The 5 (Recent) Worst Mass Murders In America, With A Firearm

1. Ft. Hood: Registered Democrat / Muslim

2. Columbine: Too young to vote. Both parents were registered democrats and progressive liberals.

3. Virginia Tech: Wrote hate mail to president Bush and his staff.

4. Colorado theatre: Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, occupy Wall Street participant, progressive liberal.

5. Newtown, CT elementary school shooter: Registered Democrat, hated Christians.


To think that people still don’t believe in gun control in this country we call our home. This officer was gunned down while eating lunch in his car.. Eating lunch. I’m sure while all of us are innocently eating a meal we don’t expect to be gunned down at point blank range. This respected officer had just begun his fight to end gun violence and drug activity in his hometown, and how is he repaid? By getting gunned down on the job. 
Our nation obviously has a gun problem, and controlling guns will not take away a person’s second amendment right. It will simply control it so that incidents such as this one don’t become the norm here in America.


Okay, let me first say that this guy isn’t amazing. Only humans that do amazing things that are positive go on here. This guy is not doing the world a favour. What’s amazing is the fact that he actually can get away with what he is doing and still have a moral conscience. But wait, he doesn’t because he’s a confessed anarchist. I just think he’s a douchebag.

The other amazing thing is 3D printing. That part is amazing.

Why we have a 2nd amendment

I lose a little faith in America’s citizenry when we can’t open our minds to history.  Some people think the 2nd amendment is there to enable hunting or, even, self defense.  If you read it, it’s not bluntly stating what the right is or that it shall not be infringed, but it says WHY…… necessary to the security of a free state.

I think that people have taken our comfortable routine of life and civility for granted.  Relative to others, the USA is a very new country.  Only 50 years ago, between the Cold War and WWII, were people genuinely discussing being occupied by foreign powers.  Why is such a notion so far off, today?  Yes, the landscape of international conflict has changed…. likely that country-on-country conflict is rare.  But control & power over our freedoms can come in many forms.

You have to put yourself in the shoes of the founding fathers - generations that have lived and remembered a revolutionary period.  They were pushed to a breaking point.  They tried to warn us.  In this day and age, we can see countries reaching this same point - Egypt and Syria to name a couple.  Yes, very different geopolitical situations.  But, a clear example of how one power pushes a people to take back their freedoms.  And what is the one thing that lets them do it?  Guns in the hands of the people.  To me that sounds like a militia trying to keep a free state.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

Ex-Benedict: why is the Pope stepping down?

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Hi, Jon here with a glimpse of tonight’s programme.

Pope Benedict XVI to step down
It could prove the most innovative thing he’s done. The Pope has become
the first not to die in office since 1415. He’s 85, he’s not very well,
so old age and frailty are a good part of the reason. But many problems
besiege the Catholic church and have not been eased under his tenure.
The ban on contraception and its implication for the spread of Aids in
Africa, for example; celibacy; and allegations of corruption inside the
Vatican resuscitated by the Pope’s private letters leaked by his butler.
Tonight the resignation, the implications, and the future.
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Social care costs to be capped at £75,000
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is in the Commons defending the £75,000 cap
on limits of state funding for elderly care. Health and Social Affairs
Correspondent Victoria Macdonald is on the case; Political Editor Gary
Gibbon will be looking at the political implications.
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Government to take action over horsemeat scandal
On the horsemeat scandal where bits of horse ended up masquerading as
beef, the Romanians have been manning the barricades. Somehow, a lot of
meat that ended up on British plates originated from Romania via
Luxembourg, Holland, France and heaven knows where. But the Romanians
say they have 25 legal horse abattoirs and what was killed as horse left
them as horse. Business Correspondent Sarah Smith reports.
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Guns in America - special reports from Channel 4 News
Tonight, ahead of Barack Obama’s incredibly important State of the Union
address tomorrow night in which he will prioritise his themes for the
next four years, we are inaugurating Guns in America, a series of
special reports from Channel 4 News. Washington Correspondent Matt Frei
will be anchoring our coverage from the US. Tonight’s report comes from
Texas where Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Miller has got inside
the heads of Texan gun lovers who tell him that in a country of 300
million firearms, the only way to prevent another Newtown massacre is
for everyone to take up arms, ready to use them against mad people
who’ve already taken up arms. It’s a surreal report. Join the debate
yourselves on Twitter tonight - using the hashtag. On
deck tonight, Matt Frei in Washington and myself in London.
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I love grass root movements

But it a'int gonna work for gun control policy. People, we have the arguably best organized organization in the history of the US lobbying for complete and total gun rights. The National Rifle Association. They are no grass roots organization; they are in Washington combating every mention of gun policy. Let’s change up how we organize. Let’s beat them at their own game.