• evil knight fucker: this hell armor of mine has been enchanted to reflect any blade, arrow, mace!
  • dwarf who just invented the gun: what about a gun
  • evil knight fucker: the fuck's a gun

here are all of the different variations of the cat emoji i’ve seen/used 

  • :3 (the original) 
  • X3 (like XD, but kitty) 
  • :3c (paw) 
  • >:3 (evil kitty) 
  • >:3c (evil kitty with paw) 
  • :3cccc (kitty with all four paws) 
  • >:3cccc (evil kitty with all four paws) 
  • :3p (kitty with gun) 
  • >:3p (evil kitty with gun) 
  • :3€ (kitty with claws out) 
  • >:3€ (evil kitty with claws out) 
  • :3< (praying kitty) 
  • ;3 (winking kitty) 
  • .3 (one eyed kitty) 
  • ,3 (sleepy one eyed kitty) 
  • 83 (dilated pupil kitty) 
  • >:3x (edgy kitty) 
You Are Not My Mother Part 1

A/N: This was a random idea that came to me in the middle of the night. I woke up out of a dead sleep and had to write it down before I forgot it. I’m considering turning this into a series. Let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated (even if you only click the like button. It means a lot!). This actually won’t follow the show, but I’m going to try to incorporate as much as possible. (I thought of this after watching the episode “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”.
Warnings: Angst, mentions of past neglect
Summary: While heading back to the bunker, Mary makes a detour that makes her daughter question everything.
Word Count: 1247    
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    There was a flash of blue light and suddenly Castiel was healed. I was checking him for injuries while the others talked to Crowley. I helped Cas stand after Crowley disappeared.
“You okay?” I asked.
“Yes.” He nodded. “I’ll be fine.”
“Let’s hit the road before anything else happens.” Dean suggested.
     We agreed and headed for our vehicles. Sam and Dean climbed into the Impala while Mom climbed into her car. I helped Cas into the passenger seat of my car before walking over to the others.
“Be safe.” I told. “I’ll see you guys at the bunker.”
“Okay. You guys be safe too.” Sam said. “Keep an eye on Cas and let us know if anything weird happens.”
“Will do.” I smiled before heading back to my car.
     I started my car as the boys pulled out and Mom followed behind them. Mom had been acting strange all evening. I had some suspicions, but I didn’t want to voice them to my brothers. We had enough to worry about.
“You mind if we make a pit stop?” I asked Cas.
“Not at all.” He shook his head. “Can I ask where we are going?”
“I’ll tell you when we get there.” I answered.
       I could make out the Impala’s taillights in the distance and Mom’s not far behind them. Suddenly, Mom turned off at the exit and I slowed down before following her down the winding ramp.
“Where’s Mary going?” Castiel asked me.
“We’re about to find out.” I muttered under my breath.
“Should I call your brothers?” He questioned.
“No.” I said quickly. “We can handle this.”

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Detective Danno Danny Williams - the different shades of being a badass cop

No.1 – Solo Mission (without Steve)

His focus on the target never falters - it’s raw, precise, laser like and deadly.  His instincts as a detective are on high allert at all times. He acts fast, well organized, and effective. He only cares to protect others, never himself. He jumps infront of bullets, knives and fists. He is in full warrior-don’t-fucking-mess-with-this-cop mode. He gets beaten up badly - he is so damn brave. He never ducks, he never gives in and oh boy…he can take punches, but it seems as if he doesn’t feel the pain. He never flinches, he never caves. He only jokes, he spits and fights even harder – tantalizing his opponent with every word so the beating gets worse and he takes it all.

  • Situation 1: Back in New Jersey checking out some drug dealing point, no back-up. Mission goes south, Danny gets heavily beaten, tortured even, Grace gets shot infront of his eyes. He fights back waiting for the first slip in the enemies attention. It’s violance porn seeing Danny fight the way he does in that scene.It’s an absolute beauty to realize he acts so strong and fearless.
  • Situation 2: Prison of Columbia. Danny knows he enters hell. He doesn’t show fear (meanwhile Steve goes apeship back home to find a way to safe Danny.) Danny faces all the guns, the evil grins, the punches. He knows what is waiting for him in there – rape, torture, beating, excruciating pain every day…and he doesn’t give a fuck. He manages to get a phone call to hear Grace’s voice one last time. He gets this piece of heaven, devours it for eternity and waits for his death afterwards laying on floor being kicked and punched, till he passes out.
  • Situation 3: Hostage situation at Grace’s dance night. Danny fights with every fibre of his body. He crawls in confinded spaces, stands oncoming panic feelings, attacks a guy with bare hands, is ready to deal with a whole bunch of armed perps, does whatever it takes to free Grace and all others. Danny only deflates visibly when he finally spots Steve in the crowed after all bad guys are shot, hurt and booked.

