Random fan art of Ashwara’s character Paveline, from his webcomic Para-Ten. I just got up to date with his web comic, and god I just want to eat or consume his art in SOME way, his sense and use of colours are delicious and so inspiring.
I might have messed up her design in places, I did this without reference.

Now I feel all motivated and inspired to improve and find my own way with colours too~ 

dkjg this took all day from scratch but they’re finally finished. When looking at this now I can’t understand how they could take so long to make! Oh well.

School work. Little owlings/birdlings illustrations for a mini calendar. I based the colour choices more or less on some birthstone chart I found on the internet.

Wish I could’ve done better on May, August and November. I’ve always hated to design with green and yellow, it just doesn’t do it for me. March and June are my favourites <3 

Okay, so. The reason I have been so off lately (more than usual) is because I am currently working on a fangame together with; 

Pahsmina -

Guppydoo - 

I really want to show you everything I’ve coded and sprited, but im trying to hold onto it for as long as possible before it is ready. I’ll put up some screenshots from the maps I’ve made in a sec. 

Anyway, so, this is the sprite of the main character anyway. Pahs and Guppy has been covering for the story and ideas for design. I’ve made alot of gifs, characters, maps and so far coded it. You collect items and explore different areas with a deep touch. The game itself is a tribute to the game “Yume Nikki”.

ok last spam from me today. jfgjkfg i like how all over the place I am with my fan art and my original characters. maybe i should make a separate fan art tumblr and stop sullying this one. ; 3 ;

anyway, trying to come up with colours for this character, that i’m doodling everywhere right now. she’s supposed to have two more arms on the other side as well, but i ran out of space. trying to make pink and red-ish look good together, a colour combo i otherwise think is jfksghjfhgfjhgjfhgiuretg. 

okgjfj i’m totally spamming everyone with my sketchy CRAP today but whatever. 
tried to do something actually constructive today. something i’ve always had difficulties with are colours, so i figured i should start practising picking out colours from reference; starting easy with easy shit like sunsets.
1. “oh this is actually working! yeaah”
2. “this is sort of..meh. oh well let’s move on to something different”
3. “oh shit what am i even doing.”