gura san

anonymous asked:

Hello hello! I am wondering if I can request a drawing? I've been in Bokuroo college AU hell and it's killing me slowly 😅

Yosh! After an initial panic attack and wrecking my brain trying to think of an au that you had in mind, dear gura-san, I decided to go with the one where Kuroo is an insufferable prankster. I don’t know if it exists, but it sure as hell does now.

I’m 97% sure you wanted to see them as a couple, but I’m not experienced at drawing romance ^^’. There are a ton of great artists who are, though. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Cheers! and thank you for requesting ^0^/


Take Log Horizon/SAO type o universe, put Gintama, remember the Bentendo Owee & the other arc I forgot the name of and there! The speech: Alins had encoded the Eart has a server and everyone find suddenly themselves in a sort-of video-games :3 

Kagura (GURA-SAN HAIR CUT) - Class: Force Master (Mainly hand-to-hand + some spells) - Tanky as hell 

Okita Sougo - Class: Blade Master - Quite tanky too, and faster

Shinpachi Shimura - Class: Priest - Support (Heal, buff & debuff) 

Cuz’ I’m a lazy ass: Kei (the small boy on the top) - Class: Force Master - Glass Cannon character > OC: Kagura’s partner as a space-traveler 

Hijikata Toshiro - Class: Warlock - Lot of AOD (Area of Damages) - Powerful spells and needy in mana

Gintoki Sakata - Class: Wizard/Thief- Lot of spells - Can steal you some items and money!