Team “Don’t Chase The Rabbit” aka Echo Nova plus the Echo Nova support crew from GUR LA 2014

Saturday, Jan 25th co-bff and I ran the Great Urban Race LA Event and took 2nd.  MAJOR props to our support crew for being phenomenal solving clues and routing us.  

At one point co-bff and I were on the bus, double checking the location we were being sent (like we did for our last two GUR races) and I just stopped for a moment and said to co-bff “We trust them right?” and she agreed and I said, “So then let’s trust them.” And we stopped trying to out think our team and just ran.

Last year we ran our first GUR with a time of 2:46 and placed 10th. This year we ran it in 1:53 and placed 2nd. 50% of the credit for that goes to our support team. Well, co-bff and I did get faster at this whole running thing too :)

Due to work constraints on both co-bffs and my part we didn’t have a chance to make costumes (which is why the whole team is just wearing our MIT course 16 shirts) but for Nationals we’ll be dressed in running versions of Jaeger pilot suits and we’ll drift across the finish line (‘cause we are nerds).

Speed training for championships starts this week.  This year we are making top 8 or dying.