guns that won the west


2x13 “Houses of the Holy” // 5x01 “Sympathy for the Devil”
5x10 “Abandon All Hope” // 5x18 “Point of No Return”
5x22 “Lucifer Rising” // 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)”

“You’re Chosen…” - Dean Winchester as Michael’s Vessel and the Thing about the Colt

“There was a gun that won the west. There was a man among the best. The fastest gun or man alive. A lightning bolt when he shot that Colt.”

- Lucifer in 12x12 “Stuck in the Middle (with You)

So after this episode I just felt the need to make a gifset on Dean’s ties to Michael as well as the Colt, because in this week’s episode both of these themes were directly brought together by the visual of Mary retrieving the Colt from a safe hidden behind the famous painting of Michael striking down Lucifer. And while I have little faith that the show will truly let Dean play an integral role as the one who is Michael’s vessel and should be perfectly able to wield the lance to get rid of Lucifer once and for all and rather think the possession allusions surrounding Mary may frame her possibly being the one heavily involved here , I keep holding on to a tiny bit of hope that probably is ridiculous to hold on to. But what can I say? Dean picking up the lance and taking it with him at least left room for possibility.

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The name Winchester is synonymous with guns the world over, known to many as ‘The Gun That Won The West’.  But behind the name is the tale of a troubled, grieving woman who to this day remains shrouded in mystery.  Following the death of her baby daughter and husband in the late 1800s, Sarah Winchester, like many of the bereaved of her era, visited a medium seeking some kind of solace. The medium, channeling her late husband, instructed Sarah to move West, and build a home for her and the spirits of the many people whose deaths had been caused by the Winchester rifle. As long as it was being built, the spirits would be appeased, and Sarah would be safe from harm. The result is the Winchester Mystery House.  

Funded by her hefty inheritance, Sarah purchased a simple farmhouse in San Jose. Construction continued almost around the clock, until the house became a towering 7 storey mansion consisting of roughly 160 rooms (1 of which was discovered as recently as this year).  With no architect on board, the house contains various design anomalies, such as windows overlooking other rooms, staircases and doors that lead to nothing, secret passageways, and a Séance Room, which Sarah was said to visit nightly.  Construction finally ended with her death in 1922, and still stands today as a tourist attraction.


Colt Single Action Army

One of the most iconic revolvers and firearms in the world. Also popularly known as the Peacemaker and “The Gun That Won The West”. There are numerous configurations and caliber options that were available for the SAA, making it a somewhat challenging collector’s item. Although commonly used in Western themed movies and television shows, most of the video game based generation will recognize it as Revolver Ocelot’s choice of firearm in the Metal Gear series. (GRH)


First Model Henry Rifle 

The Henry Rifle, itself an improvement on the Volcanic Repeating Rifle, would evolve into the famed Winchester repeater, the so-called “Gun That Won the West”. Produced in small numbers in the early 1860s, the Henry Rifle was one of the most popular of repeating rifles during the Civil War.

(Cowan’s Auctions)


Colt Single Action Army revolver

Designed by Charles B. Richards and William Mason, made by Colt Manufacturing Co. c.1873-1892 - serial number 90837.
.45 Long Colt six-round cylinder, single action with side loading gate and spring-loaded ejector rod, gold washed with pearl grips.

The gun that won the West by making it peaceful by shooting the fuck out of it until it stopped moving.