A wip of some Tarble feels. Because I’m the worst. 

He is two and a half, in Saiyan years, when his parents first talk about what to do with him.

The queen thinks he should just be gutted and the whole issue dealt with. The king objects; not for his sake, you see, but the image that will produce.

He is a disgrace to his name, their race, everything that is important. He has known this since he was able to comprehend basic concepts and put names to faces. He has felt it even more keenly since his brother left.

So it is not a surprise then when he is nearly four and they place him in a pod. Dress him up in a battle suit and armor, give him a scouter and stern instructions to make his people proud. They do not give him the royal colors, no emblem to be worn brazenly on his chest, not even a token from their homeworld. He knows even then that he is being sent off to die.

He surprisingly manages not to cry through the whole process. Not when he realizes he will never come home. Not when his mother looks at him with a glance of such cold indifference it could freeze the blood in his veins. Not even when he realizes he agrees with her, that it would have been better if he had never been born. No, the tears can wait until later, once he’s far enough away that they can’t shame him for weeping like a newborn.

And that concludes the Doggy Roast 2k16

Welly, well, it’s all over. I wont lie I had fun. It was interesting as I honestly had no idea these were even a thing until a few hours before and I hadn’t expected the sheer amount of activity I’d get swamped with all in one day. It certainly beat any records this blog has had (which is kind of a hilarious irony). But Shigure did enjoy himself and the squid always loved interacting with you all!

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Ghost Rule
  • Ghost Rule
  • DECO*27

ゴーストルール - DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku V3

Lyrics :

Dou datte ii gen o usotte haite modore nai
jikou nante yatteko nai ubatta you ni ubawarete

kyou datte kanawa nai omotta you ni damase nai
kusatte iru boku ni wa kusatta mono ga wakaranai

oide koko made sutei

‘kakushite shimatta n da’

Mayday boku to wakatte mo mou dakishime nakute ii n da yo
Mayday boku ga wakattara mou ichido waratte kureru ka na

maboroshi datte shiru n da yo
usotsuki datte shiru n da yo ne ?

NO datte iu hazu ga kyodotte YES o koe ni dasu
koukai no zeijaku wa damashi ta hou ga seigi na no

hikyou datte kamawa nai inotte oi te sore wa nai
kazatte ita jouzetsu ga boketsu o hotte yakeru you

oime doko made guree 

higai sha dura shitatte

Mayday boku o shikatte yo shōjiki sha ga yume mitai nara
Mayday boku o sabaite yo saigo made amaete shimau no wa

bourei datte shiru n da yo
kuuhaku datte shiru n da yo ne ?

tari nai mono o nozon dara boku janai boku ni deatta yo
soredemo mae ni susun da no kurakura shichau yoru mo
tari nai boku o aishite yo EGO-MAMA ga boku o sodate ta no
kimi ni wa boku ga mieru ka na ko doku na Pierrot ga

Mayday boku to wakatte mo mou dakishime nakute ii n da yo
Mayday boku ga wakattara mou ichido waratte kureru ka na

Mayday boku o shikatte yo shoujiki sha ga yume mitai nara
Mayday boku o sabai te yo saigo made amaete shimau no wa

Mayday boku o abaite yo mou jika owaru kono sekai kara
Mayday boku to odotte yo saisho kara inai to wakatte ta ?


maboroshi datte shiru n da yo
usotsuki datte shiru n da yo

bourei datte shiru n da yo
kuuhaku datte shiru n da yo

dou datte ii gen o usotte haite modore nai
jikou nante yatteko nai ubatta you ni ubawarete

zullen we gaten slaan in ons binnenste en de gure wind er doorheen laten waaien, alles laten kapotvriezen tot geen enkele lente ons nog kan ontdooien

so what if gure just finds tarble in the woods and takes him home 

and shows him to her parents all like “cAN I KEEP HIM??”

and they’re like “oh sure honey– OH MY STARS IS THAT A SAIYAN YOU CAN’T KEEP IT”

“but mom! he’s so cute!!”


and tarble is like “i didn’t sign up for any of this can i go back to my pod now”

Relájate! Ya es viernes!!

Relájate! Ya es viernes!!

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Hola a tod@s!! Ya por fin es viernes!! Y qué mejor que dar un paseo por la playa para relajarse!! Sin duda, uno de mis planes favoritos! Sobre todo si hace un día tan bonito como el de estas fotos!! :) La verdad, es que en Donosti es realmente fácil desconectar, un simple paseo bordeando las playas o una vuelta por alguno de los montes y como nuevo! :) Sin embargo, en ciudades más grandes en las…

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anonymous asked:

I'm not sure but I think if Mahiru was a guy instead then more fans would like her and more of them would be ready to forgive her. Fandoms in general tend to dislike females and prefer males over them. Good example is Mikasa from AoT. That girl hasn't done anything wrong yet people call her a Mary Sue or a yandere bitch who wants nothing more than Eren's D. The same people glorify Levi and the other males, even dead Marco, like non stop.

Personal Opinions. Don’t reblog.

I somewhat disagree. On other websites, maybe, but on tumblr, absolutely not. Tumblr is highly crazy, rad feminist oriented, and female on male abuse (as is gure/mahi) isn’t really discussed about nor is it as valued as male on female abuse. Not in reality, nor is it in fiction.

I see people on tumblr, of all fandoms excusing female actions more than I do male, simply because their women. And like I said before, that’s because it’s tumblr.

I don’t doubt that female characters don’t get hate on tumblr, especially from m/m shippers, but abuse between male characters and female characters on tumblr, where the female is the perpetrator, almost always goes in the females favor. I mean look at Guren and Mahiru’s relationship, her fans are excusing her and refusing to acknowledge what manipulative, vindictive little child she was before the demon. I see hardly any of them faulting her for Guren’s mishaps, and romancing their relationship more than anything, they don’t call it out for how unhealthy, problematic and detrimental to Guren’s mental health it is.

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Ononderbroken teisteren de dagen
Een grauwe wereld, die geen zon bescheen,
En met hun onverbiddelijke vlagen
Regent de laatste hoop uit ‘t leven heen.

Op weg naar ‘t graf is men niet meer verbolgen,
Men wacht gelaten wat het lot besloot
En denkt aan ‘t enige wat nog kan volgen:
Najaar en ouderdom, winter en dood.

    J.C. Bloem - Gure Zomer