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Attempted  Military coup in Turkey

Turkish forces loyal to President Tayyip Erdogan largely crushed an attempted military coup on Saturday after crowds answered his call to take to the streets in support of the government and dozens of rebels abandoned their tanks.

One hundred and sixty-one people were killed, including many civilians, after a faction of the armed forces tried to seize power using tanks and attack helicopters. Some strafed the headquarters of Turkish intelligence and parliament in the capital, Ankara, and others seized a major bridge in Istanbul.

Erdogan accused the coup plotters of trying to kill him, and launched a purge of the armed forces, which last used force to stage a successful coup more than 30 years ago. (Reuters)

Photo credits:  REUTERS/Stringer, AP Photo/Emrah Gurel, Defne Karadeniz/Getty Images, AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici, REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis (2)

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Cherry Season Season 1 Episode 46 : Episodio 46


Air Date : July 4th, 2014
Season Number : 1
Episode Number : 46
Episode Name : Episodio 46
Networks : Fox
Genres : Comedy, Romance

Oyku, an ambitious university student dreams of being a top fashion designer. Since she was a little girl she has been in love with Mete, her best friend’s brother. But he has a girlfriend already. Mete’s best friend Ayaz is the son of a top fashion designer who could help Oyku realize her dreams. He is also a real flirt, who starts dating Oyku. But are they really going to fall in love or will Mete realize that the girl of his dreams has been there all along?

Ozge Gurel, Aysegül Ünsal, Mehti Aras Aydin, Neslihan Yeldan, Nilperi Şahinkaya, Jale Arikan, Nihal Isiksaçan, Tamer Berke Sarikaya, Hakan Çimenser, Serkan Börekyemez, Daghan Kulegec, Nezih Cihan Aksoy, Serkan Çayoglu, Fatma Toptaş

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Aufheben

1. Panic In Babylon 0:00
2. Viholliseni Malla 4:37
3. Gaz hilarant 9:09
4. Illuminomi 11:48
5. I Wanna Hold Your Other Hand 15:35
6. Face Down On the Moon 20:00
7. Clouds Are Lies 25:04
8. Stairway to the Best Party 28:20
9. Seven Kinds of Wonderful 32:39
10. Waking Up to Hand Grenades 37:56
11. Blue Order New Monday 43:25

Released April 30 2012


Thee Oh Sees - The Kings Nose


Meat Puppets - Lake Of Fire