guns don't kill

The most painful second of television.

Fallout 4 dad types
  • This isn't a serious thing but I'm posting it anyway if you want more just ask me
  • Companions:
  • nick: the dad that voices bedtime stories , lets the kid have coffee , and sasses the kid right back when they sass him .
  • Danse: the " guns don't kill people dads with daughters do" , probably forces them to listen to country music
  • Preston: the dad that helps with school projects, lets them see what he's doing when they ask him , puppy face to sole when the kid finds an animal
  • Deacon: the dad that is best on Halloween , is secretly in the room on their first day at kindergarten but ~in a disguise~ , tells the best stories
  • Hancock: the dad that makes sure their kid knows the dangers of drugs and alcohol,helps them sew( I mean I doubt that jacket could've hold that long without Hancock doing some sewing) , ' auntie Fahrenheit '
  • MacCready: the dad that gets the kid into video games , makes sure the kid is taking care of themselves properly , always rooting for them no matter how bad it gets
  • Longfellow: the dad that lets their kid have a lil alcohol and when they don't like it he doesn't push it , openly displays guns and weapons in house , when their kid says his and sole's romantic stuff is gross he makes a big deal out of doing it more and blows raspberries on the kid's cheek
  • X6-88: the dad that openly threatens the kid's date when their kid leaves the room , makes the best food , knows all the schedules, " no Luanne you are mistaken. It is your brownies that are disgusting and only half baked."
  • Others:
  • DiMA: the dad who like bakes cookies , Is vegan and does yoga in the mornings
  • Maxson: the dad that intimidates all the other parents at events , cheers the loudest at sports .. Plays..decathalons... Graduation, teaches them how to defend them self and plays make believe with them
  • Sturges: the " you don't need to go to the store to get it fixed , I'll do it." Dad , also a really cool cook , 50s rockabilly dad , has vintage cars he fixes but let's the kid drive them and honestly wouldn't be that mad only dissapointed dad face if they get it wrecked

Yeah yeah I get it Mercy can do more damage and shit right? But isn’t she….a healer….? I barely even use her gun because I’m trying to idk HEAL??? I’m tryna fuckin heal my team the fuck I need to shoot bitches for I don’t give a shit about team kills I’m tryna get that rez and win boy what the fuck..

Jim Jefferies explains that 'guns don't kill people — virgins do'

Jim Jefferies has a lot of strong opinions. And he now has his own Comedy Central series on which to dispense them.

On June 6 at 10:30 p.m, ET/PT, Comedy Central will debut the weekly late-night series The Jim Jefferies Show, which will allow the Australian comedian to let loose on a variety of topical cultural and political issues, and, who knows, probably on a few individuals as well. (Piers Morgan discovered this firsthand earlier this year on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.)

In the first promo for his show above, Jefferies returns to a familiar topic. Where he has riffed on Americans’ obsession with guns before, here he suggests a new type of gun control: “I think we should get rid of waiting periods to buy guns,” he says. “But… before you buy a gun, you have to prove that you had sexual intercourse with another person. Have you seen these shooter guys? Lonely looking bunch. If you can’t find someone to f— ya, then no gun!” Jefferies adds: “Guns don’t kill people — virgins do!”

Check out the promo for The Jim Jefferies Show, which has received a 10-episode order. Jefferies created and starred in the FX series Legit, and has seven stand-up specials under his belt, including last year’s Freedumb on Netflix.