P.S. I’m Still Here Pt.2

P.S. I’m Still Here Pt.2

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A/N: Hi guys! Here it is! Part Two! It took me forever to get this out for you guys, I kept hitting walls with this one. But thanks to the wonderful @whispersandwhiskerburn Its here! I hope you guys enjoy! :D

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Angst, A tiny bit of fluff, mentions of depression.

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You were jolted out of your thoughts when a picture of you and Dean slid across the table towards you.

“What the…” you whispered.

A chill made it’s way down your spine, provoking you to inhale deeply. That’s when you caught the familiar scent of leather and whiskey.

“Dean…. Is that you?” You whispered softly.

Your eyes scanned the room searching desperately for another sign of his presence.

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Summary: Overheard conversations lead to beautiful revelations.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: self-hated, mean women

Setting: Any season

Notes: Written for my 400 follower celebration music challenge. Requested by @sammiesamness Song: Scars to your beautiful by: Alessia Cara


This had been a big mistake, huge you didn’t wear dresses. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts sometimes, plaid all the time, those were the clothes you’re comfortable in. Not this form fitting, showing way too many curves dress that in your opinion is the wrong color, but Dean swears you look good in. Accepting his judgement on the blue dress, sliding nervous hands down your sides, before stepping out of the bathroom.

“Knew it,” the first words that came out of Dean’s mouth once you came into view. “Hot mama all the guys are going to be drooling over.”

“Shut it Winchester,” you blushed steeling a look in Sam’s direction and finding that he’s turned his back fiddling with something on the small motel room table.

Eyes followed yours, a frown drawing his full lips down, “Earth to Sammy, you still with us?”

Head snapping towards Dean, “Ready to go and get this over with.”

“Then let’s rock and roll,” grabbing the blue clutch you’d purchased with the dress. Carrying what little would fit and feeling slightly naked without your 9mm stuck to your hip. Having been replaced by a smaller weapon so is to not draw attention. Nerves still making you a little jumpy, but its Sam’s demeanor which makes you wish its Dean accompanying you instead. 

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