I’m Leaving - Slash

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Pairing: Slash x Reader

Words: 700+

Request: Slash confessing he’s cheated?

Warnings: Cheating.

Category: Angst (?)

A/N: –

I walked inside my home sighing in relief, kicking my heels off as I close the door behind me, “Slash, babe I’m home!” I yell, hoping that he’s home.

Getting no answer, I run my hands through my hair, untangling some knots on the way, “Babe?” I call out again, walking further in the house, “In the living room” I heard his deep voice say.

Walking into the room with a smile on my face, finally being able to relax after a long day, only for it to be replaced with a frown when my eyes spot the curly, black-haired man sitting at the edge of the couch with his face on his hands.

“Hey baby, what’s wrong?” I ask him, instantly sitting beside him, my hand gently touching his shoulder. A sigh leaves his lips, moving his hand to scratch his head as he looked up, staring at the wall in front of him.

“Hey” I said again, “What’s wrong? Did something happen? Are you okay?” I asked, my voice full with concern.

He licked his lips and carefully took my hand off his shoulder, “Yeah, something happened” he took a deep breath, “(Name) we have to talk” he turned his face to look at me, his eyes dropping to his lap as soon as we made eye contact.

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