guns in usa

Colt 1851 Navy revolver

Designed and manufactured by Samuel Colt in Hartford, Connecticut, United States.
.36 cap and ball six-shot gold-washed cylinder, single action, creeping loading lever, nickel finish, Colt factory engravings, checkered ivory grip.

Unlike the previous colt Dragoon, the Navy was a belt revolver. This one was made for a fancy belt.

“But what about the warning signs? You have to ignore all the blatant racism, misogyny, bigotry and the people he was surrounding himself with. He told these people he was going to take away the ACA. He encouraged violence against protestors during the campaign. He bragged he'd ban Muslims. He bragged about the wall. He bragged about assaulting women. He mocked the disabled. It's not like there was just one incident. It was a daily deluge of hatred. But they voted for that hatred. They voted to destroy what this country stands for. They voted for a guy who has a VP who believes in conversion therapy. The VP believes that religion should trump law when it comes to anything. Steve Bannon is a self described Leninist. He believes in destroying the state. And, guess what, he's now in a position to do it. All the warning signs were there and they chose to ignore them. Like the people who voted for Hitler in '32.”

-Dude I know had an epic rant on why he ultimately couldn’t sympathise with Trump supporters.

Yeah, man. Who doesn’t remember the time when a grizzly bear invaded their elementary school?

“Well, children, let’s talk about the alphabet.”

*Evil grizzly bear (possibly connected to ISIS) bursts in, suddenly out of nowhere*

*Teacher turns into Sarah Connor, grabs her AK47 and takes out wild bear in seconds, thus saving everyone*

*cheesy action movie music plays* 

It happened to us all.