guns by the numbers

Our group in a Mutants and Masterminds campaign is infiltrating a meeting to find the location of the plot-important key we need.

Me: I burst into the room and do finger guns, but pretend they’re real guns.

DM: Roll intimidation.

Me: *I roll 18, plus a 16 in intimidation naturally.*

DM: Police come into the room.

Me: I stop doing finger guns.

DM: Your intimidation has proved such a worthy persuasion technique that they think you’re a magician who can make guns disappear. The number of policemen doubles.


Number 1, or number 2? 💅

Things we learned from Dean’s drawers

He owns a big pile of black t-shirts. Like so many:

In his nightstand, he keeps a gun (of course), many lozenges (geez, cough much, Dean?), phone numbers, a picture of him with Mary and the one with Mary, baby Sam, and Dean:

Dean and Sam with Bobby:

And a picture of just him and Sam. Except it isn’t actually Dean and Sam. It’s Jared and Jensen behind the scenes from season 1 or 2. But that’s okay.

And of course there’s the cassette tape cover from Bob Seger’s Night Moves, which Sam and Dean sang in the episode Baby

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Winchester M1897 trench shotgun

Manufactured by Winchester Repeating Arms Co. based on John Browning’s design c.1917-45, this commercial gun was made in 1920 - serial number E683081.
12 gauge, 5+1 shells of nine .33 caliber pellets in a tubular magazine, 20″ long barrel, pump-action repeater with an external hammer and no trigger disconnector, heat shield and bayonet lug for the standard military issue M1917 rifle bayonet.

The old trench broom, in near-mint condition.

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1/3 i love your clexa writing and ive got a topic that isnt the nicest but im hoping youll still discuss it. lets not gloss over clarkes faults just cause shes the other half of our ship. we all know shes manipulative, cunning and stubborn. she has manipulated and used lexa more than once. i think these incidents all happened early on tho? so ok not so bad i guess? i dont like how she acted so hypocritically later on(killing Emerson), even tho she did come around. still, she went there. but my

biggest issue is when she proposed blood must not have blood. i have no doubt lexa made the choice cause its something shes always wanted as well. but did clarke fully know that? did clarke even consider the further risk to the grounders(more villages attacked) and to lexas very life this would bring? she seemed to be having a one track mind and only considering the well being of her people, not the grounders, not lexa. when titus out right tells her lexas life is at risk, she doesnt offer up anything. doesnt ask if theres anything that can be done to lessen the risk, doesnt propose a new compromise, doesnt seem concerned with anything other than making sure not one of her ppl are harmed. ‘including’(one must assume) the killers as well. it bothers me that she didnt seem too concerned with the risks this huge thing lexa was doing(cause she seemed shocked when lexa agreed, i dont think she knew how much lexa also wanted peace) was going to bring about upon lexa and her people

Ok um. I wouldn’t say she ever “used” Lexa. Tried to manipulate, yeah, but she never downright used her. And you’re right, the most memorable incidents happen early on, see Clarke’s bluff about being able to cure the Reapers, twisting and omitting certain events in regards to Anya’s death, trying (and failing) to convince Lexa to spare Finn. Clarke is good with words, she’s always been. She’s extremely clever and her power of persuasion is impressive. Think about all the characters she convinced to do something she wanted at least once by using the right words, from Bellamy to Nia the list could be endless.

You’re not the only one who has issues with how they handled “blood must not have blood”, so I’m not going to defend what happened 100%. But it’s pointless to criticize poor writing now, so I’m only going to focus on what we got in the show, not the what-ifs. Yes, Clarke definitely reflected on what to say to Lexa; as I said, she’s masterful at understanding what to say and how to say it depending on the circumstances. Her main concern when she first makes that proposition to Lexa is that her people survive. Clarke doesn’t want the people she loves and many other innocents to pay for the actions of a few. So she makes that shocking suggestion. But how shocking is it, really? How shocking is it for Lexa?

