TCAF THIS WEEKEND! Here is an INFO GRAPHIC of where you can find me. Basically in the 2nd Floor and F O L L O W THE S U N L I G H T. I’ll have BACK book 1 (DEBUTING AT THE SHOW) and Little Comis 2! Along with all gunshow books, little comis 1, some stickers and prints of memes you might know, and other things I am forgetting to mention!! Come by!

A L S O … 

On Saturday at 1:30pm, come to the Pilot (bar accross from the library on 22 Cumberland) and see me on a panel called “Comics & Humor.HERE’S THE DESCRIPTION

• 1:30 - 2:30 –  Comics & Humor
               What’s funny? These are the folks who know. Moderator David Berry (National Post) gets to the bottom of how to be funny and why in comics, with cartoonists KC Green (Back, Gunshow), Nick Gurewitch (Perry Bible Fellowship), Jane Mai (See You Next Tuesday), Angela Melick (Wasted Talents), and Matt Furie (Boys Club). 

Ya ya! So Smooth! Come to Toronto!

It’s not a flow. It’s a hellish trudge up a ladder made of slime. Sometimes near the middle of the ladder, I realize it’s not a slime-ladder but a super fun slip-and-slide which leads peacefully to self-expression.
—  Nicholas Gurewitch, on his work flow