character traits psa part 2

since my first post blew up, heres some more!

  • solstice hayle is indian.
  • cinder is 5′8″ (shes a tol bean)
  • kai is 5′11″
  • scarlet is 5′6″
  • wolf is 6′4″ 
  • cress is 5′0″
  • thorne is 6′0″ and muscular (but not as muscular as wolf)
  • winter is 5′9″
  • jacin is 6′2″ and i’m 90% sure he teases thorne about being 2 inches taller (but thats my own headcanon, not fact)
  • cinder is ambidextrous
  •  kai’s ears turn red first when he blushes (reminds me of ron weasley oop)
  • scarlet’s hair. is. curly. not wavy, curly. Merida, not Amy Pond.
  • wolf is shy!
  • thorne normally wears product in his hair.
  • winter has short hair, like it barely touches her shoulders
  • winter practically skips when she walks
  • marissa actually never says outright that scarlet has freckles. just a fun fact for ya.
  • the tools in cinder’s fingers are as follows: 

thumb - flashlight

pointer - knife

middle - dart gun

ring - screwdriver

pinky - universal connector cable