First, I want to focus on this brief exchange between Lexa and Indra. (x)

They are discussing about the best way to proceed, and as it’s clear from their grave voices and faces, the answer isn’t as simple as it appears. “In a day’s time we lay waste to Arkadia,” Lexa said right after finding out what happened. She was furious in that moment, and had the right to be. She found 300 of her people slaughtered for no reason, and Indra, one of her most trusted people, told her that Skaikru reject peace and demand land. So she calls for blood. But when her initial rage settles down and she starts thinking more logically about what her next move should be, we get this moment with Indra, and we see that she’s incredibly worried about what is supposed to be the obvious “solution” too. War. Because that’s not a simple solution at all, and the outcome is not at all certain. They have the numbers, sure, but Skaikru has guns. This never ending issue is even brought up again by Clarke in the latest ep of the show, when she’s negotiating with Roan.

It’s not as easy as it seems, Lexa knows that. That’s why she is so concerned. Not to mention that we have been told repeatedly in the show just how different Lexa is. It has been established that she is a visionary, that she doesn’t take joy in violence, that unlike her predecessors she doesn’t want war, she wants unity and peace.

Now, why am I saying all this? To show that Clarke’s proposition and Lexa’s subsequent decision don’t come out of the blue. Clarke doesn’t have to make her way in Lexa’s head and warp her thoughts: those thoughts are already there. I feel the need to bring up the script, because it makes what I’m trying to say even more evident.

See what I mean? Even if they come out on top, Lexa is well aware that there can be no winners in a clash of this kind. No matter who prevails, it will be a bloodbath anyway. And that’s when Clarke comes in. She gets there and suggests that Lexa changes things. Indra is quick to remind Clarke that blood must have blood, to which Clarke replies “Really? Because from where I stand the only way that ends is with everyone dead.” If you look at the script, that’s exactly what Lexa was thinking too, BEFORE Clarke said anything.

If we talk about attempts at manipulation, I actually would like to compare this scene to the conversation Clarke and Lexa have in 2x08, when Clarke is trying to convince Lexa to spare Finn. They start in a similar way.

  • 2x08

LEXA: You bleed for nothing. You can’t stop this.
CLARKE: No. Only you can.

  • 3x05

LEXA: Tell us, Clarke. How does this end? Have you come up with a way to save your people yet again?
CLARKE: No. Only you can do that.

Albeit extremely similar, note the difference there is already between these two exchanges. Yes, there is bitterness in Lexa’s voice, and maybe even the hint of sarcasm, but still, she is open to listening to what Clarke has to say, whereas in 2x08 she tells Clarke there’s no point in discussing (and bleeding). And then we get to the way Clarke tries to approach Lexa, which is strikingly different. (x)

Let’s focus on 2x08. Clarke goes for Lexa’s psyche. She takes that little information she received about Lexa, mixes it with her assumptions about how Grounders are, and she tries to use all that to influence Lexa and make her do what she wants, which is release Finn. What does she tell Lexa?

  1. To give a proof of her power. She is flattering Lexa, telling her she is powerful, hoping Lexa will be more easily convinced if she appreciates her strength.
  2. To show that she is merciful. She has already had proof of Lexa being a merciful person, and Lincoln confirmed it as well. So she shows Lexa she recognizes this characteristic that she has come to realize is important to Lexa, and encourages her to do something that will make other people consider her merciful too.
  3. To not act like a savage. She’s telling Lexa that that’s how her people will see her if she does this, not as the merciful leader, but as a barbarian basically. She is telling her to prove them wrong.

