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The rustle of leaves brushed the pavement and swirled with giddy laughter as children around you trampled over them on their way to the next home lit up with strands of lights and pumpkins. The crisp air of nightfall swept through your hair, causing your arms folded around your friend Duff’s body to tighten as you and the five band mates tipsily trouped through the festive neighborhood.

Woaaah, cool Slash costume man!” A teenager conviviality congratulated to, Slash himself, who grinned and patted the kid on the shoulder before swigging from his Jack in a paper bag. The rest of the group, including yourself chuckled as you continued down the middle of the street, on your way to a nearby party you all heard about from a friend.

You looked back to see Steven a few houses down with a pillowcase, knocking door to door with Izzy trailing him, begrudgingly, as a parent would. Izzy stood with a cigarette hanging from his pale lips and his hands stuffed stiffly in his pockets at the end of each pathway as Steve eagerly bounced up to every door.

“Catch up you fuckin’ idiot!” Axl hollered behind to the blonde before crossing his arms tightly around his body as he shook bitterly from the cold. “This party better be worth the damn hassle,” he mumbled lastly between chattering teeth.

Steven came sprinting up to you all, almost knocking Axl over as he shoulder-bumped him to get in the front of everyone and proudly display his winnings. You watched Axl’s skin turn red out of anger, but he remained silent, probably happy that his rising temperature was taking an edge off of the weather.

Wiggling his thick eyebrows, Steven opened his stained sack wide for you, Duff and Slash to peek into as he walked backward.

“Look at alla the loot I got! And I’m not sharing with any of you!” He goaded as he grinned and threw the bag over his shoulder. Not a moment later his heel hit a rock and caused him to fall on his ass, making his candy fly everywhere in the middle of the street.

You all couldn’t contain your laughter, Axl with the biggest grin of all.

“Hey, kids! Come get some candy!“ The red head announced, laughing even harder as kids fled from the sidewalk and pushed past all of you to grab handfuls.

That’s mine! Ow, watch it–that’s my hair!

When the crowd cleared, Steven glared at Axl and dusted off of his pants and picked up his shredded bag that held one last candy.

"At least I have this Reeces,” He shrugged before throwing the orange wrapper over his shoulder and shoving the chocolate in his mouth. Axl grinned proudly and let out a self-satisfied sigh as you all continued down the road once again.

“Nothin’ like good ol’ Halloween!” Axl added, testing his pal’s patience. “Trick or treat, little Popcorn,”

“Don’t worry Stevie–there will be a lot of adult candy at the party,” Slash reminded him as they smirked at each other with suspicious looks in their eye.

As you rounded a corner to another neighborhood you had to venture through to get to the destination, you were faced with a home surrounded by caution tape and signs of all sort engraved with warnings like, “ENTER IF YOU DARE,” “THOSE THAT COME IN DON’T COME OUT”

The boys stopped in their steps, eyeing the spooky structure curiously.

“Let’s check it out.”

You turned to look back at Izzy after he spoke, expecting him to be joking considering not a lot interests him.

Axl shrugged and nodded toward the entrance for Izzy to go along with him.

As Steven trailed them and Duff stepped forward to do the same–having a tight grip on his arm, you pulled him back into you, earning the raise of his eyebrow and a smirk on his expression as he glanced down at you.

“What Y/N? Come on, they’re going!”

“You don’t really want to go in there, do you?” You asked hesitantly as he glanced back to see the guys had already entered.

“Why not–are you scared?” He cooed sarcastically while pinching your flushed cheek.

“No!” You began to answer before a pair of rough hands grabbed your sides and made you jump.

Slash gruffly howled “BOO” behind you as he did so and laughed with Duff as you shoved both of their hands away from your body.

“You’re both assholes,” you screamed embarassedly as they chuckled and Slash walked off to find the others.

“C'mon, you know I’ll protect you,” Duff offered as he rested his arms over your shoulders from behind and brought you into his chest as you rolled your eyes. “Somehow I doubt that,” you huffed.

As you walked forward his steps followed yours, his arms still holding you close to him.

“I won’t let anyone pick on ya but me, Y/N,” He mumbled into your ear as his soft locks brushed your neck, working a convinced smile onto your face. “Fine..” You dreadfully agreed.

His arm rested around your neck as you entered and greeted the owner with a timid smile. Fog from machines clouded the dark walkway as you did your best to tiptoe through the place and avoid making your existence known in case of any surprises. Duff smirked as your arms grip around his waist tightened out of anxiousness.

The unsuspected sound of a chainsaw blaring over the low moans of ghosts and hisses made you yelp and hide your face into Duff’s side as the man with the prop in his hand and a bloody grin painted across his face disappeared back into the wall.

You sighed a curse under your breath as Duff’s hand held the small of your back and guided you to continue.

The next hall had sounds of bats and red spiraling lights all the way around the walls and floor, creating an eerie tunnel scene as fog spilled in from the previous room. Near the end of the walk, the area fell oddly silent as the lights went out. Your hands began to shake as you began freaking out internally, but the touch of Duff’s hands on your sides kept you grounded.

Suddenly, a hand reached from the lower wall as shrill laughter echoed and wet fingers wrapped around your ankle. You screamed so loud it nearly deafened Duff as you kicked your feet. As soon as his hands lifted from your body to cuff his ears, you booked it through the drapes of webs and almost down the street if Axl wouldn’t have caught you outside the exit.

After running straight into his arms, the singer smirked at you as you laid into his chest, breathing heavily. “Well, I found Y/N,” He commented amusedly.

Duff walked out with a scowl on his face as he twisted his fingers in his sore eardrums before taking a cigarette from Slash.

“Was that you screamin’ Steven?” Izzy asked with a smirk on his face as the blonde stood from his spot on the curb. “Let’s go to the party now, man!”

“Anyone wanna go through one more time?” Axl suggested, knowing you’d disagree and he’d get a good laugh.

Axl, Steven, Izzy and Slash walked around Duff and continued along the road where they were before the haunted house distracted them.

You looked at Duff apologetically before he smiled and pulled you into him again. “I’m sorry for hurting your ears,” you said against his shirt while letting out an exhale. He raised your chin up toward him and smiled gently with a glimmer of the street light reflecting in his eyes.

“Forget about it–thanks for going with me.”

You smiled and nodded while looking up at him. You both felt a long-awaited kiss coming on, but before he could lean down, Steven of all people popped up beside the two of you.

“Come on dudes, party time!”

Duff sighed and smacked Steven’s forehead before shaking his head and taking your hand, beginning to follow the other guys.

You could hear the drummer cluelessly griping as he rubbed his burning forehead behind you as the rest of the boys stopped in their steps for you two to catch up, knowingly shaking their heads at him.

“What’d I do?”

I stole myself a copy of the Guns N Roses Rolling Stone magazine. Here I was just squealing about it and how great all the black and white photos are and then wham, I walked out of the store flipping through it. No one said anything. The clerk seemed down with the way I was squealing, I didn’t even realized I’d walked out with it until @jager-papi chuckled. I’m a bandit for for the band y'all.