guns in usa

In a matter of seconds… They didn’t even try to figure out what the situation was, it was just loc’ him and smoke him. And they got away with it.

12yr old black boy with a pellet gun is gunned down within seconds of police arriving.

21yr old white boy who massacred a prayer gathering gets a calm arrest and Burger King. WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS - Open carry is only for white people……..

Winchester Model 1897 riot shotgun

Designed by John M. Browning and manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Co. c.1898-1935.
12 gauge 5+1 tubular magazine, pump action repeater, riot-size 20″ barrel, slamfire capable.

Used by police forces and the American Express mail company, the riot grade M1897 predated the trench model and lacked the later’s distinctive heat shield and bayonet lug.