guns and roses dress


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan/Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: I offer no apologies. This got so out of hand I’m pretty sure it’s already enjoying next year’s Halloween candy. Your something spooky, for the season! Contains hints of uh…magical!Bray Wyatt. And worship. Tagging @tox-moxley, enjoy!

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richie and bev getting high as fuck, getting munchies and trying to go through a drive-thru

beverly marsh rolled the best joints in all of derry, and she and richie may have gone a little overboard this time.

hotboxing after school was their /thing/. they were best friends for the entire day, got high, and if they were high enough, got a lot of action. it was the way things were. mike liked to make fun of them — called richie the most obnoxious stoner in the school — but it didn’t really matter. it was tough sometimes, forcing themselves to play the roles of class clown and beauty queen all day to cover up whatever was going on in their heads, and so unwinding with a nice, long hotboxing session was the best.

and so now they were pretty gone, and hungry as hell.

richie had tugged off his leather jacket, in his big guns n’ roses t-shirt with ripped black jeans, and bev was dressed in clothing of her own making, a knitted crop top with flower embroidery she’d spent hours own and denim shorts she’d attached funky patches to. they were an odd pair to the rest of the world, the ginger free-spirit and the dark-haired punk, but hell if it mattered! richie glanced over at bev, his lips curling up into a dopey smile. “grab a nosh with me, dah-ling.” he drawled in a particularly horrendous british accent that turned bevvie into a giggling mess within two seconds flat.

“okay, okay…let’s…let’s try and get mcdonald’s or some shit like that…” she finally managed, nails digging into richie’s arm for support to hold herself back up. he snorted, turning the key in the ignition and pulling out of the school parking lot. when they came back, ben was going to tear richie a new one for driving around with bev stoned — but they did it all the time. it was bad, and they both knew it, but they shared a similar sense that if something horrible happened, it would only matter to their five losers. not their parents

(deadbeats and abusives and alcoholics, guess that’s why you two are so fucked-up!)

who may not even notice by this point, and not to the school, where bev got great grades but didn’t get involved, just a pretty thing to look at to most of the student body, and where richie fucked around and couldn’t pay attention and let himself flunk conduct when he could be soaring with a’s. “okay, fuck, fuck…” richie started to laugh as they pulled around to the drive through, glancing over at bev, who was leaning rather heavily against the window and just staring at him. “fuck, okay…is this thing on?”

he stuck his hand out the window and put his palm against the speaker, as bev broke out into another stream of laughter. an irritated monotone grumbled back. “yes, what can we get you today?” he gasped, pulling his hand back and glancing over at bev, who was stifling her giggles with her hand. “okay…i’m gonna need…do you sell scrambled eggs? or, like, barbecue chips? fuck, i’d kill for some.” the voice grumbled, “no. this is mcdonalds, not wawa.”

from the passenger side, bev piped up, “OH! how about cheese curls? or maybe…maybe…mac and cheese?” a long and tinny groan sounded from the other end of the speaker. “beat it, punks.” richie whined loudly as he peeled out, trying not to get hit as he swerved into a nearby parking spot instead. “i think i have chips in the side re—”

too late. bev’s hands were tangled up in his hair, and her lips were pressed up against his. richie smirked, pulling her closer, and figuring they could eat later, when the hunger /really/ got unbearable.

Chapter One: Beacon Hills | Believer - SPN / Teen Wolf Crossover

summary: New Town. New School. And new friends. Possible relationships? Maybe. The Winchester siblings go to Beacon Hills for a case. But when Amelia gets close to a certain group, she doesn’t want to leave them. Would the Winchesters stay in Beacon Hills? Or leave and go back to Kansas?

                               Lily Collins as Amelia Rose Winchester

{Amelia’s POV:}

Driving into a town called ‘Beacon Hills’ with my brothers, Sam and Dean. They heard about a case down here and decided to check it out and to drag me along with them. And they’re making me to the high school here, I don’t get why because I’m like eighteen and never actually went to school.

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