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Hello hello! I am wondering if I can request a drawing? I've been in Bokuroo college AU hell and it's killing me slowly 😅

Yosh! After an initial panic attack and wrecking my brain trying to think of an au that you had in mind, dear gura-san, I decided to go with the one where Kuroo is an insufferable prankster. I don’t know if it exists, but it sure as hell does now.

I’m 97% sure you wanted to see them as a couple, but I’m not experienced at drawing romance ^^’. There are a ton of great artists who are, though. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Cheers! and thank you for requesting ^0^/


Take Log Horizon/SAO type o universe, put Gintama, remember the Bentendo Owee & the other arc I forgot the name of and there! The speech: Alins had encoded the Eart has a server and everyone find suddenly themselves in a sort-of video-games :3 

Kagura (GURA-SAN HAIR CUT) - Class: Force Master (Mainly hand-to-hand + some spells) - Tanky as hell 

Okita Sougo - Class: Blade Master - Quite tanky too, and faster

Shinpachi Shimura - Class: Priest - Support (Heal, buff & debuff) 

Cuz’ I’m a lazy ass: Kei (the small boy on the top) - Class: Force Master - Glass Cannon character > OC: Kagura’s partner as a space-traveler 

Hijikata Toshiro - Class: Warlock - Lot of AOD (Area of Damages) - Powerful spells and needy in mana

Gintoki Sakata - Class: Wizard/Thief- Lot of spells - Can steal you some items and money! 

“No one will notice I only have a summer heat” But the sadist did.

I just love this little prankster.

doo doo dooooo watch as i once again overanalyze everything wooooo

always kinda wondered why zura calls kagura ‘leader’ all the time and then later on during that sugi woke up (woke him up inside)/sugi finally got up and turned off his alarm clock by falling on it/kamui where’d u get that sword/reunited and it feels so gooood arc we find out how, to zura, gin takes over that ‘general’ or ‘leader’ position for him so katsura koutarou, leader of the joui rebels, the rampaging noble, hashira afuro temporary leader of the shinsengumi’s third division, ETC., can just be… zura

and then we have the whole over-arching thing throughout the whole series in how kagura takes after gin a lot-nose-picking, the ‘GURA-SAN’ episode, so on and so forth

it’s quiiiite a stretch and im not saying that it was So Planned like sorachi omg??!!!1!?!1! #CONFIRMTED but i just thought it was interesting…. kagura takes a lot after gin and this leader thing just adds another to the list…. leading up to this yato arc…. bring on the yorozuya feels sorachi…… bring it………