“Another week, another mass shooting in America.”

THAT’S how ABC News opened today (11/8/18) after yet another mass shooting, this time in a California bar. They’ve become so common that they occur on almost a weekly basis, yet no one bats an eye anymore.

If this phrase doesn’t faze you whatsoever because you love your fucking guns so much, then you’re fucking disgusting. Get out of my sight.

I try not to speak up about Trump because he exhausts me like no other. But blaming the shooting on the fact that there were no armed guards at the Synagogue. I want to be very clear here: this is rhetoric that goes back to blaming the victims of the Holocaust for not having guns. Not only is this not true, it is antisemitic. STOP BLAMING JEWS FOR BEING SLAUGHTERED. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT - IT IS THE FAULT OF THE NAZIS, ALT RIGHT, AND OTHER ANTISEMITES THAT ATTACK US.