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The Vamp and The Rockstar

Summary: The reader is a singer and part of a rock band. Raphael will usually come and watch her and the band but one day, he was upset about Simon betraying him and  he said something about her band and it really upset her. Ever since then, she quit telling him about her upcoming events and he was a bit worried about her after she started doing that. He shows up to her event and they make up.

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago, Jack, The Band

Fandom: Shadowhunters(TV)

Word Count: 1635

Requested: @suuny96

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Guns N’ Roses - Dust In The Wind - Live Argentina 1993

“Lord and I, Lord I never want to hurt nobody
And I, Lord I never want to do no wrong”

God, he can just sing anything can’t he?

Lana Del Rey favourites Challenge

Lolita vs. Diet Mountain Dew

Radio vs. Without You

Cruel World vs. Gods & Monsters

Born to Die vs. Body Electric

Lucky Ones vs. American 

Blue Jeans vs. Brooklyn Baby

Ultraviolence vs. Shades of Cool

High By The Beach vs. Off To The Races

This Is What Makes Us Girls vs.  Music To Watch Boys To

Dark Paradise vs. Old Money

Cola vs. Freak       

Religion vs. Salvatore

The Blackest Day vs. Fine China

Is This Happiness vs. Yes To Heaven

Flipside vs. Honeymoon

Carmen vs. Terrence Loves You

Yayo (Paradise) vs. Yayo (A.K.A)

Art Deco vs. Million Dollar Man 

Summertime Sadness vs. West Coast

Sad Girl vs. Pretty When You Cry

Video Games vs. Bel Air

National Anthem vs. Money Power Glory

Ride vs. Blue Jeans    (impossible)

Young and Beautiful vs. Lust for Life

Black Beauty vs. Swan Song

Florida Kilos vs. Love

Fucked My Way Up To The Top vs. Guns and Roses 

Favourite Album Cover: Ultraviolence

Favourite Demo: Dark Paradise Demo 1

Favourite Music Video: Blue Jeans

Favourite Cover: Once Upon A Dream

Favourite song featured in: Dayglo Reflection or Stargirl Interlude

Favourite from Lizzy Grant A.K.A era: Kill Kill 

Favourite Unreleased Song: Angels Forever, Forever Angels

Most Underrated Song in your opinion: 24 omg

Most Overrated Song: None are overrated but I am sick of hearing Young and Beautiful and Video Games

All-time Top 3 Favourites

  1.  Freak
  2.  Ultraviolence
  3.  Cola/Angels Forever

New single! Omg his voice 😍


Krist Novoselic (on accordian) and Duff McKagan perform “Sweet Child O’ Mine” last night during their event at the Neptune in Seattle. Mike McCready made the opening introductions.

Netflix And Chill


  • Third part to the Gerard next door imagine?
  • Please, please, please, more Gerard next door. I love it so much.
  • A part three to the boy next door imagine? Please?

Part 1  Part 2

Are you still awake? My buzzed loudly on my night stand, proudly displaying the simple message in a bright light that temporarily blinded me. It was from Gerard. I never knew what to call our relationship, he never officially asked me out but always insist that im “his girl”. But, I didn’t protest.

If you were being held by him and heard how beautiful the word “baby” rolls of his lips, trust me, you wouldn’t care what the hell your label was.

Yeah  I typed out the message and analyzed the letters, a nervous habit I could never shake. Was it too blunt or short? Whatever, I was just answering his question.

He responded instantly, before I could put my phone back down.

I miss you :((((((

I laughed quietly to myself, Gerard was extremely childish sometimes. Before I could finish my routine of adding and deleting emojis on my response, he sent another one.

Come over. 

A small gasp escaped my lips at that. Come over? Right now? In the middle of the night? My parents would kill me, literally kill me. I’ve never snuck out before and didn’t plan on it. But, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement at the thought of sneaking out and going over to a boy’s house. 

Even if my parents did find out, I could probably say I was at a friend’s house, which wasn’t a total lie. The friend just happened to be hell raising Gerard who they absolutely despised despite never actually meeting him. I also daily made out with this friend either from him sneaking in my room or me saying I was baby sitting Mikey but got lost somewhere between Gerard’s room and his. Yeah, I could leave that out.

I responded with a simple “okay”, adding a smiley face so he didn’t think I was being too short with him tonight. I suddenly felt nervous when realization and common sense dawned over me. I haven’t been in this situation many times, at all, but I did know what it meant when a guy invited you to “hangout” at his place in the middle of the night.

I wasn’t ready for that and I knew it. Gerard has dropped hints before, his fingers dipping under the hem of my jeans or lifting my shirt up. I never flat out told him I didn’t want to do it. Instead I usually just made up some bullshit excuse and left before I died of embarrassment.

Despite all of my nerves, I began to get dressed, finding the cutest underwear and bra I owned just in case anything escalated. I wish he would’ve given me a heads up, at least enough time for me to shave and put on some make up so I could look semi decent. 

I used the route Gerard usually took to sneak into my room, up the roof, cross the tree and drop down into his yard. For once in my life I was thankful for that stupid tree that used to just be an eye sore but now worked as a functional bridge. I tip toed to the side of his house, finding the small glass window that lead into the basement. I knocked lightly on it, watching the curtains draw back a second later. 

“Glad you could make it,” he chuckled, popping open the window and lifting it wide enough for me to enter. as soon as I dropped down into his room, he wrapped his arms around me and quickly pinned me to the wall. Before I could protest, he smashed our lips together, the amount of pressure making it feel urgent but slowed by the gentle, loving laps of his tongue. 

I held back a moan, hooking my arms around his neck and kissing him back with just as much ferocity. He pulled away suddenly, panting from how long he was holding his breath. 

