guns don kill people

Let’s talk about gun laws in the US (I know, but stay with me)

So I don’t have a lot of time before class, but in the nine minutes or so I do have I wanna talk about this “guns don’t kill people; people kill people” idea favoured by the NRA and proponents of loose laws on gun ownership. I mean, yes, that statement is technically true. A gun isn’t gonna suddenly get up and start shooting people. But I’d argue that is exactly the problem: the people who own the guns are dangerous, and we’re making it easier for them to cause mass destruction. There’s a reason you don’t hear about “mass stabbings” on the news: a gun can cause a unique amount of damage to a large number of people in the way other weapons cannot.

We forcibly put people in mental institutions even if they pose little to no harm to society as a whole (and I absolutely believe in proper mental health care, when it is done correctly.  But a lot of the times it’s not and people are put through more stress by being forced into a hospital without fully being aware of what’s going on or with little regard for the patient’s state of well-being.  This is often seen with schizophrenia especially; but that’s another story).  We defend actual rapists and pedophiles because people here actually believe that’s better than electing a democtrat, and we do it with FUCKING BIBLE ARGUMENTS (incorrect bible arguments; the whole point of Mary was that she was a VIRGIN)

We recall products that might be dangerous: we recall cars and phones, rightly so, and cars and phones were not actually created to cause purposeful bodily harm or death.  So why do we let any psycho go and buy guns? The government often tries to turn it into a terrorism issue, except when the shooter is white (which they are, in a statistically greater number of cases).  But then it becomes a mental health issue, and refelcts badly on mental illness in general, because most of us with mental illness are non-violent.  Around 95% of us actually (and I got that from the John Oliver episode on mental illness, if you wanna check my facts).  You hear the conservative news broadcasts saying that we shouldn’t turn it into a political issue, that it isn’t the right time. But as many have asked, if not then, when is the right time? After a shooting seems to be the right time to lay the burden unfairly on the mentally ill or people of color or minority faith, so why not ask the hard questions about gun control? 

“But what about defending my house if a burglar breaks in?” Well yes, you should absolutely be able to defend your home, and if you are allowed to have a gun, that’s all well and good.  But a lot of robberies are unarmed, petty thefts.  And maybe that robber is a scared teenager who is living on the streets and just wants food.  You don’t know.  So going immediately for the gun is a bad idea.  I personally like keeping roach spray near my bed- it shoots up to 27 feet and can blind or seriously incapacitate an intruder.  And yes, sometimes a robber poses immediate danger to you and your family, especially if they have a gun, and you have the right to defend yourself if you see yorself in mortal danger, and if saving yourself and your family involves using your gun, then I understand that.  But do you know why that dangerous armed robber has a gun? Because they are so damn easy to get.  People wouldn’t feel the need to protect themselves with guns if violent, dangerous people didn’t have guns.

And look, I am a defender of the right to bear arms- I love going to the shooting range and I’m a damn good shot with a pistol (I shoot at targets though; I don’t like hunting or actually killing things, although you can be damn sure I would if I was in serious danger).  But I just think that there should be stricter laws- you shouldn’t be able to go into a walmart and buy a gun and a shit tonne of amo in less than twenty minutes.  I personally think there should be a psych eval before you can buy a gun (and I don’t think that having a mental illness should automatically excuse you, for example, women with Rape Trauma Syndrome often want to have a gun in their home, and I respect that.  But if you are proven to be excessively violent or sociopathic, it’s just not a good idea). This would create more jobs in psychology.  It would significantly reduce the number of mass shootings.  And it wouldn’t be taking away the right for us to have guns, it would jsut be regulating it in a sane manner.  And what on earth is wrong with that?


I am Texan, and I have grown up hearing the bullshit “Gun don’t kill people. People kill people”. I get it. You want to protect yourself, but regulations must be set and restrictions must be updated and if a man has the capabilities of killing 27 on his own, clearly laws on not strict enough. To allow this to continue with the logic you have is basically invoking an eventual anarchy.

The most pathetic part?

I hear all the time “well criminals will get them however they mean to if they want it bad enough so let the responsible ones have the right to protect”.

Ah yes, that seems to be helping. If you exist, where the hell are you? Give me GOOD EVIDENCE that this seems to be working. Give me more than one or two times to combat the over 300 mass shootings that could have been prevented by making it more difficult for people to get guns or collect them.

My sister had the nerve to say “oh it’s the end times” and “gun laws can’t stop a black heart”. That is so disgusting, even for me, as a Christian to hear. We don’t know when the end times are coming and you should not use that as an excuse to do nothing.

So, gun laws won’t stop everyone? Yea but it can certainly make it harder. That’s why law exists. No one is under the delusional that this will 100% solve the problem but it will make it harder for those who want to do this.

I am honestly sickened that after all of this, people still want to cling to their guns instead of letting the law do its job and letting the cops they respect so much do theirs.

anonymous asked:

A bomb in a truck killed 200 people, but guns are the problem? Don't see you making "we need to regulate moving trucks" posts. Crickets.... and hypocritical... as is typical of liberals.

where the fuck do you live that moving trucks aren’t regulated?

fuck outta here with your gun enthusiast propaganda.

Guns don’t kill people, white guys who abuse women kill people. Ban white guys who abuse women. Confiscate them and melt them down into something useful.

Made a post on facebook about how I think we need to discuss gun regulation. 

While I slept, a discussion on it did indeed happen. A friend that I don’t really remember where I met him decided to put in his… well, it’s not two cents anymore its more like a dollar and a half. 

It was definitely ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’ 

See… gun violence exists because humans are evil. Apparently. 

And I thought I would let this go because I did open the discussion. 


Every time I see the dude’s name, I remember the time that he commented on a page about trans rights to be in the military, something to the effect of-

‘put them on the front lines to distract the enemy and draw fire.’ 

And normally I have a strike-three policy in regards to who I delete from my friends. But I think that… since I can’t shake that particular comment from my memory of him that it’s time to just let him be an asshole somewhere else. 

  • So many people: The SAM is highly problematic in that its products are: identity crises, delayed self-love, validated internalized homophobia, widespread distraction, muddied understandings of irl privilege&oppression, etc.
  • The inevitable voice from the echo chamber: The Split Attraction Model didn't do that! People did. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. #NOTALLINCLUSIONISTS

do u think the NRA realises that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is actually a really compelling argument for keeping guns out people’s hands?

Can I also just say that the excuse the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is fucking bull shit. Of course they can’t pull their own trigger fucking Christ. If the the weapon of choice for most mass killings are fucking guns then maybe there is a problem there hmmmmmm.

Here’s the best plan I can come up with that isn’t banning all guns.

1) destroy the black market weapon trade. Snuff it out and shut it down.

2) make military grade weapons illegal to buy. No regular joe needs a fucking ak47 for any reason unless he is training people in the military to use it for the military

3) STRICT BACKGROUND CHECKS! I’m talking if you have one fucking dui from when you were a teen you can’t own a gun. You have to be the best citizen ever to get a gun.

4) get rid of concealed carry in public areas. I shouldn’t even have to explain why that’s a bad thing.

If all that fails, get rid of the guns. But I have a feeling that if fucking conservatives pulled their heads out of their asses and did some of these, there would be a big change

Also I’m not trying to say guns are the only things people use to mass kill people, but they are the biggest problem

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Because guns don’t kill people. Cellos do. 

I was having an argument with someone about guns the other day and he said, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” I wish I wasn’t drunk and had thought to say, “well isn’t it a problem those people can get guns in the first place?” All I said was, “well guns make it a lot easier right?” And while I still think that’s a good point, I wish I’d said the first thing. That’s way more coherent.