Just an Undertale/Eddsworld crossover thing

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  • Edd: Armor - Lucky can Weapon - ??? (Pure Pacifist)
  • Tom: Armor - Sailor hat Weapon - A Harpoon (Pacifist/ Neutral if someone really annoys him)
  • Matt: Armor - His Green Overcoat Weapon - A Mirror (Pure Pacifist)
  • Tord: Armor - Bandage/ His Army Hat (???) Weapon - His Gun (Neutral/ all tho i wouldn’t be surprised if he did the Genocide Route)
Guns Are Drawn
  • Guns Are Drawn
  • The Roots
  • The Tipping Point

Yeah it would be cool it could be too
Stop Running round in circles off of what we fuel
Living a lie eventually believing it’s true
A lot of people here for us one could be you
It’s outrageous and they just ain’t nothing
But save us an ocean of brown fists in various flavors
A favor for a favor man, this is the majors
Tell me what you would do with no phone or pagers
No Kinko’s, no Fed Ex and no ATM’s
What you gone do when the poliece state vegin
Well it already began but I guess it depends on what’s really going on
what’s happening, huh
Military target practicing
They finna write another patriot act again
The days is short the nights is long
The fight goes on
The pistol and the pipes are drawn

The middle of the night
We fight like barbarians
In sight of the former might
You might think that it’s a waste
Of our time
And I think you would be right
Till he drop that rhyme


The Roots - Guns Are Drawn




Free Fire is Cillian’s next hotly anticipated release. Director Ben Wheatley wrote it for him and it’s exec produced by Martin Scorsese. From a feature story in the October issue of Empire magazine (including a new still w/out Cillian):

A couple of Irish Republicans (Cillian and Michael Smiley) meet arms dealers (Sharlito Copely and Armie Hammer) in a warehouse in Boston in 1978. Brie Larson is the middlewoman. “I’m the girl in a sea of various-shaped men with all the ‘taches. I lobbied for a ‘tache too, because it felt weird that I was the only one without one.”

When the deal goes sour, all that facial hair is scrunched up in anger, guns are drawn, and everyone finds themselves on the wrong end of a bullet. From that moment on, Free Fire turns into a down-and-dirty battle for survival as the walking wounded (including Jack Reynor, Noah Taylor, Enzo Cilenti, Babou Ceesay and Sam Riley) try to find a way out that doesn’t involve a coroner.

Expect a big body count. Expect pitch-black humour. Expect Wheatley’s biggest film to date.

Great buzz about this one, but general release has been postponed until March 2017. Meanwhile, several premieres scheduled: September 8 at the Toronto International Film Festival. October 16 at the London Film Festival


And so it (officially) begins.  I’m playing bass and electronics with Son Little.  Looking forward to an interesting 2014.


The Roots // Guns are Drawn

Can’t wait to see these guys at Summerfest tonight. 

ok so imagine one day Lestrade needs Sherlock’s help with a case but neither he nor John are answering their phones and this is a bit worrying because John always answers his phone. But when like, two weeks go by with no word from either of them, Lestrade assumes the worst and gathers a team of his best officers and speeds down to Baker St. and then they just fucking kick in the door and barge in, guns drawn. And they find John passed out on the couch, with huge bags under his eyes, and Sherlock, equally as exhausted-looking, in the kitchen stirring something.

and lestrade is like “new experiment?”

and then Sherlock turns around and there’s a baby strapped to his chest and the coppers are all hella confused and Sherlock is just like “formula, actually. he got a little hungry.”

And from then on the baby (who isn’t named Hamish because I firmly believe that there’s no way John would do that to a kid) is always with them and Sherlock and John show up to crime scenes wiht big ass diaper bags and the baby strapped to one of their chests, and sometimes Sherlock will stop in the middle of deducing what happened to a victim to go change the baby’s diaper. And then when the baby is upset and crying, he prefers to go to Sherlock, who’s really good at calming him down because Sherlock talks to him like he’s an adult and it works for some reason, but John is the best for when he wants to play because the blogger, unlike Sherlock, isn’t embarrassed by making funny faces in public and the baby freaking loves it

and they just become two domestic dorks and the entire police force is lowkey freaked out as hell because who knew Sherlock actually had a heart? And lestrade is the only one who treats them exactly the same and he acidentally becomes the baby’s cool uncle because one day Sherlock and John are chasing down a murderer and John just shoves the baby at him like “here take this we’ll brb” and then runs off with Sherlock and Lestrade just looks at the baby like “what the fuck do i do now??” but he’s actually really good with the baby and John and Sherlock assign him the role of go-to babysitter and Mycroft acts like he couldn’t care less but he secretly loves spoiling the baby and playing with him and is really overprotective, like one time Mycroft got the impression that someone was going to try and hurt him, so he got fifteen secret service officers stationed around Baker Street and tried to drug Sherlock and John and move them all to a safe house (it didn’t work)

and everyone just becomes a huge extended family to this kid and he grows up always around crime scenes and shit and is very accustomed to danger at a young age and surprisingly, it’s Sherlock who freaks out when the kid wants to go with him to crime scenes and John is the one who lets him go and get away with everything and it’s great


The Roots - Guns Are Drawn