Clarke’s words fall flat, though. She is trying to influence Lexa’s decision, yes, with a speech that sounds very much like Clarke is saying Lexa can elevate herself from the “status” of savage that the Sky People have applied to the majority of the grounders. It all sounds too much like Lexa has to prove something to the Sky People, like it is important that Lexa impresses them positively, almost like she has to prove the good guys that she isn’t a bad guy. But Lexa doesn’t care about impressing them, definitely doesn’t care about the Sky People considering her a bad guy or a savage. “We are what we are.” She sees what Clarke is trying to do and she doesn’t fall for it. It’s not accidental that when Clarke stops trying to manipulate her and instead uses more personal arguments, Lexa doesn’t shut her down as coldly as she did at first but instead replies to her, “But Finn is guilty […] Then he dies for you.” and eventually even lets Clarke say goodbye.

So here you have the failed attempt at manipulation. Instead let’s look at 3x05 now.

There is no beating around the bush here. Clarke tells it like is. Her people did something horrible. And Clarke doesn’t even think about trying to justify them. She’s past that mentality of Sky People being better than Grounders that was still in place in 2x08 (even if progress had been made already). Here, she knows her people are in the wrong and what they did was awful. So no, I don’t think that she is trying to manipulate Lexa, even if only because she knows that Lexa is right in wanting justice. Of course Clarke is not going to say “Go ahead, kill them all.” There are people she loves in Arkadia, people she knows have nothing to do with what Pike and his group did. She talks to Lexa, she suggests an alternative to war (which we already saw it’s not what Lexa wants) and she argues her position with powerful words, because we’ve seen that Clarke is very good at doing that. But it’s all in Lexa’s hands really. Clarke never tries to insinuate her thoughts into Lexa’s mind. 

You know, I’m thinking about 2x08, about how Clarke told Lexa to prove herself, and I’m thinking about manipulation techniques. The events of Hakeldama take place a few days after Lexa bowed before Clarke and swore fealty to her. Now imagine if during her conversation with Lexa in 3x05, Clarke had said something like “Show me your words weren’t empty. Show me your vow is real.

THAT would have been a true attempt at manipulating Lexa. But it never happens. She doesn’t manipulate Lexa, she reasons with her. I think it’s important to notice that Clarke tried to reason with her people too in this same episode, and she failed. Her discussion with Bellamy was a complete disaster, and she couldn’t even get to Pike. Look at what she tells Lexa. (x)

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always considered this line right here pretty big. Clarke is placing her trust in Lexa here, she is trusting Lexa to do what her people didn’t, to be better than them. I don’t know, I’ve always found that a pretty huge deal. So no, I can’t really bring myself to say Clarke manipulated Lexa here.

As for what you said about not listening to Titus, I think it’s important to remember that their conversation takes place in 3x06, the episode that features the return of Emerson, who is the personification of Clarke’s demons. She is upset for the majority of the episode, she is so desperate to run away from what she did that she doesn’t think twice about agreeing with Titus that Emerson deserves death, basically going against everything she and Lexa discussed at the end of 3x05 and the beginning of 3x06. Is she being an hypocrite? Yes. And we’re supposed to see her as such, because we’re supposed to perceive how deeply her guilt is conditioning her. The narrative makes sure we see her hypocrisy, via Lexa’s words, “So blood must not have blood applies only when it is my people who bleed”, and Clarke’s reply to that sounds very much like a justification. So it’s not a surprise that she doesn’t listen to Titus when he comes talk to her in her room, she’s not in the right state of mind to do that. Also I would like to point out that this is Clarke’s face when Titus tells her Lexa’s life could be in danger. (x)

Even as upset as she is about Emerson, you can still see that she is worried for Lexa. Definitely not indifferent. 

Also, I would advise reading this analysis by @spacewalkeravenreyes in regards to the connection between 3x06 and 3x12, the episode in which Clarke kills Emerson, but what she did wasn’t hypocritical. Her killing him doesn’t deny the importance of her sparing him in 3x06.

Anyway, this got far too long. TL;DR I don’t think Clarke manipulated Lexa with “Blood Must Not Have Blood”. Clarke is smart and cunning and yes, she can be manipulative too when she wants to, but she is not the devious, evil snake sometimes the fandom takes her for. 

When a minority of Muslims commit terrible acts, Trump supporters respond with the idea that we can fix this by banning them.

