Kid's Stuff - Justin Bieber Imagine

You and Justin were cuddled on the couch together, watching some old sitcom. You were both kinda tired so you weren’t really paying much attention.

“Do you know what’s going on?” He asked you.

“Not really, I think that girl likes that boy, annnnnd there’s some confusion about it I guess,” you tried to explain.

“You just described the plot of at least one episode of every show that’s ever existed,” he laughed. You shoved him playfully. On the screen a young boy in a backwards cap pledged his love to a girl in a old style dress and braids.

“Gosh I miss that,” he mumbled suddenly.

“What?” You asked sitting up a bit higher and looking at him in the face.

“I don’t know all of it,” he sighed gesturing to the tv screen. “Being a kid. Home cooked meals, stupid shows, going to the skate park, pointless games, I don’t know, just like kids stuff.”

“Aw Justin,” you said kissing his cheek.

“I mean I know I became famous and I love that but I never really got to grow out of that stuff, I just had to abandon it. It would’ve been cool to get some closure. I guess I don’t have any room to complain but-”

“No, no, you’re entitled to that,” you said comfortingly.

“But oh well,” Justin laughed. The two of you went on with your day but you couldn’t forget what Justin had said.

The next day Justin had to wake up super early to go record at the studio. That gave you plenty of time to prepare the plan you’d had last night.

When Justin got home finally, you had everything set up perfectly. You ran to open the door for him as soon as you heard the jingle of keys.

“What the-” he began at your appearance, but you sushed him. You were wearing back jeans, an oversized tye dye shirt and your hair was in braids.

“This is going to be weird, I can already tell,” You heard him mutter as you dragged him in.

“Okay here is station 1,” You announced. He looked around at the makeshift skating obstacle course you’d set up.

“It’s perfectly safe I had someone test it before you,” You said waving away the sentence you could see forming on his lips.

“And if you finish it you get a date with me. Which by the way will be very juicy because I told everyone at Becky Weather’s sleepover that I thought you were rad, and I liked your style.”

Justin was laughing now, he could tell what you were doing. For a moment You were worried he wouldn’t go along with it, that he’d tell you it was nice that you cared, but he didn’t want to participate. However, he picked his skateboard off the ground and grinned.

“You’re on!” He kissed your cheek as he ran by toward the makeshift ramp. He finished the amateur course very quickly. He raised his fists above his head in a victory stance as you cheered and hollared his name.

“Alright next. Is. The…..WATERGUN FIGHT,” You screamed shooting him with a jet of water. He looked shocked for a moment.

“Oh that’s it,” he laughed, easily finding the water gun you’d left for him at the end of the course.

“Point 2,” you screamed as you shot him again. He then got you in the back.

“Point!” He jovially yelled. “Point, point, point!” He was gaining on you now. You both got a few more shots in before he tackled you to the ground laughing. He emptied the contents of his gun onto you shirt.

“You suck,” You giggled.

“Hey nice look,” he winked. You could see your wet shirt was sticking tightly to you now and your bra could be seen through some of the white parts.

“Oh my gosh,” You threw my head back in exasperation.

“Hey, in my defence I’m supposed to be like a ninth grade boy in this scenario. That’s all they think about.”

“Get up you weasel, we’re going to the next thing.” You both got up and changed your clothes.

“Alright now we’re going to eat a messy dinner in front of the tv,” You said smiling, you went into the kitchen brining out two steaming plates of spaghetti.

“Looks delicious,” Justin said licking his lips in response to one of his favourite meals. You then brought out two juice boxes, and that cracked him up. You sat down and watched Friends as you ate.

“You know,” Justin said through a mouthful. “I think it tastes better straight out of the box.”

“Does that go for the juice too?” You asked with a smirk.

“Yes,” he laughed. Finally dinner was finished.

“Okay now we’re gonna play a board game because your mom said no more TV today,” You told him informatively. He rolled his eyes playfully.

“Oh darn that mom of mine,” he said snapping his fingers. You began to pull him towards the kitchen table.

“Wait, pause,” he said pulling you close. “In this narrative am I allowed to kiss you?” He asked raising his eyebrows suggestively.

“Just once,” You grinned. “My dad is always around the corner.” Justin found this particularly funny because your dad had always loved Justin, and didn’t mind seeing the two of you kiss.

“Better make it a good one then,” he whispered, leaning closer, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. He let a soft breath out to ghost over your lips and you shivered. He then let his incredibly soft lips cover yours. The kiss wasn’t very long, but it was full of passion. When it ended you rested your head against his.

“Thanks for all of this,” he said gently.

“N-no problem,” you said still a bit weak from his lips.

“We better go play our board game,” you said when you finally recovered. You grabbed Justin’s hand again trying to pull him to the table.

“I JUST KISSED THE HOTTEST GIRL IN SCHOOL!” He screamed pumping his first in the air. You rolled your eyes laughing at his silliness.


*insert Jackson Wang saying “cute”*