinks in defeat. 

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Jeremy x Reader: Bus Stop

Can I get a Jeremy x reader where he’s just a completely taken by a girl with crazy coloured hair that he sees at his bus stop, he notices that she wears a Catholic school uniform, Michael teases him. One day her earphones break so she decides to talk to him and blushy Jeremy with complete inner freaking the fuck out, she gives him her number and he freaks out to Michael, thanks

A/N: This is my first time writing in like 5 months lol I apologize if this turns out to be shitty. Also, I write in pov’s a lot so just let me know if I should or shouldn't in the future


(Y/N)= Your name

Jeremy’s POV:

“How in the hell did I manage to be 15 minutes early for the bus?” I quietly muttered as I approached the shabby bus stop. Well, I could always walk to school but that means that I’ll arrive all sweaty and gross.. God why am I so indecisive? I shake my head trying to head of my own head when I notice bright colors approaching the right side of me. 

Purple, blue, pink.. is that green? Her hair is extremely colorful. I felt my face flush pink as she glanced over at me, giving me a small smirk. I stare somewhere that isn’t near her. AND shes cute too, holy shit. 

I find myself pulling out my phone and texting Michael, since he just got a car this year he hasn’t been going on the bus with me anymore so I of course have to fill him in on the details ya know?

To: Player 1

Dude, theres a really cute girl at the bus stop with extremely colorful hair.

I press send and glance back over at her and notice that she’s wearing some kind of uniform that seems oddly familiar. Then it hits me, she goes to that one catholic school just down the street from my high school. I quickly send Michael another text, giving him more information

To: Player 1


I couldn’t help but look over at her again, shes listening to music and is totally locked in on her phone to even notice me. How come I’ve never noticed her before. I feel my phone buzz after a minute or so and open Michael’s message.

From: Player 1

A school girl? Now I know your type dude ;) 

My face heats up again as he sends another message

Talk to her dude.

To: Player 1

I can barely talk to a teacher, what makes you think that I could talk to her?

From: Player 1

lol true

the bus pulls up and we both board. We both sit in the same aisle but are on opposite sides of the bus. The time passes by and we stop in-front of her school, she quickly gets off and sends a smile my way. With the little confidence I mustered up, I smiled back.

Holy shit. She smiled at me. 

Just a couple minutes later the bus stops at my school and I find myself getting off of it quickly and going on with my day of school with her on my mind. 


Pfft. I totally didn’t get to the bus stop 15 minutes early again just so I could see her again and maybe say hi or something. pfft totally didn’t do that. I anxious grab at the ends of my sleeves and look in the direction where she came from yesterday.

“Bro, you’re totally obsessed with her already.” I hear from behind me as the faint scent of weed fill my nose. 

“M-Michael!? Dude why are you here?! Don’t you have a car?!” I quickly turn and face him, face slowly heating up.

He laughed and threw his arm around me before pinching my cheek and speaking to me in a mother-to-baby voice “I just wanted to see what this gurl wooks wike jewemy. You wouldn’t stwop twalking ab-” He quickly lets go of me and jabs me in the side with his elbow, glancing at me and behind me with a smirk. 

“O-Ow! What the hell?!” I turn around and lock eyes with her. I give her a sheepish grin and turn back towards Michael, who shot me a wink before putting his headphones on and moving a couple feet away from me. What the hell. 

I hear a sigh of annoyance come from behind me and turn back around, looking over at her.

The colorful cutie, angrily took out her headphones and stuffed them in her pocket. She turns to me as I quickly advert my gaze from her. I hear the sound of her shoes hitting the leaf covered ground before I felt a soft poke in my shoulder.

“Excuse me?”

I look at her, somewhat shocked and stuttered out, “ Wha- Mm. Yeah?”

She softly smiled and held out her hand. “I’m (Y/N)! I’m somewhat new to this town and even though it’s been like two days, I can tell you’re a usual at this bus stop!” 

I nodded, scratching the back of my neck. “Y-Yeah.. I’m J-Jeremy.” I glanced behind me and see Michael smirking to himself while bobbing his head. 

A small break of silence falls over us, and I start to panic. Wow, I can’t even hold a conversation with her, oh god this is so embarrassing, say something!!


“What?” Fucking smooth Jeremy. She tilts her head to the side, shooting me a confused look.

“Uh. I- Your hair. It’s really bright.”


“L-Like a good bright!! It’s really pretty! Like wow. I haven’t seen anything like it before!!” I nervously spit out. She let out a laugh. Oh my god, she probably thinks I’m so weird, fuck. You totally fucked up.

“That was a weird way to put it but thank you so much!” She smiles at me. “You’re cute and nice, Jeremy. Here.” She pulls out a small piece of scrap paper from her bag and hands it to me after writing on it. The bus pulls up and she makes her way on to it.

Text me! :-)

I look at the paper and then at her as she walk onto the bus. No way. 

“Duuuude, did she just give you her number?!” Michael exclaimed from over my shoulder. 

“Y-Yeah.” The bus doors close and starts to drive away. “FUCK!” I start to walk towards it.

“Dude, I got you. I parked down the street.” Michael chuckles as he starts to walk away.

“MICHAEL I JUST GOT HER NUMBER OH MY GOD.” I yell, gripping the paper in my hand. “HOLY SHIT. WHAT DO I DO.”

Michael sighs, turns around and grabs onto me then starts to drag me along. 

“You text her, idiot.”

“holy shit, yeah I do. okay.” I look down at the paper while walking towards Michael’s car with the biggest smile on my face.