guns of avalon


So, after much convincing by Quasahi I finally did another Bayo OC. 

This is Vivien. She’s based off of the Lady of the Lake Mythology and so being her current pistol set is called Avalon. I think this is going to be her Ancient Outfit, but I need to do some more doodling before I decide. Demons and stuff to come soon! 

[NOTE:] Ocs are for viewing pleasure only and are not to be reused in anyway without express permission from myself. Tanks much y’all. 

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last song you listened to: e by reggie and the full effect

last book you read: im currently reading guns of avalon by roger zelazny

last thing you ate: mcdonald’s hash browns

if you could be anywhere right now where would you be: an island with a mansion and a fully stocked kitchen

where would you time travel to: august 4th, 2007 mcr’s prorev show that night

a fictional character you would hang out with for a day: jet star probs, maybe thalia grace

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Ganelon drew up beside me and said in a low voice, ‘There will doubtless be sentries.’

'Yes,’ I said.

'Then hadn’t we better leave the trail?’

'No. I would rather not seem furtive. It matters not to me whether we arrive with an escort. We are simply two travelers.’

'They may require the reason for our travels.’

'Then let us be mercenaries who have heard of strife in the realm and come seeking employment.’

'Yes. We look the part. Let us hope they pause long enough to notice.’

'If they cannot see us that well, then we are poor targets.’

'True, but I am not fully comforted by the thought.’
—  the guns of avalon, roger zelazny
First two Chronicles of Amber books:
  • Flora: Corwin, are you gonna do the thing?
  • Corwin: I might do the thing.
  • Random: Corwin, we shouldn't do the thing.
  • Corwin: We might do the thing. Caine, will you help do the thing?
  • Caine: No. Don't do the thing.
  • Eric: Corwin, don't do the thing.
  • Benedict: Corwin, don't do the thing.
  • Gerard: Corwin, don't do the thing.
  • Corwin: I DID THE THING.
  • Eric: Sure why not.