gurl! u say what!

Thanks to @outsidethecavern @rojo-kun and @sockdilemma I fall reaaally hard into Steven Universe and I can find enough words to say thank u gurls >///<

This is my first colored fanart in what it seems a long way to my new doom (toghether with svfoe) xDD

Hope you like it! you got here the speed color viedo on youtube if u wanna see the process ;) 

P.S: I am fixing some mistakes but I love how it looks now so I will share it with u guys  ^///^ thaks to @ultrapervert2 for the always usefull tips :D

“Si tu pouvais lire dans mon cœur, tu verrais la place où je t’ai mise.” - Flaubert

Finally, I’m done with this. ( ╥﹏╥ ) I tried.
Jumin x MC in a Miraculous Ladybug AU.

Jumin is a precious cinnamon roll, I love him with all my heart.

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Could you do one of their reaction when you wont give them a kiss? c: IK ITS WEIRD BUT I NEED IT IN MY LIFE

(( *chuckles* sure dude ))

you: *won’t kiss a 2P*

2p!america: but whyyyyyy? you know you want to, doll~ ;DDDDD

2p!china: okay *smirks* if you won’t kiss me, then i’ll kiss you, how does that sound?

2p!england: *puppy dog eyes*…. please please please with sugar on top? just a tiny little kiss?~

2p!france: will you ever?

2p!russia: ah… okay… *turns away, blushes* i-i’m very sorry for asking you of that. i don’t know what came over me.

2p!italy: is that so? *tilts head, smiles sensually, licks lips* ….bet i can make you change your mind.

2p!germany: *slides over and throws an arm across your shoulders* no? haha, not surprising, babe. what would you say if i took you out to dinner first, huh? *winks*

2p!japan: …….,, fine. your loss.

2p!canada: *sighs* so boring.

2p!romano: *has already closed his eyes, waiting for the kiss* ……,, ohhh wait, hold up, diD YOU JUST SAY NO ?? *offended gasp* gURL U HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE MISSING *huffs sassily and struts away*

2p!austria: ……,, *laughs nervously* can u say that again, princess? i most definitely heard you incorrectly, ohohoho!

2p!prussia: *blushes ten shades of red* r-r-right, yeah, of-of course…! i mean,, i’m so sorry oh my gosh i just– !!!! *hides face and runs away* !!


Loki got grounded, and Tony is worshiping Thor for saving him.

since it is pretty much confirmed paget brewster will be coming back to criminal minds due to her ‘suggestive tweeting’ on twitter, i’m wondering in what capacity… will she be back for just a few episodes or is she coming back as a permanent character..??? i know she left the show because of how cbs treated her - being fired and then rehired - so i don’t know if she is actually going to be making a permanent comeback… don’t get me wrong, with derek leaving, i would love nothing more than for an original character to come back on the show in addition to the new male character they’ve added…but since they added adam to the show after the new budget negotiations which were hindering the show’s renewal announcement i guess i’m a little unconvinced that they are going to bring on two more main actors because shemar’s exit reportedly made things a bit easier with the negotiations between cbs and abc… anyway, all that said, i still genuinely hope that paget is coming back to the show as a main character because if she weren’t to come back then i think there would be a noticeable void left by shemar leaving because we’d be down to only 5 original characters + new guy and i think a lot of people who watch the show are there for the family dynamic of the team, and that dynamic will undoubtedly feel shifted and lacking with only 5 original characters. also if she doesn’t come back then the male-female ratio will be 4-2… there needs to be more balance like there used to be before paget left…


can someone official please hurry up and officially announce her return??? please and thank you.