No. 2 – Team McDanno

Danny freaks constantly out because Steve only comes up with the most stupid solutions. Those operations always have the same pattern.

(not my pic, borrowed it from the google search)

Danny: “I DON’T WANNA GO!”


Danny: “I HATE YOU” (he jumps)

Danny: “Can you please stop that? I want to die in peace.”

Steve: “Nobody is going to die today, Danny.”

Danny: “There is no exit, this fucking explosion let the whole building crash. We are trapped.”

Steve: “Relax, I will find us a way out.”

Danny: “Leave me alone, there is no exit. If I hadn’t met you I wouldn’t be down here now.”

Steve: “Take a break, buddy. I’ve got you. I’ll find a way.”

Danny: Thats’ your plan? Do you know how rediculous this is? Great, really great, Steven!

Steve: I will figure it out somehow.

Danny: Oh yeah? When exactly? When someone gets to shoot me first? I can’t believe it!

Steve: Relax Danny, relax. I got this. We will be fine.

Danny: “They will kill us.”

Steve: “We are still alive.”

Danny: “They will kill us…”

Steve: “Relax Danny, there is always a way. I’ve got you, just give me time.”

No.3 – The Most Impressive One: Mission rescue Steve

Steve is on a mission - alone. Danny is worried sick, not showing it though and after 12 hours it is clear, Steve is missing and Danny’s worst fears came true. Danny knows his boy is in great danger and in that very moment Danny’s entire being switches into war mode. I can figuratively see how Danny’s muscles swell, how his shirt gets teared apart, his body gets pumped up with a heavy dose of adrenalin. His view changes into a tunnel vision, every fibre of his body has one aim – to get Steve back, alive!

Danny will get back with Steve or he won’t get back at all. All his ohana is of course with Danny. But Danny is prepared to die. He knows the possibility to never see his Grace again is huge. He goes anyway. He has to save Steve. He fights with the columbian army, he deals with SEALS and snatches Steve out of the Taliban’s hand before they can behead him. Whatever it takes, Danny storms right through any barricade to get his Steve back.

And when Steve is safe Danny always has to fight to keep standing on his feet. He waits at Steve’s side until Steve opens his eyes, ready to see a familiar, a beloved face. Danny needs to know, Steve is safe and home. Danny takes care of a hurt, wounded Steve in the most tender way.

Danny is such a badass warrior when he has to be it. He is a secret Avenger, I am sure!


Danny is fearless. He is an outstanding Detective, he grew up on the streets of New Jersey and had to learn to fight his way through his every day life. He jumps right in the middle of danger and beats everyone until his work is done.

When he is with Steve he wants to give Steve the feeling, that he needs him. So Steve can rescue him every single time. Ranting Danny it is actually a very clever psychological move to make Mcgarrett be the hero. What ever happends on the scene, Danny puts his fate in Steve’s hands and Steve always handles it with utmost care. Danny knows his partner needs this feeling to have the control over the situation and he has Danny’s trust.

Besides Danny loves to behave difficult to see how much Steve cares about him. Steve really never snaps at Danny. The only thing that could happen is Danny gets ingored by Steve, completely. Downright left out. Steve doesn’t answer Danny’s questions, doesn’t react to his ranting. At the end? They always have each other’s back and their everlasting love. (I had to write this last sentence…:-))

Everything Politically Correct About Beauty and the Beast

Hollywood has been dry of creativity in recent years, so they figure instead of just doing remakes of classic films, they can “modernize” them. From black Annie to the all-female Ghostbusters, it was only a matter of time until Disney got in on the PC action. 

Here is everything that is politically correct about the new live-action Beauty and the Beast.

(Warning: Politically-Correct Spoilers)

1. The “poor provincial town” is very diverse. 

Despite the film taking place in 1700s France, the cross-section of the people there could have been borrowed from contemporary New York City. And yes, slavery was a thing in 1700s France. Sure, this is a fairytale, but this film namedrops real-life things like Shakespeare, so there is an element of realism in this universe. While it’s nice to be inclusive, seeing people of color singing and dancing in a time period when they were slaves eliminates believably. Either fully commit to it like Hamilton or don’t. And the town earns extra PC points for having a black guy run the bookshop. 

2. Belle is a feminist. 

What made Belle so brilliant in the original animated film was that she was intelligent, independent, and kind. Even when she turned down Gaston, she was still charming. In the new film, Belle (played by Emma Watson) was actually pretty mean to Gaston! She definitely had a “I’m a woman, hear me roar” attitude that sorta tainted Belle’s gentle nature. And to drive the feminism message even further, they added a scene of her teaching a little girl how to read and showing a couple of townspeople scowling at her for it. 

