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One beautiful, hot lazy afternoon in the U.S. south, Izzy couldn’t push British photographer Ian Tilton fast enough into the bathroom of the tour bus.
“Look Ian, take a couple pictures of this!”
Izzy was completely overwhelmed by the longest turd he ever had dropped and wanted to make sure that the monstrous spiral would be eternalized on film.
  - from the book ‘Guns N’ Roses - the hardest hard rock band of the world’ by Paul Elliott
(I’m kinda glad Izzy doesn’t use Instagram lmao)


music artists posters: axl rose (Guns n’ Roses)

Fun Swedish names that are just words:

Björn = “bear”

Styrbjörn = “Control Bear”

Torbjörn = “Thor Bear”

Bror = “Brother”

Bo = “To live, in a house or place”

Axel = “Shoulder”

Alf = “Elf”

Dag = “Day”

Inga = “None”

Knut = “Knot”

Lillemor = “Little Mother”

Liv = “Life”

Mark = “Ground”

Rita = “To Draw”

Saga = “Fairytale” or “Story”

Sten = “Stone” or “Rock”

Fun Swedish names that sound funny in English:










People are so mean, they’re hypocrites, they could judge everything you do, how you dress, look, say, even what you listen to. Some people are so cruel for no reason, it amazes me how certain people can act so nice to some and so shitty to others. But one thing I hate is when people judge my music taste, I mean I’m so used to people judging me, like everything I do and how I look so I already know how it feels like to get mean stares and comments but it really gets me when people judge my music. They don’t understand that music is the only thing keeping me alive. It’s always there when you need it, says exactly what you’re feeling and it doesn’t judge you. It’s my therapy and it’s my safe place. My type of music whether it be, screamo, heavy metal, alternative, post-hardcore, no matter if it’s the “Devil’s music.” No matter if people stare and tell me I shouldn’t listen to it, I will listen to it day and night because it’s the only reason I’m breathing right now.

P.S sorry for the non-band post, just feeling extra shitty today and needed somewhere to rant out and thought tumblr was a perfect place to do it. I promise to return to band post soon! Just needed to get this out! Sorry again!

I just hate the fact that he’s so underrated as guitarist, as song-writer, as the damn soul and heart of fucking Guns n’ Roses! I talk to people about him and they’re like “yeah but he doesn’t count, you know, Slash and Axl bla bla bla bla”. Well, bunch of dumb-asses, he just wrote most of the songs, and he was so fucking fundamental, in fact, as soon as he left the band everything began to fall apart! Without Izzy there wouldn’t have been Guns n’ Roses!!! Deal with it.

Ok I’m done, sorry.

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