Gunter Brüs, Otto Müller, and Oswald Weiner. Vienna University, 1968.

Court Findings:

The Accused, Gunter Brüs, born 1938 is charged with

1) disturbing the public peace

2) public indecency

as a result of behaviour liable to cause offence, and which caused actual offence, to wit emptying his bowels in a state of nudity while singing the national anthem, smearing his body with his excrement, urinating and performing masturbatory actions.

During examination Brüs was asked, “How d'you manage that, Mr Brüs, how d'you manage to excrete to order?” which brought forth the pithy response: “Art depends on talent!” - not only provoked laughter in the public gallery, but also the president’s displeasure.

Gunter Brus was sentenced to 6 months in Jail for the crime of “degrading symbols of the state”.

Source: Writings of the Vienna Actionists. Published by Atlas Press, London