guns n' roses nightrain

“Nightrain” by Guns N’ Roses

Top Metal Songs of the 80′s - #62

Wake up late
Honey put on your clothes
Take your credit card
To the liquor store
That’s one for you and
Two for me by tonight
I’ll be loaded like a freight train
Flyin’ like an aeroplane
Feelin’ like a space brain
One more time tonight

The third song on their landmark debut album, it is probably best known for the opening riff and how it backs the chorus. It also helped solidify the notion that GNR wasn’t a metal band that relied on power chords, but instead they brought bluesier riffs. Of course, the lyrics are classic as well, and like most of the album, the band seems to be bragging about their lives on the streets and in the L.A. music scene - at least until the actual stories started surfacing that most of what they were singing about was true (and even more subdued than reality). 


The ritz ‘88 concert- many consider it to be their best concert of all time…

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1) The Reynolds Pamphlet - Original Hamilton Cast

2) Star-Dust - Micheal Giacchino (Rouge One Soundtrack)

3) Nightrain - Guns ‘n Roses

4) Krennic’s Aspirations - Micheal Giacchino

5) Collar Full - Panic! At The Disco

6) Shut Up! - Simple Plan

7) Me Against The World - Simple Plan

8) Hum Hallelujah - Fall Out Boy

9) We Know - Original Hamilton Cast

10) Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 - Micheal Giacchino

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The Man & The Machine

“The suit and I are one”

Part I:


Stark [Brian Tyler] - Gold Guns Girls [The Metric] - Capital H [Motion City Soundtrack] - Mowgli’s Road (BLACK TEETH RMX) [Marina & the Diamonds] - I Don’t Care [Fall Out Boy] - Just Got Paid [ZZ Top] - Poor Atlas [Dessa] - Paranoid [Black Sabbath] - Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies [Biffy Clyro] - What Makes A Good Man? [The Heavy] - Dammit [Blink-182] - In The City [Kevin Rudolph] - Scoff [Nirvana] - Everybody Loves Me [OneRepublic] - Heavy Metal Lover [Lady Gaga] - Higher Ground [Red Hot Chili Peppers] - Driving with the Top Down [Ramin Djawadi] - Slept On Tony [Ghostface Killah] - Iron Man 3 [Brian Tyler]

Part II:


Can You Dig It [Brian Tyler] - Up In The Air [Thirty Seconds To Mars] - Invincible [OK Go] - Into The Blue [Bush] - Machine [Regina Spektor] - Robot Rock [Daft Punk] - Iron [Woodkid] - Fixin to Thrill (Villains Remix) [Dragonette] - Comeback [Redlight King] - Jericho [The Prodigy] - Nightrain [Guns N’ Roses] - Invincible [Muse] - Get Free [The Vines] - The First Time I Saw Jupiter [Fall on Your Sword] - Song 2 [Blur] - Human Rocket [Devo] - Tick Tick Boom [The Hives] - The Phoenix [Fall Out Boy] - Heroes [Shinedown] - Iron Man [Black Sabbath]

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I’ll be forever mad at them for not including this intro for Nightrain on the album.