guns n' roses dress


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan/Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: I offer no apologies. This got so out of hand I’m pretty sure it’s already enjoying next year’s Halloween candy. Your something spooky, for the season! Contains hints of uh…magical!Bray Wyatt. And worship. Tagging @tox-moxley, enjoy!

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Charming Fundraiser

Originally posted by samcroimagine

Requested by anonymous: “Hi, could you maybe do a Chibs fluffy smut if you’re into doing that?”

A/N: Chibs comes home from helping Gemma and the guys with a Charming fundraiser.

Warnings: Fluffy smut

Your man had been at the club house all day long, helping Gemma and the guys set up for a Charming fundraiser. You had stayed home because you had felt a little tired than usual. You missed Chibs all day. All you really wanted to do was lay around with him and maybe have some fun later. While waiting for Chibs to get home which wouldn’t take long, you got changed into his favourite bra and pantie set with your silk robe, and heels. You put on some soft rock and started swaying around the living room. Shortly afterwards the front door opens to reveal Chibs standing in the doorway watching you dance to the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses. “Aye lass what are you all dressed up and dancing for?” Chibs asked with a smirk. “No reason just waiting for you to get home.” “Well Y/N I’m home now.” Chibs walked over to you and slowly started kissing down your neck, sucking and biting leaving marks while removing the silk robe you had on. Trailing kisses down your body stopping at your breast he picks you up and carries you to your shared bedroom. He lays you down softly on the huge bed and continues kissing where he left off. You let out small whimpers at his actions knowing that this is what you wanted all day long. Chibs takes off your heels and rubs your feet for a moment before going up and removing his clothes except his boxers. He removes your bra and sucks on your left nipple while playing with your other. You let out breathless moans by what he’s doing to pleasure you. Chibs takes his time getting down to your soaking core, but when he does he lightly rubs his finger across your wet panties. “Shit lass, didn’t know you were this ready for me?” “Chibs please.” With that he bends down in front of your pussy and removes your panties with his teeth. He begins to rub your clit with his thumb and finger you with his middle and index finger. He soon begins to lick strides up and down your clit; performing the alphabet and writing love letters on your clit with his tongue. “Chibs please don’t stop.” At this point you were reaching your orgasim. He let you cum around his fingers, and he licked you clean. Chibs stood up and removed his boxers. He pumped his cock in his hand a few times before he teased your tight hole with the tip. Pushing all the way in you, all you heard throughout the room was your combined moans. “Fuck Y/N you’re so tight.” He thrusted into you at a steady pace, purely making love to you as he often did all because you deserved it for being a wonderful old lady. He thrusted slowly in and out of you wanting this to last as long as possible. Making you arch your back and claw at his because of the pleasure he was providing you. You felt yourself coming to your climax and he could feel you coming too. Chibs loved the way your tight cunt felt around his hard cock, as he twitched inside you riding out both your orgasm. He pulled out and laid next to you, “Have I ever told you how beautiful I think you are, and what and amazing old lady you are?” “All the time.” You smiled and looked at him. Pulling down the blanket and covering you both up, you cuddled into Chibs tracing his tattoos as you both fell asleep.