SNK Stage-Meet Up Interview Transcription [4 July 2015]

[translation: yusenki | editing: thirstylevi]

Kamiya Hiroshi: I am grateful for the completed movie sequel to be shown!


Kamiya: Even if someone humble like me has a big TV at home, it’s not the same as watching it on the big screens! [laugh] That’s quite random, sorry about that. Well…now the exciting part will start from now on…everyone will be impressed with it, I just want everyone to be able to enjoy it, well…Hey it is because you are way too popular! It’s a wonderful thing to be able to watch this on the big screen. I want to add that the appeal of Levi’s 3DMG operating scene is something that I can’t experience from watching it at home.

Interviewer: Indeed there are a lot of highlights in the sequel screening. On the other hand, as for Ono-gurai (the honorific –gurai is the same as what Kamiya used), what would you like to point out?

Ono Daisuke: [laughs]

Interviewer: My apologies.

Ono: I can’t believe that someone like me could become a famous VA and be able to have 21-inch TV at home. It’s just like what Kamiya said, to be able to watch the theatre version is really incredible and meaningful.


Ono: What are the difficulties you faced while working on Shingeki no Kyojin?

Isayama: Yes, I think it wasn’t all just fun and games.

Kamiya: He seems to want to know about our negative opinions!

Ono: [laughs]

Ono: To be honest, there was a long period of time when I didn’t understand Erwin, it was tough. I had to perform as this character, but when I started to think about what happiness means to Erwin, I felt anguish.

Isayama: When the author (Isayama himself) is feeling fluffy, the character also feels the same way.

Ono: [laughs]

Kamiya: That is way too blunt!

Ono: Initially when we were talking about being fluffy…

Isayama: At first glance he [Erwin] does look like superman…

Kamiya: That’s why, I am happy to be part of this movie made by the supervisor. And to respond to Isayama-sensei’s earlier question: the part that I hated was… I thought ‘there’s no way I can overcome such pressure!’ That’s the part I hated about it. As for now, I have come to feel that to be gifted with the role of being this character’s VA, I feel proud and am confident that there is no VA who could be this happy.”

Ono: Then, all preparations have been completed? From now on as well OFFER UP YOUR HEARTS for Shingeki no Kyojin!

Interviewer: Yes! Thank you very much!

「Learn Japanese」 参考までに as “just for reference" with Bungou Stray Dogs #01. (Anime Vocabulary)

Boku wa iya desu kara ne!
(“I’m not doing this, okay?!”)
Sore tte tsumari, esa tte koto jyanai desuka!!
(“This just means that you’re going to use me as bait, doesn’t it?!”)

Houshuu deruyo-
(“There’s a reward.”)

報酬? 報酬って…いやいや、そんなものじゃ釣られませんからね!
Houshuu tte… iyaiya, sonna mono jya tsuraremasen kara ne!
(“What? A reward..? No, no, you’re not going to tempt me to with that!”)
(“B-By the way… This is just for reference, but this reward, how much are we talking about…”

Kono gurai
(“About this much”)

  • Baby:D-Da...
  • Dad:Daddy?
  • Baby:Dareka ga yonderu
  • Ore wo yondeiru
  • Ii ze makasetoke iku ze
  • Motto! Motto!
  • Higashi e nishi e to
  • Hashiritsuzukeru ze
  • Omae ga nozomu nara
  • Nadeteyaru
  • Sou sa tatakau shika nai nara
  • Yaru shika nai sa
  • Oresama saikou! Saikyou!
  • Saigo ni warau nowa Ja!
  • Oresama! Kimatta ze!
  • Danke!
  • Saijou! Saikyou!
  • Omaera tataete ii ze
  • Dekai yume miseteyaru
  • Rensen renshou gachi da ze!
  • Hitorikiri no heya
  • Kyou mo shitatameru
  • Oresama MEMORIARU kaku ze
  • Motto! Motto!
  • Kotori yo saepure ore no tame ni
  • Iyasareteyaru Niyo niyo!
  • Yabai shiawase wo yobu panda
  • Damasarenai ze
  • Oresama sanjou! Enjou!
  • Yaritai houdai amareu ze
  • Oyaji mitetekure!
  • Mein Gott!
  • Pinchi! Panchi!
  • Toki niwa mushaburui da ze
  • (...Kono gurai ni shiteyaru)
  • Kisei gyakuten asuru ze!
  • Subete no chizu itsukawa kono te ni...
  • Warainagara kakenukeru ze
  • Sou sa yowasa no sei janakute
  • Tsuyosugiru no sa
  • Oresama saikou! Saikyou!
  • Saigo ni warau nowa Ja!
  • Oresama! Kimatta ze
  • Danke!
  • Minna! Koi yo!
  • MEADO no togashite ii ze?
  • Hitori tanoshi sugiru ze
  • Kono te ni subete wo! Mattero!
  • Rensen renshou gachi da ze!
  • (Beobachten Sie es bitte, Fritz Vater
  • Beobachten Sie es bitte, Fritz Vater
  • Beobachten Sie es bitte, Fritz Vater)

