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hello!! I was wondering, what are some good macdennis episodes? I just rewatched man hunters, suburbs, and the break up, and I was looking for some more :0 only if you don't mind, though!!

hello there i once watched every episode of sunny for this express purpose - a lot of these have important macdennis moments but aren’t necessarily MACDEN episodes

season one: gun fever / lots of little moments in all of the episodes but gun fever is the season one macdennis episode 

season two: mac bangs dennis’ mom, hundred dollar baby, charlie goes america over everybody’s ass

season three: the gang gets invincible, the gang gets held hostage (even if only for the i love you line), the gang sells out, the gang dances their asses off  

season four: mac and dennis: manhunters, america’s next top paddy’s billboard contest, mac’s banging the waitress, who pooped the bed, the nightman cometh

season five (the macdennis season to end all seasons): the gang exploits the mortgage crisis, they have a couple of good moments in the gang hits the road, the great recession, the world series defense, paddy’s pub: home of the original kitten mittens, mac and dennis break up, the dennis system

season six: mac fights gay marriage, dennis gets divorced, the gang buys a boat, the gang gets a new member

season seven: frank’s pretty woman, thunder gun express, the high school reunion (both parts) - season seven was pretty sparse with macdennis episodes but they have a lot of small moments      

season eight: the gang recycles their trash, charlie’s mom has cancer, charlie rules the world, the gang dines out, reynolds v reynolds cereal defense (again, small moments but good moments)    

season nine: mac and dennis buy a timeshare, mac day, the gang saves the day (from mac’s perspective anyway), flowers for charlie, the gang makes lethal weapon six

season ten: the gang beats boggs (small moments), charlie work, the gang spies like US, ass kickers united: mac and charlie join a cult

season eleven: mac and dennis move to the suburbs, being frank, the gang goes to hell (both parts) 

season twelve: making dennis reynolds a murderer, hero or hate crime, ptsdee, the gang tends bar, dennis’ double life

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Alright so Always Sunny is my favorite show of all time so I wanted to do my big ass college essay on it, but I can't decide on a topic. Do you have any ideas? Can be literally anything

oh nice! i did an essay about sunny for my english class last semester

you can talk about the show as a sociopolitical satire? that’s what i did, focusing on the visual and lingual rhetoric of the show (specifically gun fever too). 

some other concepts:

  • how it subverts the idea of the american dream
  • how it’s a VERY good example of postmodernism in relation to the american dream
  • the show’s evolution as a satire, from being outright offensive at its beginning to becoming more nuanced as the writers improved and educated themselves
  • gay mac is really an essay all on his own
  • just…. how gay sunny is in general? like there’s a lot hinting towards bi dennis, ace charlie, bi/lesbian dee, etc
  • specifically the theory and evidence that points to dee being a closeted lesbian (maybe don’t do this one if you’re not a girl and/or a lesbian though)
  • the dichotomy of sunny fans between rich white entitled frat types and relatively disenfranchised lgbtq kids (is one side missing the point of the show? is the other side reading into things too deeply? how does one show attract two such wildly different audiences? is one side more correct than the other?)
  • how mental illness and disability are portrayed within the show (dennis’ bpd, the deep and broad amount of autism-coding that charlie has)
  • the charlie/dennis and mac/dee parallels that exist within the show
  • just character parallels in general (i would argue that charlie and mac’s relationship also parallels dee and dennis’, and charlie/dee are obviously meant to parallel mac/dennis)
Was There a Connection

Towards the end of chapter 126, Prince Soma and Agni have an important conversation about Soma’s growth and Ciel. As they finish, a carriage pulls up to the townhouse. Soma decides to greet their visitor.

This led to two different things happening at the same time. Agni decides to start a fire when he notices the pieces of the torn up picture.

While Soma opens the door for someone he either obviously knows or thinks he knows.

At this point, both are happy and don’t appear to sense any obvious danger. Agni does seem to be a bit surprised, but quickly assumes that Ciel had just been embarrassed of picture of his younger self. He even seems to find this amusing. Meanwhile, Soma has invited in the visitor at the door and is offering some of Agni’s deserts. Nothing seems dangerous or out of the ordinary.

But then, things suddenly change.

Agni pulls out more pieces of the picture and is obviously shocked by what is revealed.

He might even be afraid considering his expression here.

Meanwhile, Soma is worried about his guest. When Soma attempts to check for a fever, a gun is pulled on him.

With his prince in danger, Agni jumps in to at least attempt a rescue.

Now, here’s the question. Is the danger at the front door connected to the torn photograph and, if so, how are the two connected?

Now, my first instinct upon reading the chapter was that Agni saw something in the picture that led him to believe Soma was in immediate danger - which was the truth. However, that’s not the only way to interpret this scene.

The picture could show the identity of the shooter. Upon seeing it, Agni realized that Soma might be in danger. However, that theory has a few holes. For one, it’s unclear if Soma or Agni knew the identity of their visitor. While at least Soma saw the carriage, he still seemed a bit surprised with his greeting. He’s happy to see this person, but this visit wasn’t something he expected. So, it’s doubtful Agni would have known. The only way this would work if Agni had some reason to suspect their visitor was the same as the one in the photograph.

While talking about the photograph and Agni’s reaction with @midnight-in-town, she pointed out that Agni might have rushed into the room because he sensed Soma was in trouble. The contents of the photograph surprised Agni, but it didn’t necessarily make him feel Soma was in immediate danger.

