I dont really know anymore?! sikhs against sikhs? (slough gurdwara)

being a sikh has always been important to me but the atmosphere in the gurdwara ,ive been going to all my life has changed so much. Sikhs fighting with sikhs,thats what it has actually come too.I was 5 years old and i saw violence in the gurdwara involving the gurdwara committee and then before you know it, it leads to even more violence.i don’t know what to think anymore? My parents support the elders that control the gurdwara and the youth support a idea of having younger people in the committee  but use all the wrong ways by shouting in the gurdwara especially when Sarbjit Singh Dhunda came to the gurdwara to do katha,the elders let him speak out and the youth protested inside the main hall and climbed over the stage to confront Dhunda. Seeing Articles that say that Dhunda is a bad human being and hearing elders praise his katha. What do I think? The police had to come to control the youth,the indian government don’t even have to do anything because were fighting with each I saw many youths making people sign a petition on how the elders are wasting money and I didn’t sign because honestly I don’t want to get involved in the political side of the gurdwara.I want to come into the gurdwara without feeling intimidated ,I want to have a connection with god but all of that is impossible when youths try to grab the microphone of the elders and the elders are trying to make us listen to them.

This is what one of the youth said-

“r u aware that the majority of the singh sabha gurdwara comittee(all the elders) are not in support of slough sikh school?

instead they are building a"recreatation centre" where people can rent it out to have parties serving meat and alcohol.wouldn’t this money be better placed going to the trust

we need people like Hari Singh Sewak in the committee who truly have a passion for sikhi and want to lead our youth on the right path

when they won the gurdwara committee elections last year instead of thanking guru ji they went down a pub and got drunk and even drank alcohol in the alleyway of the gurdwara

mr sewak was headteacher of sunday panjabi school for over 25 years and resigned in protest against the building of the “recreation centre” and saying that the money would be better placed funding a sikh school in slough

isn’t it shameful that hardly any1 stood with him against this issue more than 3 years ago

it seems to me that the majority of our community are too infatuated with maya to care about our youth- they all want flashy cars and big houses”

^ some of this is not true (that’s what my parents have said) and I want to go to a gurdwara with a spiritual atmosphere

Why do I have to see all of this?i have no words anymore


Issued in 1963 from Amritsar (Punjab) a special pilgrim Passport meant for Sikhs visiting Pakistan and A special pilgrim visa meant for Sikhs visiting Pakistan…“Good for single visit to Gurdwaras: Nankana Sahib Dist. Sheikhupura, Dera Sahib Janam Asthan, Shahid Gunj, Cheevin Padshahi (Muzung), Shahid Bhai Taru Singh Ji at Lahore…”

anonymous asked:

I'm a little confused, are you bothered by the trend of having catered food in the langar hall after the wedding, or the wedding party feeling the need to separate themselves from those at the Gurdwara that were not specifically invited to their wedding? I'm sorry if I just misunderstood your post, or if I didn't use the right terminology.

I have no issue with catered langars, as long as the langar is prepared in line with maryada. What I have a problem with is how the wedding party makes the langar exclusive. Then it’s no longer a langar, it’s a luncheon.

Here’s the litmus test: Can someone who is not invited to your event, is not dressed in wedding attire, and does not know you, come in and partake in the meal with no feelings of judgement and exclusion? If someone like this came would you as the sponsor of the langar serve them with no judgement or questions in your mind?

If the answer is no, then what you have is not a langar.

I understand why many think a law against insulting or ‘stirring up hatred’ between communities is a good idea. My mother goes to the Gurdwara nearly every day and would feel deeply hurt if she heard someone speak ill of Guru Nanak. People have a right to feel distressed when others insult or ridicule their gods or their way of life.

But anti-blasphemy laws do far more damage than good to a society. They are used not to promote tolerance but as an excuse to commit violence. They do this in two ways: by encouraging extremist groups, and by restricting freedom of thought and religion itself.


عشان بس حط قانون يمنع كلام ضد دين معين , حيُستغل , خاصة في مكان زي تركيا , وكل انتقاد للدين سيعتبر داخل في ال “ الجريمة “ ومحا يقدر أحد يتكلم عالدين , وحيصير الكلام عالدين شي مريع مرة إذا أحد اتكلم حيعصب المتدينون ويروحوا يقتلوه , مرة غلط , إش يضرني لمن يتكلم المسلمين عن الإلحاد بالسوء , ما أبغاهم ينسجنوا , زي ما ما أبغى أنا أنسجن لمن أتكلم عن الإسلام , ليش للمتدينين حقوق خاصة ؟ أطلب قانون منع الكلام بسوء عن الملحدين ههه ؟