But when gun owners murder, suddenly those same people will tell you that gun control is a horrible idea and that it’s just a minority of gun owners doing those things.

The number of Americans killed by Islamic terrorists over the last ten years - with proper vetting going on, not a ban - averages out to about ten per year.

The number of Americans killed by other Americans with guns over the last ten years - with a broken system where horrible people can get weapons - averages out to over ten THOUSAND per year.

If you care so much about people’s safety, maybe we should work on decreasing that much, much bigger number.


In October 2010, the body of 15 year old schoolgirl Rebecca Aylward was found face down in the woods near Bridgend in Wales. She had initially been strangled, but the ultimate cause of death was due to horrific head trauma sustained after a large rock had been used to bludgeon her skull. Rebecca’s on-off 16 year old boyfriend Joshua Davies, who was in the same classes as her at school, was arrested and convicted for the killing.

Although Davies had accumulated a collection of antique knives and guns over a number of years during his childhood, he was considered a normal and well liked teenage boy amongst his peers, and was even welcomed into Rebecca’s home by her family on multiple occasions. Joshua even made efforts to reassure Rebecca’s mother that her daughter would always be safe with him and that he’d look after her. However, this teenage relationship soured very suddenly after Davies dumped Rebecca with no warning, suddenly proclaiming his hatred for her to all of his friends. Subsequently, whilst Rebecca continued with her life heartbroken and confused, Joshua had began to plot her murder. After confiding in a small group of friends about his vile plans, one boy even willed him to do it by promising Davies a free cooked breakfast if he carried out the murder. Within minutes of committing the killing, Joshua sent a text message to this friend which read “don’t say anything but you may just owe me a breakfast.” He had arranged a meeting with Rebecca, which she eagerly accepted under the impression that they could potentially give their relationship another try. Her mother spoke of how she had seemed very happy that morning, even getting up at 6am to do her make-up and decide on an outfit. Sadly, what was anticipated to be a romantic walk through the woods was entirely a ploy by Davies to lure his victim into rural surroundings. He also later recollected that the most memorable part of the murder was feeling Rebecca’s skull finally cave in under the weight of the multiple blows.

After appearing completely unaffected and disassociated during court proceedings, Joshua Davies was found guilty and sentenced to serve at least 14 years in prison. Rebecca’s mother Sonia Oatley has openly spoken about her hatred for Davies, even making efforts to encourage the reinstatement of the death penalty within Great Britain. She has since written a book about the ordeal and her experiences as a grieving mother titled “Bye Mam, I Love you” in homage to the last words that her daughter said to her before she died.

Dom, Letty, and Baby Brian

I’ve seen a lot of Dotty lovers disheartened by the development in F8 and I wanted to offer a different perspective.

Let me start by saying I am an OG Dom and Letty fan. I was 15 the first time I watched The Fast and the Furious at the theater. I was reading Dom and Letty fanfic back in 2002 before fanfic was even a thing. I’ve been to every opening night of every movie. I’ve watched Los Bandoleros and nearly every Vin/Michelle interview a million times. I’m as diehard as one can possibly get.

And I love Baby Brian. Was I thrilled that they were giving Dom a child by Elena? Not exactly. Some ledge jumping may have taken place when I read that spoiler. But after watching the movie, how can you not love that little dude?

First of all, Dom didn’t cheat on Letty. That was my biggest grievance. Them screwing up the timeline was pretty glaring but nothing I can’t ignore. Dom thought Letty was dead. We all saw him lose his shit over it. Elena was a piece of comfort. Accidents happen and people get knocked up. It is what it is. Dom shouldn’t be vilified for it. He did not know Letty was alive, he didn’t intend to knock Elena up, and he had no idea the child existed.

They were totally selling Letty warming up to the idea of kids and seeing Dom as a father. And they made it clear when Dom put his gun to Rhrodes head when he had his gun on Letty, his wife is and will forever be number one.

