“He Said He Would Burn Us Alive” - Boy, 10, Murders Neo-Nazi Father

On May 1, 2011, a ten-year-old boy named Joseph Hall shot and killed his father Jeffrey with a .357 rifle, as the man slept in his easy chair. Joseph explained he killed his father because he had threatened to remove all the smoke alarms and burn down the house with the family still alive. He also said he was tired of the way Jeffrey hit him and his stepmother.

Jeffrey Hall was a violent white supremacist who neglected his children’s basic needs - social workers often visited the home and noted the children were often malnourished and the house was filthy. Two of Joseph’s siblings were in care, and he was often shunted between relatives while his father indulged his hobby in guns, particularly assault-type weapons.

By the time he was ten Joseph had a long history of violent outbursts; he was expelled from several schools due to fighting, and he once tried to strangle a teacher with a phone cord. Before he died, Joseph’s father confided in his ex-wife that he had been lighting fires.

Despite his young age, Joseph Hall was charged with murder and deemed healthy enough to serve time at a juvenile facility. He was ordered to serve thirteen years in a facility for minors.