“I missed doing that,” he grinned, planting a wet kiss on my forehead and walking away. “So they added all the Star Wars movies on Netflix, but you can pick what we watch first. These don’t look very comfortable baby,” he added, skimming his fingers against my dark skinny jeans. 

“Oh I uh-”

“Do you want to borrow some clothes? ‘Cause I don’t think you wanna sleep in that.” I nodded, feeling a little relieved I wouldn’t have to pretend to be comfortable in jeans that forbid me to even bend my legs. But, they made my butt look nice and I sure as hell could over look any downsides to look sexy tha day I loose my virginity. 

“Alright, I got a Goonies shirt, an Iron Maiden shirt, a Guns ‘N Roses shirt, or a Black Flag shirt. I would go with the Guns ‘N Roses, so far I’ve been told it’s the most comfortable and covers up pretty good.”

I internally cringed at that, the last thing I wanted to think about was what number I was on his long list of “girlfriends”. 

“I’ll take the Goonies shirt,” I said, not wanting to remind of any of his past hook ups. He shrugged and tossed it in my direction, flopping down onto his bed and logging in to Netflix. “Do you want me to turn around?” He offered when I hesitated to change.

“No. You can…y’know, if you want to,” I stammered, making me feel even more like a virgin.

“Well then,” he smirked, rotating his body so he was facing me, putting his arms behind his head as he watched with obvious excitement.

Okay, maybe that was a bad idea.

I fumbled with the buttons on my jeans, feeling the blood flow back into my legs when I finally kicked them off. I avoided Gerard’s hungry gaze as much as possible, feeling my face heat up when I noticed him biting his lip. I quickly peeled off my shirt and put on the one he gave me. The shirt was soft from all the wash cycles it’s been through, but hung very high on my hips and gave him a clear view of everything below my navel. Now I know we he offered me a bigger shirt.

I looked up at him and felt a little proud at how wide his eyes were. “Do you have  charger?”

“Yeah uh, by the bed-I mean the desk.” I couldn’t help but grin at his flustered state, feeling a swell of confidence that I reduced the wise cracking punk into a blushing mess. “Can I ask you something?”


“What;s up with the outfit? I’ve never seen you in anything more revealing than leggings and I didn’t even know you owned lace. Am I missing something?”

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. What do I say? I thought we were gonna have sex so I wanted to look good?

Before I could speak, his eyes widened in realization and a cocky smirk formed on his face. “Ohhh you thought we were gonna fuck,” he said bluntly as if it was nothing.

“Well, yeah…why else would you invite me over this late?” I defended, feeling a prick of annoyance at how much joy he was getting out of the mix up.

“Because I missed you,” he insisted. “With your parents little curfew, I haven’t seen you in days.”

That was true, Gerard and I usually met up at night, either on the roof or in his car. My parents never told me why they they cut my curfew shorter, but a part o me thinks they were starting to notice Gerard and I interacting more than they were comfortable with. 

“I’m sorry,” I sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Why are you sorry?” He frowned, pulling me down next to him.

“We never get to see each other anymore because of me.”

“No, because of your parents. You have no control over that,” he said comfortingly. “It’s not your fault baby, and I don’t blame you in any way. Now, let’s watch a movie.”

I nodded, feeling relieved to get off this topic. ten minutes in and we were stuck in a loop of “what do you wanna watch?”. I stayed an awkward distance from him, laying stiff under the comforter since I had no clue what to do in these situations. 

“You can actually cuddle me, baby. I’m not gonna bite you or anything,” he chuckled, patting the spot next to him as he started playing Mean Girls, a movie I’ve been begging him to watch for weeks. I scooted a little closer to him until our sides were touching, caught in a internal struggle about how do I lay and what do I do with my hands. 

“Jesus Christ, it’s like you’ve never cuddled with a guy before,” he teased. My silence made another knowing laugh bubble out of him. “Aw, am I your first?”

“Shut up.”

“That’s so cute, a really big turn on too, but i’m trying to avoid getting hard so let’s stick with cute,” he said in amusement, making my cheeks turn red at the mention of him getting turned on. I was thankful when he took the lead, rolling onto his side to face me and wrapping an arm around my waist, pulling me into his chest. We fit together like a puzzle, our chest rising and falling in unison.

The sexual tension in the air vanished back into a loving, warm one. Which was good, I knew deep down I was not ready to things any further than this. 

“Y’know i’m a man, your man. And I should be thinking terribly dirty things about you when all you’re in is my shirt and lace underwear.”

“But instead you’re watching Mean Girls with me,” I giggled, batting my eyes at him.

“Oh no, i’m still thinking all of these things. I just wanna give you a heads up so you’re not surprised if you feel a boner against your thigh later.”

He said it with a pure straight face, something only Gerard way could do. 

“Well let’s hope you can keep it in your boxers,” I joked back, trying to hide how nervous I actually was.

“well, your crotch being pressed against mine is making things pretty difficult. But, I can tell you really don’t want to do anything so i’ll try to control myself.”

“H-How do you know that?”

“Please,” he scoffed, rolling his eyes. “You’re looking at me like i’m gonna force myself on you. Be honest with me Y/N, do you wanna do this?”


“And that’s fine, I don’t want to pressure you. Maybe I was shootin’ to hit second base when I texted you, but now I honestly just wanna cuddle the fuck out of you.”

I giggled, feeling a huge weight being lifted off of me knowing that this was as far as we were gonna get tonight. I nuzzled my head deeper into his chest, enjoying the sound of the slow thumps of his heart.

“You smell good,” he said randomly, resting his chin on the top of my head.

“Thanks, you’re warm.”

“Love you baby,” he mumbled tiredly, kissing the top of my head before relaxing against me. 

“I love you too.”