3. LeFou is gay. 

The new Beauty and the Beast film got lots of free press when it was announced that they made LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick, gay (a first for any Disney film). Upon seeing the film, the controversy was waaaaaay overblown. In a nutshell, he’s flamboyant, drops a couple of verbal hints, and shares a brief romantic embrace with Gaston (which was solely meant for comedic effect). Honestly, unless you’re a bible thumper, this isn’t a big deal. That said, while the filmmakers can be seen as brave for making LeFou gay, they’re definitely cowardly for making him a good guy in the end. According to Political Correctness 101, you can’t make a gay guy a villain. Throughout the film, LeFou expresses sympathy for others and after being left for dead by Gaston in the third act, he decides to help the inanimate objects fight the mob that crashed the castle. So in short, making LeFou gay? Whatever. Making him good? Weak. 

4. Interracial relationships are totally common. 

Remember how controversial it was when a Cheerios commercial featured an interracial family? Well Disney wanted to top it by having not one but two interracial relationships in the Beauty and the Beast remake. One relationship was between Lumière (Ewan McGregor) and Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), aka the feather duster, and the other was Madame Garderobe (Audra McDonald), aka the wardrobe, and a brand new character Maestro Cadenza (Stanley Tucci), aka a grand piano. Granted, at least 90% of their screen time is in CGI-mode, but that 10% of the time that they aren’t, they flaunt it. 

5. Women can be angry villagers too!

In the original film, Gaston led a mob full of angry men from the village to “kill the beast” and you see a woman and her child waving to the men from the window as they go marching into battle. Obviously, it’s sexist to force women to stay at home to protect the children. So in the new film, women get to fight too! 

6. Gaston shows us that guns are EVIL. 

In the climax of the animated film, Gaston’s weapons of choice were a bow and arrow and a knife on The Beast. So naturally in the 2017 remake, he uses a scary gun instead. The subliminal messaging ain’t so subliminal Disney!

In Conclusion

Look, the new Beauty and the Beast is still entertaining and fun for the whole family.  Is there a chance that I’m simply overanalyzing this movie? Perhaps. But there’s something that I want to make very clear. It’s okay to have a diverse village. It’s okay to have interracial relationships. It’s okay to make someone gay. Just because I point these things out, it doesn’t mean they’re bad. However, what’s bad is Hollywood’s lack of creativity. They think by changing the race or sexual orientation of famous characters of the past is “fresh and original.” If being fresh and original is their ultimate goal, maybe they shouldn’t remake a tale as old as time. 

Normal Activity

Spencer reid x Reader - friendship


You bolted upright in bed. What the fuck was that?

You grabbed your phone seeing that it was 2:30am.

Crrrrreaaak…. Crrrrreaaak


What the hell was that noise? Oh god, a demon was coming to possess your body and eat your soul wasn’t it? This is how you were going to die.

You crept out of bed and to your bedroom door, pressing your ear to the wood.

Scrrraaatch…. Scrrraaatch…….

Yep. Definitely a demon.

What to do, what to do!?

Think Y/N, think. Rock salt…. You needed rock salt. You’d watched enough Supernatural to know that rock salt solved nearly all problems, although you were mainly perving on Cas and the Winchesters.

Salt was in the kitchen though. And did that even work on demons, or was it just ghosts?

One way to find out.

But how to get the salt?

Call Spencer. It was the only answer. He worked for FBI, maybe he’d had some dealings with those X Files he tried so hard to convince you didn’t exist. And being your best friend, he had a key to your apartment.

He could save you….. Or at least if you did get possessed, he was that smart he’d be bound to know how to reverse it.

You climbed back onto your bed, making sure you took a big step so that nothing could grab you from underneath it. Making sure you were sitting directly in the middle, you dialed your friend.

He answered in the third ring, sounding groggy.

“Y/N it’s nearly three in the morning….. ” His voice was rough with sleep.

“I wouldn’t call unless it was an emergency. I need you to come over. Now! And I need you to bring rock salt, holy water, and a copy of the Rituale Romanum wouldn’t hurt either.”

“What the hell on you on Y/N?” Spencer was definitely awake now.

“There’s a demon in my apartment and it’s going to possess me. Does the FBI have a priest on its books?”

“Does this have anything to do with the fact that you made me sit through all of the Paranormal Activity movies this evening?” You could hear the amusement in his voice.

“NO! I heard a bang and I can hear it scratching at my door…. It’s coming to kill me Spencer. Do you want it to? Do you want your best friend to end up dead? Or worse, possessed and trying to kill you?”

“I’ll be over in five….. Try to stay unpossessed until then, okay,” he sighed, knowing that you wouldn’t shut up until he came over.