Letty and Dom love each other so much. If Letty had a baby by some random when she didn’t remember anything, Dom would love her child as much as he loves her. The same goes for Baby Brian. That baby is mini Dom. Letty will love him with all her heart. Do I think she was a little sad she wasn’t the one to give Dom his first born? Most likely. But life is life man and shit happens. People parent children who aren’t biologically theirs all the time. They’ve survived the death of friends, family, each other. They’ve been to hell and back. Letty is that baby’s mother now and I believe she’s 100% okay with that. He doesn’t at all minimize the 16 year love affair I’ve had with this ship. F8 only solidified to me how much they love each other. Over and over. Like a repeated dump truck of feels. What more can a life long shipper ask for?

And not gonna lie it also helps the hooker baby mama is dead. Bye Felicia ✋🏽


Ingram MAC M-10 submachine gun

Designed by Gordon B. Ingram c.1964 and manufactured in Stephenville, Texas for the Military Armament Corporation c.1970-73 - serial number A604801.
.45ACP 30-round M3 Grease Gun detachable box magazine, open bolt blowback full automatic, folding skeleton stock.

For all your deadly phone booth shootouts.
The MAC-10 had a short barrel and an even shorter effective range, less than an a hundred meter - that’s usually a good standard for barrels but not so much for range.
 Part of this was due to the difficulty of keeping the gun stable under the intense recoil of its blazing 1000+ rounds per minute fire rate, which was made easier when fitted with its partner Sionics two-stage suppressor.

utopia // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles & Y/N escape their perfect city of Utopia only to face the dangers of the supernatural

Requested: no, but @sincerelystiles gave me the motivation to post this & @stilinski-jpeg was beyond supportive with this idea

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes & smut throughout


By definition, it was suppose to be a perfect society but it was far from it. The concrete walls acted as a prison and the citizens were it’s inmates. It was originally suppose to be a temporary solution to the growing outbreak of the supernatural. That was 5 years ago. It was a now permanent solution as two races competed for world domination.

Each citizen was stripped of their individuality, each given a similar set of clothes and a number to replace their name. Women had to wear their hair tied back in a bun while men had to keep their hair free of any unnatural product. They were all served the same meal everyday and no matter what job they did for the colony, they all received the same amount of pay. There was absolutely no way to strive in the Utopia, making it a perfect society in the sense that everyone was equal.

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Bad Girls Do It Well (Jughead x Reader)

200 Writing Prompts: “15 and 42 with Jughead please!!!!”

Imagine: You are a Southside Serpent who is assigned to train Jughead in the code, and get into the wrong kind of trouble.

Listen To: “6-Inch”, Beyoncé

“You’re making me… what?“ You said slowly through gritted teeth.

“You know FP is our superior,“ Xavier explained, methodically measuring packets of marijuana. “And as your superior, it’s our job to protect his kid.”

You glared at your “co-worker”. You’d been in the Serpents for how many years now at such a young age, and they were putting you on babysitting duty? As one of the few female Serpents, a Viper as they were called, it’s like they always made you take a back seat to the big boys.

“Oh don’t get all hot and bothered with me,“ Xavier teased. “FP’s a high up man. You do this job well, this could be your chance to prove yourself, join the inner circle.“

A devious grin grew on your face. Teach some boy about the Serpents. Let him have some fun. You could smell that promotion already.

“First rule is don’t say anything while we’re on a job unless I tell you to,“ You explained, leading Jughead quickly through one of the ramshackle store houses to pick up the supply for the night. “I don’t need your mouth getting us killed.“

“Got it, boss,“ Jughead said with a grin, following you closely.

You wheeled back on him, eyeing his wool beanie imperiously as you snapped your gum. “And lose the hat. They can smell the north side right on you.”

“Got it, boss,“ Jughead repeated cheekily. He pulled off his beanie, revealing his thick and disheveled dark hair.

You swallowed, turning to hide the blush that had appeared. You hated him already.

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