As it stands, I see three possibilities. One possibility is the picture relates to shooter and their identity either directly or indirectly. Another possibility the picture shows a danger that could have alerted Agni but isn’t directly tied to the identity of the person with a gun. Agni figuring out Soma was in danger at that moment was more of a coincidence than a direct link. Finally, while the contents of the picture are surprising, they didn’t alert Agni to any danger. He simply sensed or heard something that made him realized he need to hurry to his Prince’s side.


Sweet Dee’s Romantic History: a Depressing Timeline.

I recently realized a pattern with Dee; In every romantic relationship she has had on the show, with the exception of Charlie, she has been completely insensitive and ignorant to the emotions of her partner, one way or another. When it comes to relationships, Dee is completely unintuitive. So i decided to break down all the relationships she’s had on the show.

In the pilot episode of the show, Much of Dee’s arc came from the fact that she was ‘dating’ a gay man. Despite many warning signs, including from the man himself, Dee is completely oblivious until she is explicitly rejected by him. 

The next time Dee is in a romantic relationship, 2 episodes later in Underage Drinking, It’s with a high school boy. This time she’s being manipulated by him, a fact that she once again is completely oblivious to until the last possible moment. Again, his behavior provides many warning signs that he isn’t being sincere, and again, she remains in the dark until she is forced to witness an outright rejection.

The Dee is dating again in Gun Fever, and guess what? She’s being manipulated!!! She’s being used by a man who’s dating bartenders as a part of a scam. Once again, she remains completely oblivious to the manipulation even as we, the audience, can see it clear as day.

Dee’s next relationship in Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person brings the concept to a more literal level: she literally spends the entire episode with no idea what is going on in her boyfriends head. She is easily tricked by Dennis into thinking her boyfriend is developmentally disabled with no evidence, and then, despite spending tons of time with him, spends the rest of the episode COMPLETELY PUZZLED over this. She’s wrong, once again.

The next time we hear about Dee’s romantic life is when we meet Brad Fisher in The Waitress Is Getting Married. Once again, the entire plot consists of Dee being tricked by men and being completely blind to it. 

Then there’s Ben The Soldier! One of the strangest dynamics on this list, Dee seems to have absolutely no emotional investment in the man and drops him in a second because he is in a wheelchair. Then, (once Artemis gets involved) she goes to extreme lengths to get him back. In The DENNIS system, Ben treats her nicely, but one comment from Dennis sends Dee into an unwarranted tailspin. Although the manipulation doesn’t come from Ben in this case, emotional manipulation at the hands of a man, coupled with Dee’s inability to think critically about her or Ben’s motivations and feeling, ultimately leads to the downfall of her relationship.

Next there’s Bill Ponderosa in Dennis Gets Divorced, and Dee’s cluelessness is put on display yet again. Her reasons for initiating the relationship in the first place are nonsensical, and-what a surprise- most of their relationship consists of Dee being tricked and then getting humiliated because she has no idea what’s going on.

And then, in the ANTI-Social Network, we find out that Dee was catfished, completely offhanded. Shocker.

The next time Dee gets a boyfriend, she is ONCE AGAIN being exploited. This time by a rich guy who’s using her for some sort of Dinner For Schmucks scenario. AND AGAIN Dee has nO IDEA until the very last minute. 

The next time we hear about Dee’s dating life is when she sleeps with a talent manager in The Gang Broke Down. And guess what- HE WAS AN ACTOR! and she had NO IDEA. god, this is getting repetitive, huh? 

And then their is the Gang Group Dates. Somehow she gets the idea that she’s ‘going steady’ with a guy that didn’t even realize they were dating. No reasons are given for her having assumed this, but she is utterly baffled when she finds out. 

There’s Charlie- the outlier. I could exploit this for Chardee purposes, but for now i’m gonna skip over it, because the relationship falls apart in record time and if there was ever somebody for her to be emotionally in-tune with, it would be Charlie.

We don’t get any more of Dee’s love life until season 12, PTSDee. Dee has an encounter with a man that she believes to be profound and meaningful, even so far as to weep with joy after sex, only to find out that the man feels the complete opposite, and that she misinterpreted his tears. It’s a total shock to Dee. Wow.

But even after all of this constant rejection; Dee rarely seems bothered. She brushes off every failed relationship, every humiliation, every manipulation. Yes, she’s being exploited, but she doesn’t really care, and she’s got exploiting of her own to do. Men’s emotions really mean shit to Dee, regardless of whether she can understand them or not. There’s no denying that Dee is a very, very gullible person. Maybe it’s sexist and/or lazy writing, but i love this show and Dee and i don’t want to talk about that possibility, so i’m gonna spin it. Dee’s romantic history shows, in my opinion, two important things. One: Dee is completely unsuccessful in all of her relationships with men and is utterly incompetent at dating them. She is unable to sustain any sort of romantic connection with a man. While initiating sex is as easy as pie for Dee, once the relationship even hints at romance, it falls apart. Two: Dee is emotionally incompetent and unobservant. She is unable to intuit feelings from men at all, and every single time she makes assumptions or observations about her relationships with men, she is showed to be completely wrong. She just doesn’t ‘get ‘em.’  She can’t hold on to a boyfriend, and usually she doesn’t want to. Sustaining an emotional or romantic connection with a man, for Dee, is literally impossible. And if you’re wondering whether i specified ‘with a man’ every time on purpose, yes, it was very purposeful.