Imagine Axl getting  jealous from your friendship with Izzy

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“Axl , stop it” i said giggling , as he kept on kissing my neck lightly , “ what ? can’t i show how much i love my woman?” he said as his hand slipped over my thigh , rubbing circles with his thumb , driving me crazy . “ can you guys get a fucking room , already?” slash huffed as he let his JD go down his throat , axl flipped him off as i rolled my eyes , soon he stopped with his trouble making , in that past hour we got high , drunk and watched weird documentaries , after a few minutes i heard the door knocking , slash was passed out and Axl was taking a 20 minute piss , so i got up , instantly feeling the room spinning ,i got myself together and started walking towards that door , i unlocked it , and lord and behold its izzy , 

“ izz-eeeeh “ i slur ,as i dive in for a hug , believe it or not izzy other than axl tolerated my weird shit so from there on now we’ve became best buds , “ Y/N are you high ?” he asked as he got inside ,” you know it “ i pointed my finger at him , he chuckled and we both crashed on the couch beside each other, i laid my legs over his , and sat upright “ dude , where have you been i haven’t seen you in a week “ , “ well you’re seeing me now “ he laughed , “ not really , you’re fuzzy” , he shook his head and laughed , i rested my head onto shoulder , as we watched another documentary about elephants , “ elephants are so big “ i said amazed , “ you’re so high “ he said laughing again “ tell me something i don’t know “ i said as i rested my head back on his shoulder ,” axl is standing behind you glaring at me” , i looked back to see a very pissed off axl , “ Y/N can i talk to you for a second” he said as he went back to the kitchen, i follow him lazily , “ yeah babe?” i ask sitting on the kitchen counter , “ don’t babe me , whats going on with you and izzy ?” he asks crossing his arms , “ what do you mean?” i smile tilting my head to the left , “ stop bull shitting me , you’re sleeping with him aren’t you?!” he raises his voice , i jump off the counter and approach him slowly , i wrap my arms around his neck and smirk , “ you’re really hot when you’re jealous you know that ?” i said whispering in his ear , he groans slightly , i pull away and get back to the living room , leaving him alone , if he thinks that I’m actually sleeping with izzy lets intensify that thought even further , 

i sit beside izzy , “ izzy you love me right ?” i ask , he looks at me his eyes widened , “ not like that you idiot -” i huff , “ as my friend “ , “ fuck ,you scared me for a second , well in that case yeah why?” he asks , “ well I’m gonna need to make axl jealous so hug me , kiss me on the cheek , do whatever so axl will be so green with envy he could be a fucking bush “ i said smiling evily , “ fine but he better not kick my ass over this “ he huffs ,” he’s coming!” I whisper quickly , “ oh izzy you’re hilarious “ i say as i lay my entire back on his legs as i brush his jet black hair with my fingers , axl glares at us as he sits down opposite to us , i start whispering non sense into his ear so its seems like I’m saying something seductive but in actuality I’m telling him he smells weird and I’m so hungry , izzy plays along and rubs my back with his hard fingers , i nuzzle my head further into his chest , i bet axl is fuming right now , good. “seriously dude? , what the hell are you doing ?!” axl growls , izzy just stares , okay thats enough , i get up , “ alright lets go before you do something stupid “ i said pushing axl towards the door .

we get to the car , and as we start driving i can see axl is tighting his grip on the staring wheel a little too much any further his knuckles will pop out , i put my hand over his in order to soften it , he quickly removes my hand away , okay  he’s mad , but he looks even hotter , okay time to pull out the big guns , i lean over to his side  and start sucking on his neck , while my hand starts rubbing him through his black leather pants , he shivers under my touch and i can feel him harden quite quickly , i smirk against him , “ stop , i don’t want to do this right now “ he groans , i raise my eyebrowns and smile , “ well your little friend down here disagrees “  i say smirking, “ fuck you “ he moans as i continue rubbing him , “ oh you will”. 

as soon as we stepped into the house , he pushes me against the wall , “ i fucking hate you “ he growls , i raise my right eyebrow in doubt , “ you fucking love me “ , he starts sucking on my neck hard , i moan under his touch , he starts feeling me up over my white cotton shirt , i start removing his black sabbath shirt , his lips move up to mine as i run my fingers under toned chest , “fuck” i moan , as his kiss becomes rough and hard. we start stumbling towards  our bedroom without breaking our kiss , i start unzipping is black leather pants ,along with his boxers , while he took off my white shirt , i push him onto the bed , as he rests his back against the head board , i crawl to him as seductively as i can , i start kissing slowly his bare chest going lower and lower, untli i reached his bulging member , i took it slowly and  began stroking it gently with my hand and slowly placed my mouth over it swirling my tongue around his shaft , i look up to find him closing his eyes and clenching the bed sheets in pleasure , “ oh fuck I’m cumming …” he groaned , with one last lick , i felt his warm liquid enter my mouth and let it go down my throat . he raises his self and turns me around so I’m on all fours and starts removing my clothes slowly , so now I’m now I’m completely nude , he starts caressing me gently over my shoulders , back , hips … ,” you were trying to make me jealous , weren’t you ?” he whispers in my ear , brushing his hands over my breasts , “ it worked didn’t it ?” i whimper , he smirks , and slowly enters himself , “ Ah axl …” i moan , he starts thrusting slowly at first , but quickly he picked up the pace as he rested his hands on my hips , i clenched  the white silky sheets , with one last thrust we both reached our peak.

we both crashed next to each , “ fuck , that was good “ he said panting , “ i should make you jealous more often .”

A/N fun fact , idk if its that fun but it is a fact , anyways i usually write my imagines around 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning so thats probably why I’m a bit slow but hopefully ill be a bit more quicker, feed back is always appreciated even if its constructive criticism , thank you guys for reading , means a lot! ❤️

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