As stated by Axl Rose in an interview with Geffen Records for a video collection, this song pre-dates the band. Before Guns N’ Roses formed, Rose wrote it with guitarist Izzy Stradlin after they each fell for the same girl. She wouldn’t make a choice and told Axl while he was sitting on a park bench, “Don’t Cry Bill,” which provided the title. 

Imagine being in a bar with the band.

Duff: I think it’s time for another round!
Slash: …then Axl called all the girls to our hotel room *laughing*
Y/N: Really? And this still happens frequently? *staring at Ax*
Axl: Baby, that was before I met you. *kissing your lips*
Y/N: I hope so.
Steven: Y/N, don’t listen to the bullshits Slash says.
Slash: Shut up, man. We’re having a little fun.
Y/N: I go to the bathroom.
Axl: Not too long. *quick kiss*
*after you leave the table*
Axl: I’ll propose to her.
Duff: What?
Steven: Really?
Axl: Besides, I’ve already bought the ring.
Slash: You don’t waste time, man.
Axl: *laughing* I wanted to do that since I first met her.
Duff: Do you think she’ll say yes?
Steven: She will, of course.
Axl: We’ll see.
Slash: You’re a very lucky man, Ax.  I propose a toast to…
Y/N: *returning to the table*
Axl: Later. Keep quiet.
Y/N: *sitting down next to Ax* Hey.
Axl: *kiss you* I’m really a lucky man.
Steven: I need alcohol.
Slash: Someone brings more drinks! *screaming* We’re not drunk enough!

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