Index Detects Early Signs of Deviation from Normal Brain Development

Researchers at Penn Medicine have generated a brain development index from MRI scans that captures the complex patterns of maturation during normal brain development. This index will allow clinicians and researchers for the first time to detect subtle, yet potentially critical early signs of deviation from normal development during late childhood to early adult.

The study, published online in the journal Cerebral Cortex, shows a relationship between cognitive development and physical changes in the developing young brain (aged 8 to 21).

“Our findings suggest that brain imaging via sophisticated MRI scans may be a useful biomarker for the early detection of subtle developmental abnormalities,” said Guray Erus, PhD, a research associate in the department of Radiology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and the study’s lead author. “The abnormalities may, in turn, be the first manifestations of subsequent neuropsychiatric problems.”

Among its key findings is the consistency in healthy brain development of young people. The study examined cognitive performance of outliers – adolescents whose brains developed faster or slower than the normal rates. Early maturers performed significantly better than those with delayed brain development in the speed at which they completed certain tasks. The improved speed of performance indicates increased efficiency in neuronal organization and communication. Slower performance in such tests is a precursor to neuropsychiatric disorders, (the research suggests), including adolescent-onset psychosis. 

The 14 tests used in the Penn study evaluate a broad range of cognitive functions including abstraction and mental flexibility, attention, working memory, verbal memory, face memory, spatial memory, language reasoning, nonverbal reasoning, spatial processing, emotion identification, and sensorimotor speed.

Penn’s brain development index consolidates a number of complex visual maps derived from sophisticated analysis of MRI scans into a unified developmental template. By looking at an individual’s brain maps in relation to the consolidated findings, researchers can estimate the age of the subject. Subjects whose brain development index was higher than their chronological age had significantly superior cognitive processing speed as measured by the cognitive tests compared to subjects whose brain indices were lower than their actual age.

“This is analogous to producing growth charts used in pediatrics to screen for gross abnormalities of physical development,” said Christos Davatzikos, PhD, professor of Radiology and Electrical and Systems Engineering at Penn and one of the study’s co-senior authors. “We can assess individuals in terms of where they place in relation to the overall trends. While single image maps can be used for an accurate estimation of the age of the subject, the combination of all maps achieves a higher accuracy in age prediction than the accuracy of each map independently.”

Previous studies have outlined normative trajectories of growth for individual brain regions across the lifespan; the Penn study is the first to present a comprehensive index for the entire brain during late childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood – periods when the healthy human brain maturates in a remarkably consistent way, deviations from which possibly signify later neuropsychiatric problems.

The Penn study used a sample of 621 participants in the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort, a Grand Opportunity study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, designed to understand how brain maturation mediates cognitive development and vulnerability to psychiatric illness and how genetics impacts this process.

“All of our young study participants have received a standardized neuropsychiatric evaluation at intake, and all agreed to be contacted for future studies. Some are followed up longitudinally,” said Ruben C. Gur, PhD, director of the Brain Behavior Laboratory at Penn and the study’s other co-senior author. “We can therefore follow those who score low on our index and examine whether interventions such as cognitive remediation can mitigate potential symptoms.”

Fuyu no Owari ni, romaji version.

