guns don kill people

Fallout 4 dad types
  • This isn't a serious thing but I'm posting it anyway if you want more just ask me
  • Companions:
  • nick: the dad that voices bedtime stories , lets the kid have coffee , and sasses the kid right back when they sass him .
  • Danse: the " guns don't kill people dads with daughters do" , probably forces them to listen to country music
  • Preston: the dad that helps with school projects, lets them see what he's doing when they ask him , puppy face to sole when the kid finds an animal
  • Deacon: the dad that is best on Halloween , is secretly in the room on their first day at kindergarten but ~in a disguise~ , tells the best stories
  • Hancock: the dad that makes sure their kid knows the dangers of drugs and alcohol,helps them sew( I mean I doubt that jacket could've hold that long without Hancock doing some sewing) , ' auntie Fahrenheit '
  • MacCready: the dad that gets the kid into video games , makes sure the kid is taking care of themselves properly , always rooting for them no matter how bad it gets
  • Longfellow: the dad that lets their kid have a lil alcohol and when they don't like it he doesn't push it , openly displays guns and weapons in house , when their kid says his and sole's romantic stuff is gross he makes a big deal out of doing it more and blows raspberries on the kid's cheek
  • X6-88: the dad that openly threatens the kid's date when their kid leaves the room , makes the best food , knows all the schedules, " no Luanne you are mistaken. It is your brownies that are disgusting and only half baked."
  • Others:
  • DiMA: the dad who like bakes cookies , Is vegan and does yoga in the mornings
  • Maxson: the dad that intimidates all the other parents at events , cheers the loudest at sports .. Plays..decathalons... Graduation, teaches them how to defend them self and plays make believe with them
  • Sturges: the " you don't need to go to the store to get it fixed , I'll do it." Dad , also a really cool cook , 50s rockabilly dad , has vintage cars he fixes but let's the kid drive them and honestly wouldn't be that mad only dissapointed dad face if they get it wrecked

Argument 1 of 3: All tools have specific intended purposes.

  • Flash drive: “transport and store personal files, such as documents, pictures and videos”
  • Kitchen knife: “cutting tool used in food preparation”
  • Lighter: generates a small flame for light or to set something else on fire, for example a cigarette, campfire, or candle
  • Gun: to quickly and effectively kill or seriously injure another person (or animal) at a long range

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genuinely do not, cannot and never will understand people who believe that guns should be legal or that “guns don’t kill people.” there is no other purpose for a gun other than to injure or kill

my mom was so fucking ridiculous. like she was so determined for me to not have any source of happiness in my life that she went after the most bizarre shit. i had a night vale bumper sticker on my car that i parked in the garage and she saw it one day and ripped it off. it was the one that said “guns don’t kill people. people kill guns” 

and she tried to play into my paranoia like “because of this sticker a GANG ™ member will KILL you. they’ll say ‘oh guns don’t kill people??? well TAKE THAT!!!’ and they’ll shoot you with a GUN” she literally thought i would agree with her that someone would kill me over a welcome to night vale sticker & that it wasn’t because me having any personality or showing my interests vocally was disgusting to her. hated it

Gun control

Some of you may have noticed the mayhem that happened on my blog yesterday when I posted a video where one of the Columbine shooter’s mother had a Ted Talk about her experiences before and after her son’s murder suicide. School shootings, mental illnesses, murder, violence, human rights and gun control are all complicated issues that can’t collectively be solved by simple measures, but what everybody missed about my original post on the matter, is that I SUGGESTED a global ban on guns as a starting point. 

First off, we don’t actually need guns. Arguably, the military need guns. The police needs guns. Sure, there are instances where guns make society safer and better for everyone involved, but anyone who’s ever experienced a war could tell you there are a lot more instances where guns just make it easier to kill innocent people. 

Secondly, guns themselves don’t kill people. This is true. People kill people, but why should we make it easier just because people happen to be violent, sick, suicidal creature’s with delusional ideas about relationships and other people? It’s a lot like saying that drugs don’t kill people or that alcohol is a perfectly safe substance to drink. Human’s aren’t the best, therefore, we may want to ban things because we neither need them nor can we as a species handle them in such quantities without sacrifizing our adult selves to ridicolous primal urges. 

Thirdly, I’ve mentioned this before, but I as a real, human individual happen to live in Scandinavia. Drugs and guns are illegal here and though there are lots of issues to be dealt with, gun and gang related violence are among the smaller problems we have. Keeping guns as a civil safety measure is old and ridicolous. Of course, each country to their own. If the citizens of the USA want to continue shooting and sueing each other over ridicolous matters, it’s their decision as a supreme country on their own. However, last time Sweden had any sort of violence happening on a school, the culprit killed four people and himself with a sword, as opposed to the 13 people who died April 20th 1999. 

People always say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people- and while the person yielding the gun undoubtedly controls its power, people fail to understand that guns allow far more leverage to cause damage. A person with the intent to kill could /arguably/ do so with a knife, baseball bat, etc., but they wouldn’t have the same power and ease to mass murder so quickly. Gun related violence in America is obscene and if the people and the government fail to recognize there is a problem then all it will do is allow more and more innocent deaths.