“I’ll try, I sense it’s strong though. I’m not sure I can hold it off. It sounds like it’s trying to get into the bedroom. Bring the salt. And hurry!!”

“Salt, right…. Okay.” He released the call, and you sat hugging your knees.

It definitely didn’t have anything to do with the movies… Nothing at all.

As if YOU’D let a couple of horror movies scare you. I mean, sure… You’d squealed a few times, and alright… You may have averted your eyes during certain scenes. But films didn’t scare you.

Scraaaatch…… Scraaaatch.


Spencer lived two floors up from you, you’d met him on moving in day having spilled a box of dvds right at his feet. Seeing your Doctor Who boxset he’d grinned and you two had become fast friends. He was your most favorite person in the world now, although it sucked that his job took him away a lot.

He’d protect you, he had a gun after all. Although, what good a gun would be against an evil entity, you didn’t know.

You heard your apartment door unlocking a few minutes later.

YASS! Cavalry was here. Hopefully the demon wouldn’t kill Spencer first…. If he’d bought the salt and the holy water though like you’d told him, he’d be good.

“Y/N??” he called out and you heard him flicking your lights on.

“Bedroom! Can you see it…. Has it left foot prints like in the movie….? Have you chucked the holy water at it?”

He was laughing and you could hear him talking quietly.

“Y/N, I don’t think it would appreciate having water chucked on it. Come out of your bedroom. Now please.”

Was he mental?

“Not until you’ve made the demon go away. Don’t you need to exorcise it, I can’t you reading out loud. Aren’t you meant to be reading Latin?”

“I’ve got the demon under control, I promise. Now come out.”

Hmmmm. Okay.

You hopped off your bed, again jumping so that nothing could grab you… Maybe it had snuck in somehow.

You pulled open your bedroom door to see your best friend stood in his pajama pants and an old Star Wars t-shirt, his hair all over the place.

In his arms, was Sergio.

The cat you were looking after for three weeks for his colleague Emily, whilst she was out of town.

The cat you’d completely forgotten was staying with you.


“Do you think this could be your demon? His scratching post is right by your bedroom door.” He was stroking the kitty, scratching him right between his ears. Sergio was purring contently.

“Erm…… ”

“Ready to admit that the films bothered you more than you let on…. I could see you hiding behind the cushion at some parts.”


“Go back to bed Y/N. There’s no demon. It’s just Sergio. Breakfast tomorrow is on you now, okay.”

“Erm… Okay. Sorry. Stupid cat, scaring me.”

You felt silly. And foolish. You turned to go back into your bedroom, stopping before you walked through the doors.

“Spence…. Now that you’re here. Maybe it did freak me out. Just a teeny tiny bit.”

“You want me to stay don’t you? Is it going to be like this everytime you watch a scary movie.” He didn’t sound annoyed luckily, just amused.

“Yes….. And no, it won’t. I promise.”

“Fine…. I’ll stay. And you said that after we watched The Strangers. Do you still sleep with that hammer under your pillow?”

“No……” You’d moved it to your beside drawer when he’d found it. It was just in case!

You led the way back to your room and climbed into bed, Spencer locking up and flicking off lights as he went before joining you.

Lifting up the pillow before he settled down, you laughed at him.

“See, no hammer,” you told him.

“It’s probably in your drawer. I know you too well.”

He really did.

You scooted down under the covers, rolling on to you side.

“Spoon me please,” you demanded.

“Again…..” he sighed, although you knew he didn’t mind really. He’d told you before that he was a sucker for bedtime cuddles.

He rolled onto his side and draped his arm around you, he knees bending into the space behind yours.

“Have you cancelled the priest?” you asked him suddenly.

“Go to sleep Y/N.”

Is it weird to anyone else that the people who keep telling me that as a mentally ill LGBT woman with a transgender girlfriend I’m under constant attack and need to protect myself and my love through preemptive violence…

Are the same people who go absolutely ballistic at the idea of me owning a gun to protect myself?

Like what the fuck kinda bullshit is that?

“You are under constant attack and threat of violence due to your gender, sexual orientation, partner and mental status.”

“Okay I’ll buy a gun then. That way if I’m actually attacked I can protect myself!”


Like Jesus fucking Christ why do you not want me to protect myself? Do you want us to die, is that it? Why would you want me to not have something to protect myself with?


Colt Python

A large .357 Magnum chambered revolver that was part of Colt’s famous snake family of revolvers. For any survival horror game fans, the Python is the primary and iconic weapon used by Barry Burton in the original Resident Evil game. The value of the Python, like it’s fellow snake revolvers, rises as time goes on, pushing them out of the reach of most average gun buyers. (GRH)