Mata furi dashita
Yozora ni mau yuki ni
Ano hi no koto
Omoi dashite miru

Anata wa itsumo
Mae dake wo mitsumete
Dokoka tooku e to
Itte shimai sou de

Watashi no kimochi
Anata ni wa todokanai
Kizuite mo kurenai mama

Nando me no fuyu ka nante
Wasureru gurai Anata no koto dake
Omotte kita kedo

Kanawanai Mukuwarenai
Soredemo owaru koto no nai koi ni
Kurushikute mo
Kokoro wa kogoe wa shinai

Anata ni totte
Taisetsu na mono nara
Onaji you ni
Watashi mo taisetsu

Sore ga anata no
Shiawase to naru nara
Egao de mi okuru
Saigo ni dekiru koto

Anata wa tou ni
Wasureteiru deshou ne
Demo watashi ni wa tokubetsu

Nando demo omoi kaesu
Hajimete deatta ano shunkan wo
Itsumo kono mune ni

Mou nidoto konna fuu ni
Dare ka suki ni naru koto wa nai to
Furi tsumotta
Gin'iro no keshiki miteta

Nando me no fuyu ka nante
Wasureru gurai Anata no koto dake
Omotte kita kedo

Kanawanai Mukuwarenai
Soredemo watashi wa iin da nante
Jibun ni uso wo tsuita

Nando demo tsutaenakucha
Tatoe todokanai koe da to shite mo
Yuuki wo ima
Furi shibotte sakebu kara

Anata no koto ga daisuki !

  • Listen

Get out the way
Hyoutei Gakuen

TOPPU wo hashittenakya
Kodoku no se wa miete konai
Kono saki wo shiru tame ni
Oretachi wa mata kasoku suru

Doujou shita furi shite
Me no oku ga niyatsuiteiru ze
Takurandeiru gurai ga
Nareau yori wakariaeru

Akogarete jibun wo miushinau kurai nara

Koete yareba ii subete

Kowase! Sekai wo Sarase! Jibun wo
Hitori hitori ga kagayaku tame ni
Mogake! Darenimo Tayoru koto naku
Dakara oretachi wa murenai
Sou sa oretachi wa murenai

Bakageta sekai da na to
Nagekunara dare demo dekiru

Shishido + Ootori:
Jibun no mezasu basho wo
Shirazu ni ikiru no wa iya da

Aisoyoku waraeba yorokobu otonatachi

Damarasete yare yo minna

Kowase! Mirai wo Sarase! Yowasa wo
Jibun jishin to tatakau tame ni
Hokore! Nagashita namida no kazu wo
Dakara oretachi wa murenai
Sou sa oretachi wa murenai

Oikakerareteiru dake ja tsumaranee
TOPPU wo nerau no wa dare da

Kowase! Sekai wo Sarase! Jibun wo
Hitori hitori ga kagayaku tame ni

Mogake! Darenimo Tayoru koto naku
Dakara oretachi wa murenai
Sou sa oretachi wa murenai


「Learn Japanese」  AはB (と同じぐらい ADJECTIVE/ ほど Negative-Form ADJECTIVE)  as “A (is/is not) as ADJECTIVE as B”


Hamburger wa pizza to onaji gurai oishiiyo.
(Hamburgers are just as delicious as pizza.)

California wa nihon to onaji gurai ookii desu.
(California is as big as Japan.)

Watashi wa chichi to onaji gurai takai desu.
(I am as tall as my dad.)

Kono tokei wa keitai denwa hodo benri jyanai.
(This watch isn’t as convenient as a cell phone.)

Watashi wa kare hodo kakkoyokunai.
(I am not as cool as him.)

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Il nostro è uno di quei rapporti che nascono naturalmente e se non moriranno nella stessa maniera, non moriranno mai del tutto.
—  sat-guray
Love Good Time
  • Love Good Time
  • SpecialThanks

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji Opening theme song 「Love Good Time」 by SpecialThanks ♡


ai aru koto nante motometari shinai yo
tada anata ni shitagau no
ai no a no ji nante moto kara shiranai yo
tada anata to itai Oh Why~

hai no kawari wanwan desho! sono kurai raku ni yaru wa
ii booifurendo no furi wa kore gurai ni shite sa

aa atashi to kitara usotsuki ookami da
demo shinjitsu ni kaetemiseru wa

hai no kawari wanwan desho sono kurai raku ni yaru wa
ii booifurendo no furi wa kore gurai ni shiyou yeah

There’s always precious place my heart for you


 I’m not looking for anything involving love,
I’m just gonna follow your every command.
I’m far from knowing the first thing about love,
I just want to be with you. Oh why?!

You want me to respond like a dog, right? I can do that no problem!
So let’s take it easy with this boyfriend act.

Ahh, when it comes down to it, I’m just a lying wolf,
But I’ll make it all come true!

You want me to respond like a dog, right? I can do that no problem!
So let’s not take this boyfriend act any farther.

There’s always a precious place in my heart for you…

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